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  Part of traditional Chinese medicine it employs the body’s own energy to help heal
itself. Using the same points as in acupressure - tiny, fine needles are used to increase
                             the flow of energy in the body.

                              ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE
A method of re-aligning the body to improve posture, relieve tension and re-align the
                                  internal organs.

                                   AQUA AEROBICS
 Aerobic exercises performed in a pool using the support and resistance of the water
to burn fat, strengthen bones, and increase cardiovascular activity. The buoyancy of
               the water reduces the chance of injuring joints or muscles.

  Treatments such as massage, facials, body wraps, or hydrobaths that include the
 application of fragrant essential oils. Different oils are used for different therapeutic

     One of the oldest medical disciplines in the world. Founded in India and now
   stretching worldwide, it incorporates a variety of techniques from meditation to
                    massage and from diet to herbal medicines.

The use of underwater massage to stimulate, massage and relief tension in the body.

                                 BOWEN THERAPY
A powerful complementary non-intrusive therapy, which is used in aiding the body to
                  help heal itself, particularly aches and pains.

Low-voltage electrical stimulation of facial area used to oxygenate the skin, stimulate
                              and revitalise circulation.

                            CRANIO-SACRAL THERAPY
A gentle therapy that focuses on the connection between the skull and the base of
                the spine, which helps release trapped spinal fluid.

                                    CRYSTAL HEALING
  The use of crystals to help highlight and draw out imbalanced energies from the

                              DEAD SEA MUD TREATMENT
  An application of mineral-rich mud from the Dead Sea. Used to detoxify skin and
         body, and to ease painful symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis.

                                      DRY BRUSH
A brushing of the skin with a natural-bristle brush to remove dead skin and impurities
 while stimulating circulation, part of the preparation for massage, wraps or body

 A process by which the top layer of dead skin cells is sloughed off the face or body
          whether by dry-brushing, scrubs, or other exfoliation techniques.

 A massage by two therapists working in synchronized movements along the body.

             A Turkish or middle-Eastern bathing area which uses steam,
                                   water, and oils.

                                     HERBAL WRAP
A treatment in which moisture, heat, and herbal essences penetrate the skin while he
 body is wrapped in hot linens, plastic sheets, and blankets. It is intended to promote
                   muscle relaxation and the elimination of toxins.

   Treatments using water incorporating underwater massage, jet blitzes, showers
                               and/or mineral baths.

                               INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE
An ayurvedic therapy in which medicated oils are used in a vigorous head and scalp
  massage. It increases circulation, exfoliates the scalp and nourishes the hair. In its
                        more western form, it is less vigorous.

                                     JET BLITZ
 A thalassotherapy treatment in which pressurized sea water is administered via a
controlled hose. Each area of the body is massaged in turn to help boost circulation
                           and break down fatty tissue.

Similar to a sauna, where dry heat is used to relax muscles and help draw out toxins.

                         LA STONE OR HOT STONE THERAPY
 A relaxing treatment designed to relieve stiffness and soreness and restore energy.
       Smooth, volcanic stones are heated and then used with oil in massage.
                      Has its roots in Native American culture.

 A Polynesian healing treatment incorporating long and broad massage strokes, as
 well as a rocking motion. This treatment can be quite vigorous, as the therapist uses
                        forearms and elbows as well as hands.

                        LYMPH OR LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE
A special type of massage where a gentle pumping technique is used to help drain
               away pockets of water retention and blocked toxins.

                                MARMA MASSAGE
A type of massage where the strokes work on the body’s energy channels to release
                        blockages and help circulation.

                                   MOOR MUD BATHS
  A natural preparation that is rich in organic matter, proteins, vitamins, and trace
                   minerals, used to help ease aches and pains.

                                PARAFFIN TREATMENT
A treatment in which heated paraffin wax is brushed over the body, feet or hands. It
     is used as a heat pack to help eliminate toxins as well as softening the skin.

  Devised by Dr Joseph Pilates to help damaged dancers, it is a series of precise
movements performed on a specially designed apparatus to help strengthen and re-
    align the body as well as aiding flexibility. Exercises can also be done on
                      a floor mat, but are not as effective.

                         QI JONG/ QUGONG/ CHI KONG
A Chinese medical discipline combining movement and breathing exercises to help
                         strengthen both body and mind.

An ancient Chinese technique that uses pressure-point massage (usually on the feet,
    but also on the hands and ears) to restore the flow of energy throughout the
                                   entire body.

A gentle Japanese technique of laying on of hands to help the energy flow within the
                          body. Gentle and restorative.

   Dry heat administered in a wooden room to open the pores, relax muscles, and
                                 eliminate toxins.

                                SEAWEED WRAP
A wrap or mask of concentrated seawater and seaweed, which helps release toxins
                             and revitalize the skin.

              An acupressure massage technique developed in Japan.
The therapist applies pressure to specific points in the body to stimulate and unblock
                           “meridians” or energy channels.

                             STEAM ROOM OR TEPIDARIUM
Similar to a Turkish bath where hot steam is used to help relax the body and eliminate

                                SWEDISH MASSAGE
The classic massage technique of manipulating muscles with the use of massage oils.
       It helps ease aching muscles, improve circulation and help relaxation.

                                        TAI CHI
     A Chinese martial art of stylized gestures regulated by deep breathing and

   A traditional Mayan sweatlodge where the heat helps body to relax, opens the
                      pores, and helps in elimination of toxins.

                                    THAI MASSAGE
     This is one of the few massages where oil is not used. Instead, the treatment is
   performed over light cotton pajamas. A manipulation of the body using yoga like
stretching, pummeling, kneading as well as exerting pressure along the body’s energy
        channels to help release blockages and soothe tight limbs and muscles.

From the Greek for sea – thalassa – and treatment – therapia – all the treatments use
seawater and seawater products such as seaweed and algae. True thalassotherapy
   centers have to be by the sea where the water, algae, mud et al are especially
                  treated and purified for inclusion in the therapies.

 A massage that is part of traditional Chinese medicine in which the body is pulled,
pounded, pummelled, and rolled. It works on the body’s energy channels and helps
            release blocked energies. Vigorous, and not for the timid.

                                     VICHY SHOWER
      A light, rain like shower, which is often used in combination with massage.

                                       WAI CROO
The spiritual dimension of Thai boxing, which engages the mind as well as the physical

  A shiatsu massage treatment performed in a warm pool where the therapist holds
                              and moves the limbs.

   An ancient Hindu discipline comprising focused deep breathing, stretching and
        toning the body using various positions designed to improve circulation,
 flexibility and strength. A philosophical approach to balancing the body and mind.


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