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									     FORUM FOR

     Chairs' Summary

Abu Dhabi, October 19, 2008
                              Chairs' Summary

1. The fifth Forum for the future, co-chaired by UAE and Japan, has been
   convened in Abu Dhabi, 18, 19 October 2008 with broad participation of
   ministers and representatives of the BMENA, G8 and other partner
   countries as well as international organizations and the civil society.

2. The participants appreciated the efforts made by the UAE for hosting the
   Forum including strong contributions made by Japan, in addition to the
   efforts made by Yemen and Germany in the framework of the previous
   session of the 2007 Forum.

3. The participants reviewed the progress of G8-BMENA initiative and
   reaffirmed its objectives of this important dialogue and partnership.

4. The participants expressed concern over the consequences of the
   international financial crisis, and committed to continue working together
   to stabilize the financial market and to support global economic growth.
   Several participants stressed on the negative impacts of this crisis on
   developing countries and confirmed the importance of Doha‟s UN
   Millennium Conference and Kuwait„s Arab Economic and Social Summit

5. The participants affirmed the importance of coordinated efforts aimed at
   achieving a just and comprehensive peace of the Arab Israeli conflict, and
   supported the full implementation of the Road map and expressed their
   support for the Arab Peace Initiative as an effective vehicle to deal with the

6. The participants emphasized the need to solve the Darfur crisis, in all its
   humanitarian and political aspects, and supported the Arab League‟s and
   the African Union‟s initiative, sponsored by the State of Qatar, as it secures
   Sudan‟s sovereignty and unity and achieves justice.

7. The participants expressed their support for the national unity,
   independence and territorial integrity of Iraq, as well as supporting its
   comprehensive national reconciliation, constitutional political process, and
   the enhancement of governmental institutions and comprehensive
   development efforts.

8. The participants stressed the importance of resolving international disputes
   through peaceful means, in accordance with international law and UN
   charters, and stressed the importance of mutual respect of national
   priorities, sovereignty, independence and integral territories of all
9. The participants highlighted the importance of enforcing the momentum of
   political, economic and social reforms stemmed out of the local
   environment, that are compatible with cultural, historical and religious
   characteristics of the region in conjunction with available capabilities and
   resources. In addition, the participants agreed that the course and span of
   reforms do vary from one country to another; and that the lasting progress
   of political reform in the region is a joint responsibility between
   governments and the civil society.

10. The participants recognized the progress achieved in educational reform
    and recognized the important role of educational and vocational-technical
    training in development. In addition, the participants recognized the
    measures taken to further joint cooperation between governments and the
    civil society in development efforts; particularly, in the domains of
    environment, sustainable energy, human rights issues, food security,
    humanitarian aid and creating employment opportunities.

11. The participants acknowledged the progress achieved in the area of
    women's empowerment and enhancing women's participation in all sectors.

12. The participants reaffirmed their commitment to guarantee freedom of
    expression, human rights, justice, equality, rule of law, respect of diversity,
    transparency and combating corruption. The participants also reaffirmed
    their commitment to renouncing terrorism, extremism and violence and for
    supporting joint regional and international efforts to combat such
    phenomena in the international environment.

13. The participants emphasized their keenness to support efforts exerted on
    enhancing and promoting dialogue among civilizations, religions and
    cultures; and disseminating a culture of tolerance, respect of differences,
    and not offending religious characters and convictions of all nations and

14. The participants expressed their hopes to achieve peaceful diplomatic
    solutions on the Iranian nuclear issue; that will deepen mutual trust and
    enhance regional and international security and stability. The participants
    also stressed the importance of ensuring a Middle East, including the
    Arabian Gulf, that is free of all weapons of mass destruction and in
    compliance with obligations under the non proliferation treaty. The
    participants recognized that the region's countries have the right to acquire
    peaceful nuclear technology in the framework of relevant international

15. The participants reviewed the progress of the Forum for the Future, since it
    was launched in Sea Island, U.S.A., in 2004, and affirmed the importance of
    supporting the Forum as a podium for dialogue and mutual cooperation
    among BMENA, G8 , partner governments, international organizations
    and the civil society. In addition, the participants affirmed their
    commitment to develop the Forum's mechanisms and to support
   Democracy Assistance Dialogue (DAD) efforts for the promotion of
   dialogue and cooperation between governments and the civil society.

16. The participants acknowledged the activities of the "Foundation for the
    Future" and appreciated the efforts and grants submitted by donors to
    support the foundation's activities.

17. The participants expressed their appreciation for the constructive work
    done by all parties to expand cooperation and engagement between
    governments and the civil society.

18. The participants appreciated the presentation by the DAD and expressed
    their hope that governments and the civil society further promote
    cooperation on reforms and sustainable developments in the region.

19. The participants acknowledged the document on “Partnership between G-8
    BMENA Governments and The Civil Society” and welcomed the efforts
    made by the DAD and committed to continue discussion.

20. The participants renewed commitments to continue their dialogue and
    collaboration, and noted continued progress and cooperation among all
    partners of Forum for the Future. They look forward to continued
    cooperation during the coming Italian Presidency of G8 in 2009, and the
    hosting of the sixth session by by Kingdom of Morocco.

21. The participants expressed their appreciation to the UAE for its generous
   hospitality and efficient organization of the fifth forum.


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