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					                             EUROPEAN COMMISSION
                             HEALTH AND CONSUMER PROTECTION DG

                             Directorate C: Public Health and Risk Assessment
                             Unit C2 - Health information

                             NIVEL Scientific Assistance Office (SAO)
                             of the Morbidity and Mortality Working Party (MMWP)
                             and the Task Force on Major and Chronic Diseases (TFMCD)

Form for reporting project progress
This form is sent to the project leaders of running and recently completed projects every six
months by the Scientific Assistance Office (SAO) of the WPMM/TFMCD.

The information gathered with this form will be used as input for the newsletter of the
Working Party on Morbidity and Mortality (WPMM), as input for the WPMM SharePoint
website and the public TFMCD website, for preparing the meetings of the WPMM and Task
Force on Major and Chronic Diseases (TFMCD), and for preparing the meetings of the
Network of Competent Authorities (NCA) and Network of Working Party Leaders (NWPL).

The progress information of the projects is needed for the preparation of the Task Force
meeting well in advance. As a consequence, this form covers a period that has not finished as
yet, and we ask you to describe the actual progress made until now, as well as the activities
planned for the next month.

This form covers the period:                                               June 2007 – November 2007
and will be used for the preparation of the meeting of the
                                                                           December 4 2007
for the meeting of the NCA/NWPL on:                                        January 30 & 31 2008
                                                                           Winter 2007 and Spring 2008
and for the following newsletters:

This form was completed by:       ANDREA MICHELI
Project name:                     EUROCHIP 2
Date:                             29-10-07

Has your project been finalised during the no
above-mentioned period?
If Yes, could you send us by e-mail the executive summary of your final report, if available? If
so, you do not have to complete the remaining part of this form.

If No, please answer the questions underneath.

For all progress reported below, if applicable please indicate if and where documents
related to the reported progress are (publicly) available. Provide links if possible.

Please list below the major events that your project has attended/is planning to attend out in
the above-mentioned period. Examples of events to mention are important meetings (within the
project as well as with other organisations or networks), conferences, workshops or policy
events that were visited on behalf of the project, et cetera. Please describe the major results of
these events as well (if of interest for the progress of your project).
1.June 27th Brussels, Belgium
“Making Cancer Control a Priority”
Meeting of the MEPs Against Cancer Group (MAC)
Experts, Parliamentarians and Cancer Directors of Portugal and Slovenia discuss Cancer Priorities of the
next EU Presidencies.
2.July 12th-13th Lisbon, Portugal
“Health Strategies in Europe(HSE)”
HSE Complete Programme:
Cancer Session Background:
Cancer Session Participants:
Cancer Session Conclusions:
Conclusions will be presented in December 2007 at the Meeting of the EPSCO Council (Employment, Social
Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council) in Brussels, as a recommended work agenda for the Slovenian EU
Presidency in 2008.
3. September 17–20th, Ljubljana, Slovenia
29th Annual Meeting of the International Association of Cancer Registries
Book of Abstracts includes poster publications with acknowledgments to EUROCHIP-2
4. 18th October, Varenna, Italy
EUROCHIP-2 Final Panel of Experts
Member States present the Project’s Final Results
Website material in preparation
5. 25th-28th November, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
2nd International Cancer Control Congress
Dr Micheli to lead Session 4 on “Cancer Control and Outcomes“

Please list below the major output of your project during the above-mentioned period, such as
work plans, policy documents, publications, and websites/-pages.
    1. Middleton R, Veerus P, Magi M, Gavin A. Cervical Cancer in Northern Ireland and Estonia: a
        challenge for the future. Oral presentation, 29th Annual Meeting International Association of
        Cancer Registries, Llubjana (Slovenia), 2007
    2. Bannon F, Comber H, Gavin A, Kunkler I. EUROCHIP UK pilot studies: establishing by
        qualitative questionnaire the feasibility of colecting population-based data into "delays in
        treatment" and "compliance with guidelines" in the UK. Poster, 29th Annual Meeting
        International Association of Cancer Registries, Llubjana (Slovenia), 2007
    3. Updates uploaded regularly on National activities funded in EUROCHIP-2 available at
    4. Micheli A, et al. Strategies for Cancer Control in Italy.Tumori: 329-336,2007
    5. Grande E, et al. Regional Estimates of all Cancer Malignancies in Italy.Tumori, 93: 345-351,
    6. Grande E, et al. Regional Estimates of Colorectal Cancer Burden in Italy. Tumori,93. 352-359,
    7. Inghelmann I, et al. Regional Estimates of Lung Cancer Burden in Italy. Tumori, 93:360-366,
    8. Inghelmann I, et al. Regional Estimates of Stomach Cancer Burden in Italy.Tumori, 93:367-373,
    9. Grande E, et al. Regional Estimates of Breast Cancer Burden in Italy. Tumori, 93: 374-379, 2007
   10. Inghelmann I, et al. Regional Estimates of Prostate Cancer Burden in Italy. Tumori, 93:380-386,
   11. De Angelis, et al. Cancer Prevalence Estimates in Italy from 1970 to 2010. Tumori, 93: 392-397,
   12. Baili P, et al. Italian Cancer Burden by Broad geographical Area. Tumori, 93: 398-407, 2007

Please list below any other activities or developments you would like to report on the progress
of your project:
1.Ministry of Health in Romanian, Latvia, Bulgaria declared intention to improve Cervical Cancer
Screening Programme
For more details please contact:
Dr Irina Stamate for Romania
Dr Svetlana Spassova for Bulgaria
Dr Ludmila Engele for Latvia
2.31st May 2007
EUROCHIP and KEELPNO Meeting on the development of Cancer Registration, Athens, HL.
Participants: Members of the Centre for Control and Prevention of Diseases (HCCPD or KEELPNO)
Experts from EUROCHIP, ENCR and Advisory Committee for the Development of a Cancer Registry
N.B.KEELPNO did not authorise circulation of the Minutes of this Meeting
For more details please contact
Dr Lia Tzala
3.July 2007 Luxembourg Ministry of Health founding of a national steering committee officially charged
by the minister of health to organize a cancer registry
For details please contact :
Dr Sophie Couffignal

4.The EUROCHIP-2 Pilot Studies on Diagnostic Delay and Compliance with Best Practice Indicators for
Breast and Colorectal cancer sites are being completed in collaboration with cancer registries from over
10 countries in the EU.
5.EUROCHIP is a Member of the UICC Global Cancer Community
6.New collaborations are established with ENCR, IARC, UICC, ECPC, ECCA, ESO
7.Successful application of EUROCHIP3 in the DG SANCO Work Plan 2007

You are invited to write a (short) contribution to the newsletter on topics or developments
either related to your project, Task Force/Working Party or field of expertise, which are of
interest to your fellow Working Party members and/or the general public. Please write down
your contribution below, or contact SAO to make further arrangements.
The following links should be disseminated

Portuguese Presidency Health Programme

A particular focus should be given to the outcome of the Health Strategies in Europe Congress
(Lisbon, July 12-13th 2007)

Particularly important for the developments of cancer strategies in Europe:
Cancer Session Background Document at the Lisbon Conference :
Conclusive recommendations on Cancer at the Lisbon Conference:

Are there any issues you would like to be discussed during the next meeting of the Task Force
on Major and Chronic Diseases? If so, please explain:
    1. Difficulties of developing Cancer Registration in Greece
    2. Discussion of the Portuguese Presidency Recommendations on cancer regarding Registration,
       National Plans, and the implementation of Cervical, Colorectal, and Breast Cancer Screening
       Programmes in all EU Countries.
    3. The need of developing Member States indication to help the linkage between mortality office
       statistics and cancer registry incidence data. The main aim is to improve chance of obtaining
       cancer survival data, e.g. one of the best indicators on the performance of a health system on


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