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					                  Subject                                      Final FGI guidelines
                                                                                                            Specific targeted research Project: Organic
                                                      Hanna Stolz, Toralf
                                                                                                                    viticulture and wine-making
                  Authors                              Richter and Otto           Date     May 03rd
                                                           Schmid                                                            FP 6 - 022769

Duration                         Text for moderator                                         Material                                Section
5 min      Introduction:                                                     Records (and camera), notes taken by Introduction by the moderator aimed at
                                                                             assistant (noting down who said what) giving information about the research pro-
           Welcome and thank you very much for coming to the group discus-
                                                                                                                   ject and the FGI procedure.
           sion. I will shortly introduce myself: My name is …. I am working Name tabs
           at … doing … I will moderate this group discussion and this is                                          Moderator
           ….working in… Mr/Mrs …will assist the group discussion.
           A group discussion is a group interview in which each participant is
           asked to express their opinions on certain topics.
           This group interview takes place within a European research project
           called Organic viticulture and wine-making about production and
           consumption of wine. You as consumers are invited to express your
           attitudes and opinions while I just accompany the group interview.
           The group interview will be recorded for making it possible to ana-
           lyse what was said. So please keep in mind that only one person
           should speak, because if more than one person is speaking we
           won’t be able to understand what was recorded. I can affirm that the
           records are only used within the European research project and not
           for other purposes or investigations.
           The group interview will take approximately …. You will receive
           incentives of …..after the discussion.
            Now we can start:
            First of all, I kindly ask you to complete the questionnaire about
            your wine consumption habits.
5 min       Completion of questionnaire about wine consumption habits :           Questionnaire, pens              Written section
                                                                                                                   Please collect the questionnaires after the
                                                                                                                   end of the FGI! (Check that participants
                                                                                                                   do not take them at home)
5 min       Now we start with the first question. Please introduce yourself PowerPoint presentation with the sin- Circulating brainstorming about opinions;
            briefly and answer to the following question one after another: gle questions from the guidelines for each participant is recommended to give a
                                                                            that it is easier for consumers to keep short statement to this question.
         1. According to which criteria do you choose the wine for usual
                                                                            the question in mind.
            Would you like to start, please?
15 min      Now we start a first discussion bout the following question:                                           Group discussion with interaction; all par-
                                                                                                                   ticipant should make statements to this
         2. What means a good quality of wine on your opinion?
            In this section everyone is free to make statements and to comment
            the argument of the participants. Please keep in mind that only one
            person should speak at the same time, otherwise we will not be able
            to analyse what was said.

10 min      The next question is a circulation brainstorming as in question 1.                                     Circulating brainstorming about opinions;
                                                                                                                   each participant is recommended to give a
         3a. What comes spontaneously into your mind when you think
                                                                                                                   short statement to this question.
             about organic wine? Please consider aspects of wine yarding,
             wine making and wine quality.
            Would you like to start, please?
15 min                                                                List of parameters presented on a Group discussion with interaction; all par-
            We will discuss now about different parameters of organic wine.
                                                                      blackboard / in the PowerPoint presen- ticipant should make statements to this
         3b. Which of the presented parameters would you connect with
                                                                      tation                                 question.
             organic wine in a positive or in a negative sense?
                                                                                                             Moderator should ensure that consumers
                                                                                                             comment every point on the list.
5 min    4a. Do you know additives and processing aids used in wine proc-                                             Group discussion with interaction; all par-
             essing?                                                                                                  ticipant should make statements to this

25 min   At the time, there is a discussion process about which additives and      Show the flow chart and explain the Moderator
            production aids should be used in organic wine processing and          single steps of wine processing and
            which should not be allowed. Our intention is to include the opin-     give information about additives and
            ions of you as consumers into this discussion. Therefore, I would      processing aids used in wine process-
            like to go a bit more into detail of wine making.                      ing.
         The flow-chart shows the most relevant wine processing steps and a
            choice of additives and processing aids used in conventional wine
         After harvesting the berries are separated from the peduncles. The next
            step is to get mash via crushing the berries. In red wines technol-
            ogy, the mash is filled into a tank. In white wines must is directly
            obtained by pressing (no skin contact). Sulfites are then added for
            reducing oxidations and for suppressing bacteria and wild micro-
            organisms. Enzymes are added for improving the extraction of red
            wine colour and for improving the pressing. In the next step, the
            mash is pressed. Thereby, the pomace is taken out. Now the alco-
            holic fermentation starts. For improving the fermentation and for
            avoiding negative flavours in wine, selected dry yeast cells are
            added, which are separated after the fermentation by filtration. In
            wine from overseas, wooden chips are added as cost-reducing
            method to imitate the typical flavour of oak barrel-aging wine. For
            clearing the wine, food gelatine is added. This is a processing aid
            for reducing tannins, for reducing astringency and for improving
            the stability of wine. The gelatine will be filtered out in the filtra-
            tion process. After the alcoholic fermentation, selected bacteria are
            added and the second fermentation process, the malolactic fermen-
            tation starts. The bacteria are harmonising the acidity and flavour
            and stabilise the wine. The next step is the filtration and bottling of
            the wine.

         What we would like to know from you as consumers is:
         4b. Which of these generally in wine processing permitted additives
             (with exception of wooden chips) and processing aids, on your            Group discussion with interaction; all par-
             opinion, could be used or rather should not be used in organic           ticipant should make statements to the
             wine processing. Please give reasons for your arguments!                 chosen parameters pinned on a black
10 min    5. Please imagine when buying organic wine, which information               Circulating brainstorming about opinions;
            about the organic wine regarding origin, production and proc-             each participant is recommended to give a
            essing would you wish to get from the labelling and why?                  short statement to this question.
5 min    6a. Do you think there are existing differences in the production            Group discussion with interaction; all par-
             system of grapes for wine making and table consumption?                  ticipant should make statements to this

5 min    6b. Which differences between table grapes from organic farming              Group discussion with interaction; all par-
             compared to conventional table grapes do you expect?                     ticipant should make statements to this
15 min   7. National relevant issues

         To choose voluntarily (however, please keep in mind that the FGI will
         last for ca. 1.45 min, which is already long):
Perception and preferences of tourists who buy wine
In depth examination of perceptions of SO2
Perception and relevance of AOC labels
Concept of “Terroir” of wine
Quality differences related to origin
Price issues/willingness to pay
Countries of origin

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