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Print and fill out in this order form and send with a cheque payable to ‘Steeplechase Farm Toys' to:
Steeplechase Farm Toys, Wistow Cottage, Wistow Grange, Kibworth Road, Wistow, Leicester, LE8 0QF

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Wooden Farm Buildings & Accessories 1:32 Scale                                                                              Quantity         Price
BT2000                                           Herringbone Milking Parlour                       £76.50
BT2010                                           Slurry Ramp                                       £9.50
BT2020                                           Stone Wall & Post & Rails Set                     £13.65
BT2030                                           Bulk Silage                                       £8.00
BT2040                                           Bulk Cow Dung                                     £8.00
BT2035                                           Bulk Cork Boulders                                £7.75
BT2050                                           Mixed Bale Pack                                   £14.95
BT2060                                           Livestock Feeder Pack                             £16.95
BT2065                                           Scenic Trees                                      £11.50
BT2070                                           Bulk Arable Crop                                  £9.50
BT2071                                           Cattle Crush                                      £9.95
BT2072                                           Grass Field                                       £9.50
BT2073                                           Hedges (x2)                                       £10.80
BT2074                                           Barrier Feed Set                                  £16.95
BT2075                                           Farm Sticker Set                                  £9.95
BT2500                                           Rotary Milking Parlour                            £122.00
BT3000                                           Cubicle Shed                                      £75.45
BT4000                                           3 Bay Multi Purpose Shed                          £70.95
BT5000                                           Tractor & Implement Shed                          £45.80
BT6000                                           Big Bale Shed                                     £44.10
BT7000                                           Lambing Shed                                      £73.50
BT8100                                           Arable Storage Shed                               £69.55
BT8200                                           Farm Workshop                                     £72.00
BT8300                                           New Stable Yard                                   £66.00
BT8400                                           Silo Set                                          £33.95
BT8450                                           Beef Unit                                         £75.50
BT8500                                           Monster Silage Pit                                £69.55
BT8550                                           Slurry Store                                      £66.00
BT8600                                           Covered Collecting Yard                           £80.00
BT8650                                           Field, Hedge & Gate Set                           £58.00
BT8700                                           Cattle handling Unit                              £78.40
BT8750                                           Sheep handling Unit                               £78.40
BT8800                                           Storage Shed with Calf House                      £78.40
BT8850                                           ‘My First Farm’ Play Set                          £62.50
BT8900                                           Bull Pen                                          £36.00
BT9000                                           Single Bay Shed                                   £27.00
BT9100                                           2 Bay Shed                                        £28.00
BT9200                                           Cow Shed                                          £29.00
BB9500                                           Large Scale Utility Shed                          £77.60
BTEURO1                                          Euro Style Tractor & Machinery Shed               £85.00
The Equestrian Range 1:12 Scale                                                                                             Quantity         Price
BT1000                                           Equestrian Centre                                 £82.00
BT1010                                           Dressage Arena & Paddock                          £25.25
BT1020                                           Show Jump & Training Block Set                    £23.95
BT1030                                           Post & Rail Set                                   £13.75
BT1040                                           Stable & Tack Room Set                            £21.00
BT1050                                           2 Horse Set                                       £9.75
BT1060                                           1 Horse & 2 Foal Set                              £9.95
BT1080                                           Cross Country Jump Set                            £22.00
BT1090                                           Horse & Rider Set                                 £20.25
BT1100                                           Stable Girl & Feed Set                            £24.50
BT1110                                           Vet & Animal Health Set                           £24.50
BT1500                                           Riding School                                     £82.00
Carriage Charges (Apply to UK mainland only):
         All orders to UK mainland: £4.95
                                                                                                                            SubTotal         £
         Goods will be despatched after cheques have cleared.
          An express carriage service is available upon request.                                                            Carriage*        £
          Please telephone for carriage prices to Northern and Southern Ireland.
                                                                                                                            TOTAL            £
Loss or damage of goods must be notified to us in writing within 3 days of receipt. In the case of goods that have been incorrectly ordered, we make a
nominal charge of 15% of the purchase price. All goods that are returned must be in original condition.
All toys comply fully with the British and European Toy Safety Regulations
Your contact at Steeple Chase Farm Toys is Caroline Gilbert - please call if you have any queries - 0116 240 3714 or 07974 787 959

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