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					Quick wins for the CRC
The priority for all organisations that qualify for the CRC is to ensure they can register
accurately and on time. Following the steps outlined in our ‘data challenges’ guide provides a
logical way to address that task. However the real objective of the CRC is to drive cost
effective carbon savings through energy efficiency. Here are a few quick wins to put you on a
low carbon path and take advantage of some incentives within the scheme.

1. Get your half hourly data
Your half hourly data is essential to determine whether or not your organisation qualifies for
the scheme. By registering with Energy Zone, you will gain anytime access to account
information, including your half hourly data. You can download all HH consumption data
online by selecting specified accounts and meters.
For more information and to register, visit

2. Improve your metering
The Carbon Reduction Commitment provides a great incentive for organisations to invest in
Automated Meter Readers (often called Smart Meters) before 2011. The amount of AMR in
place by 2011 will determine half your organisation’s score to rank it in the first CRC league
table. The higher your ranking, the higher the rebate you’ll receive on your carbon allowances
which will help recoup your investment faster. There is a cut off – AMR installed after March
2011 won’t be considered towards boosting your score in future league tables.

Improved metering is specifically rewarded because spotting energy waste relies on having
good data – high frequency measurements, delivered reliably. That’s something AMR
provides by its very nature – readings are delivered automatically and can be in half hourly
intervals. Combining AMR with monitoring and targeting services like Energy View creates a
powerful enabler for energy efficiency.

There is another good reason to upgrade to AMR - more accurate readings means more
accurate bills. That should make processing energy bills easier. It will also avoid a penalty for
estimated bills included in the CRC whereby 10% more allowances will have to be bought for
the emissions from sites with too many estimated bills.

To discuss a cost effective AMR package for your organisation, please call us on 020
8298 8483.

3. Make your carbon reporting easier
The scheme places regular carbon reporting requirements on participating organisations.
Those that are able to readily monitor their energy use across all their sites and subsidiaries
will find it easier to comply with the scheme. Our Energy View service is an automated energy
monitoring and targeting facility that can help make your carbon reporting easier, and also
help highlight opportunities for energy savings. This will help you achieve better performance
in future years of the scheme when reductions in absolute carbon emissions will be the key
assessment of a participating organisation’s performance and league table ranking.
From as little £5 per meter point per year, Energy View is a very cost effective package.
To discuss getting an Energy View, please call us on 08457 653 653.

What next

The aim of the CRC – carbon savings through energy efficiency – is a noble and necessary
one. Not only will this reduce the business and public sector’s contribution to further climate
change, but also cut their energy costs in the process.

Energy efficiency is much more than simply switching off lights. It’s a carbon conscious
approach to doing business. We like to think of energy efficiency as a journey. One you can
start in any state of fitness, but to progress far, its best to have a training plan – a carbon
management strategy.

We can help you define a strategy that is achievable and affordable for your organisation, and
help you put it into action. Not only will that deliver cost saving energy efficiencies, but it will
also help minimise the risk of tripping over complexities of the scheme and incurring fines.

When constructing an effective carbon management strategy, we consider issues such as
your drivers and data challenges in order to suggest appropriate actions such as changes to
practices and equipment. For best results these should be considered together, rather than in
isolation, as they inform each other.

The great thing about the energy efficiency journey is that it has no end and you can never be
too fit. Each corner turned reveals more energy saving opportunities and each improvement
in your energy efficiency fitness provides more resource to realise those new opportunities.

So get in touch. We have a wealth of energy efficiency expertise on tap.
Call 020 7632 0758

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