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									IHE Demonstration
ESC Congress 2007

          Marco Eichelberg
OFFIS Institute for Information Technology
Technical Manager, IHE Europe Cardiology
                ESC Congress 2007

• Annual Congress of the
  European Society of Cardiology (ESC)
     – ca. 24,000 participants
     – ca. 200 exhibition booths
• 1-5 September 2007 in Vienna, Austria
  (IHE Demo 31 August to 4 September!)
• Venue: “Messe Wien” (Vienna Fairs)

2007-02-09                     2          Participant Workshop
             Current State of Preparations

• ESC has reserved booth space of 70m² (same size as last
  year) for IHE booth
• The final decision whether or not a demo will take place
  is pending, depends on vendor registrations and a few
  organisational issues
• Demo participation fees will be similar to 2006 conditions:
     – 2500 € for the registration of one system (2006)
     – 1500 € for each additional system (2006)
• Registration will remain open a few weeks after
  connectathon (details to be announced by e-mail).
• Participation still possible!

2007-02-09                           3                    Participant Workshop
             Current State of Registrations

• Separate slides per Integration Profile:
     –   Cardiac Catheterization Workflow (CATH)
     –   Echocardiography Workflow (ECHO)
     –   Stress Testing Workflow (STRESS)
     –   Retrieve ECG for Display (ECG)
     –   Evidence Documents Cardio (ED)
     –   Cross-Enterprise Clinical Documents Sharing
         (XDS / XDS-I)
• Source: tentative vendor registrations

2007-02-09                      4                 Participant Workshop
         Cardiac Catheterization Workflow
                 (CATH) Profile

• The „backbone“ of IHE Cardiology,
  will be demonstrated in any case
• Current registration
     –   no ADT, no Order Placer (can be simulated by MESA RIS Mall)
     –   one Order Filler
     –   one XA modality (Siemens)
     –   two Image Managers, two Image Displays (identical)
• Demonstration possible
• No hemodynamics

2007-02-09                          5                    Participant Workshop
             Echocardiography Workflow
                   (ECHO) Profile

• The „second backbone“ of IHE Cardiology
• Current registration
     – no ADT, no Order Placer (can be simulated by MESA RIS Mall)
     – one Ultrasound modality (GE Vivid)
     – one Ultrasound device (Siemens Acuson Antares) registered as
       Evidence Creator, but not as ECHO Modality (oops?)
     – no Order Filler (but GE Carddas qualified last year)
     – two Image Managers, two Image Displays (identical)
• Demonstration possible
• At connectathon, another modality (Toshiba), various
  image displays and one Evidence Creator (Agfa) are
2007-02-09                         6                    Participant Workshop
                 Stress Testing Workflow
                    (STRESS) Profile
• New Integration Profile
• Current registration
     –   no ADT, no Order Placer (can be simulated by MESA RIS Mall)
     –   one Order Filler
     –   two modalities: Ultrasound and ECG (both GE)
     –   no Image Manager (very strange, because trivial)
     –   one Image Display (but very hard to qualify - needs to be full NMI
         display with cardiac option, plus Echo, plus ECG)
• Demonstration would be interesting, but
     – difficult given the current registrations.
     – all systems registered for this profile are GE only.
• At connectathon, one more Image Display (non GE) and
  three Image Managers (2 non-GE) are registered.
2007-02-09                            7                       Participant Workshop
   Retrieve ECG for Display (ECG) Profile

• There is exactly one information source (GE MUSE) and
  one display (Medimatic) - just sufficient for demonstration.
• For the connectathon, 4 displays and 3 information sources
  are registered.

2007-02-09                     8                  Participant Workshop
        Displayable Reports (DRPT) Profile

• No Report Creator, no Display
     – neither at the connecathon, nor at the demo
• DPRT Integration Profile is “on hold” for 2007 anyway
     – major changes expected
• No demonstration this year.

2007-02-09                           9               Participant Workshop
  Evidence Documents Cardio (ED) Profile

• Current registration
     – one Evidence Creator (Siemens Acuson Antares,
       an Ultrasound device)
     – No Image Manager, no Image Display
• One image display and image manager for ED-CARD
  registered to connectathon
• Without a display, no demo.
     – Might be a problem for Siemens Acuson system at the demo
       if not able to also act as Ultrasound modality.

2007-02-09                        10                    Participant Workshop
             Consistent Time (CT) Profile

• All systems in CATH and ECHO must support CT
  as time client.
• We don’t have a time server registered for the
     – Could be possible, however, to provide that on the
       RIS Mall PC

2007-02-09                     11                  Participant Workshop
Cross-Enterprise Clinical Documents Sharing
           (XDS/XDS-I) Profile

 • Current registration
      –   three Document Sources, two of them also Imaging Doc Src
      –   one Document Consumer / Imaging Doc Consumer
      –   no Registry, no Repository, no Patient Identity Source
      –   all current registrations are GE systems
 • Plenty of systems at the connectathon (8 registry, 14
   repository, 4 pat ID source)
 • Would be interesting to show (something new!)
 • Need to do some lobbying and PR work.

 2007-02-09                          12                    Participant Workshop
ESC Congress 2007
  Demo Logistics
             Messe Wien - Street Map

2007-02-09              14             Participant Workshop
             Messe Wien - Subway Map

2007-02-09              15             Participant Workshop
             Messe Wien - Plan of Building

2007-02-09                 16            Participant Workshop
                    Booth Layout

• 70m² booth, location/shape not yet known

                                                2005 booth layout

                                 2006 booth layout
2007-02-09                  17                       Participant Workshop
             ESC Booth 2005

2007-02-09         18         Participant Workshop
             ESC Booth 2006

2007-02-09         19         Participant Workshop
             Booth Reception Area

2007-02-09            20            Participant Workshop
             Guided Tour

2007-02-09        21       Participant Workshop
   The Guide may ask you to explain what
2007-02-09 you are currently doing... Participant Workshop
                  ESC 2007 Demo Schedule (1)
         Wednesday      Thursday        Friday       Saturday        Sunday         Monday         Tuesday        Wednesday
         29.08.2007    30.08.2007     31.08.2007    01.09.2007      02.09.2007     03.09.2007     04.09.2007      05.09.2007
  07:00 Booth                       Set-up                                                                       Booth
  07:30 construction                and                                                                          dismantling
  08:00                             installation
  09:00                                            Testing         Expo open     Expo open      Expo open
  14:00                             Testing        Guide
  14:30                                            training
  17:00                                            Expo open
  18:00                                                            Industry tour Industry tour Electricity off
  18:30                                                                                        Dismantling
  23:30                                                       23                                      Participant Workshop
             ESC 2007 Demo Schedule (2)

• System configuration performed
  before systems are shipped to Vienna!
• All vendors arrive with their equipment on Friday morning
  (August 31) and set up their systems.
     – This does not mean arrival on Friday afternoon is OK
     – This does not mean arrival Saturday morning is OK.
• Friday 14:00 all systems ready to start testing
• Friday 14:00-20:00 and Saturday 09:00-16:30 test runs until
  all scenarios work (this is really needed!)
• Saturday 17:00: Exhibition hall opens, first IHE demo
• Saturday 17:00-20:00, Sunday to Tuesday 09:00-18:00
  exhibition halls open to the public.
2007-02-09                         24                     Participant Workshop
             ESC 2007 Demo Schedule (3)

• In general, we need an operator for each system on the
  booth to be available full-time
     – Don’t plan additional duties at your commercial booth, unless there
       is another colleague who can operate “your” system.
• Break times 3x daily with no scientific program: more IHE
  demos during breaks because we have most audience then
• Sunday and Monday we might offer a special „Industry
  Guided Tour“ after the exhibition hall closes (18:30).
  This allows booth staff from other booths to join.
• Tuesday 18:00 exhibition hall closes. Booth dismantling
  can begin now (only now!) Booth staff allowed to leave.
• Access with trucks probably only from Wed morning
2007-02-09                          25                      Participant Workshop
                           Booth Logistics (1)

• Insurance + transport is vendors’ own responsibility.
     – Fairexx Logistics is official logistics partner of ESC
• We need details regarding size, weight, voltage and power
  consumption for all demo systems (especially if non-
  standard, i.e. 380V or larger/heavier than standard PC)
     – Modality vendors, talk to me!
• From all systems that generate images or documents
  (modalities, evidence creators, report creators):
     – we need a collection of sample documents in order to assemble
       these to clinically interesting and consistent demo scenarios.
     – E-Mail, FTP, CD-ROM by mail - all is OK, but please:
             • send a large collection (helps us to select something that “fits”
             • provide the collection as soon as possible

2007-02-09                                  26                         Participant Workshop
                     Booth Logistics (2)

• As usual, we will repeat the Connect-a-thon network and
  system configuration at the ESC demo as far as possible
     – Identical host names, IP addresses, AE titles, port numbers
     – Do not change these settings after connect-a-thon!
     – We might need additional Universal Service IDs and DICOM
       MWL action item codes depending on image material.
     – Update your configuration before shipping the system!!
• List of patient demographics will be pre-defined at least for
  scenarios involving ECG, because ECG systems need to
  “patch” their documents accordingly
• No Internet or congress network access!

2007-02-09                         27                     Participant Workshop
                         Booth Branding

• We will provide one poster for
  each system on the demo with
   –   Vendor logo and product name
   –   IHE logo and slogan
   –   IHE actors shown/supported
   –   Photo of a similar system used in
       a clinical setting
• We need you to provide
   – High-res vendor logo
   – Exact product name
   – Photo

 2007-02-09                            28   Participant Workshop
                         Poster Photos

• The photos are important because they give the booth a little „hospital
  feeling“ over the „computer shop“ look.
• We will provide photos, but these may not show your product, but
  possibly something from a competitor.
• You may provide your own photos. 2 MPixel resolution should be OK
• Important: We need photos that look as if taken in a real hospital
  setting (no high-gloss advertisement photos)!
• One good and one bad example (which is which?)

2007-02-09                          29                     Participant Workshop

• A handout for booth guests will be
  provided by IHE.
• We will probably also have an inlay in the
  congress bag given to each participant

2007-02-09                    30               Participant Workshop
                    Best Effort Principle

• We will not be able to show all capabilities of all systems
     – We try to show as much as possible
     – More important is that the scenarios are interesting and meaningful
       for our visitors.
     – Scenarios depend on the systems you have registered
• Actor imbalance
     – Typically we have too many actors of some types registered and
       not enough actors of other types (e. g. more image managers than
     – Will use different configurations (e.g. morning and afternoon)

2007-02-09                           31                     Participant Workshop
                  Authenticity Principle

• Systems should “feel” authentic for visitors. Therefore,
     – Notebook as “Web Viewer” (Image Display) is OK
     – Notebook as PACS or Modality is probably not OK

• No demonstrations on notebook LCDs
  (size, viewing angle)
     – If using a notebook, put notebook under table
       and connect monitor and keyboard.

2007-02-09                          32                   Participant Workshop
             IHE Booths are Non-Commercial

• Goal of the IHE demonstration is to communicate the idea
  of IHE, i. e.
     – “Dear customer, requesting IHE functionality
       as part of your RFPs will make your life easier.”
• We don’t promote the individual systems shown on the
  booth, we don’t compare which system is “better”
     – On the IHE booth we are all collegues and good friends.
       Competition can be seen in the commercial exhibition areas.
     – Please no commercial advertising material on the IHE booth.
     – Please no commercial talks to potential customers. If they are
       interested in your product, please direct them to your commercial

2007-02-09                           33                     Participant Workshop
             Hotel Rooms and Flights

• ESC is a very large congress!
• Expect all hotel rooms in Vienna (in all of Austria, actually)
  and all flights to and from Vienna to be fully booked out by
  end of April !
• That means: Get your hotel and flight reservation done
  as soon as possible
• Hotel reservations are possible through ESC:
  One hotel is already fully booked as of today!
• Remember: the final decision whether or not a demo will
  take place is still pending.

2007-02-09                     34                  Participant Workshop

2007-02-09       35       Participant Workshop

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