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					Lexis Library Quick Guide
What is LexisNexis Butterworth?
Online legal research service bringing together case law, legislation, commentary materials,
current awareness and news.

On Campus Access
Log on to the network in the normal way, click on the internet explorer icon from the desktop,
or from the menu bar.

Open the Library and Learning Services website at
Select Finding Resources
Select Databases & E-Journals
From the Database A-Z list click on the letter L to access Lexis Library

You will need to have an ATHENS account to access this database off campus. If you do not
already have an ATHENS account, you will need to set one up on campus by following this link

 If you already have an Athens account click on the Off-Campus link and enter your Athens
Username and Password
Click on Resources at the top of the page
Select Lexis Library from the list of databases

Quick Find
You can use the Quick Find box to search for Legislation, Cases, Journal Articles.
Legislations Search – enter the title and the year in the Legislation box and click in the
required document box Act or SI then click on the Find button
Case Name Search – enter the party names in the Case Name Search boxes and click on the
Find button
Journal Article Search – enter the title of the article and click on the FIND button

To carry out in-depth searches use the tool bar at the top of the page.

To search for cases click on Cases on the top left.
The Case Name search option is also available from this section

Search Terms Search
Enter your search terms in the Search Terms box

You can use the connectors shown below to specify your search. for more connectors click on the
blue search tips link.

AND will connect your search terms anyway in the document - corporate and crime
OR will retrieve materials that contain either or all the words or phrases - company or firm or

w/n links search terms and phrases to create concepts ‘n’ stands for any number from 1 to 225
crime w/5 white collar will find white collar within 5 words or fewer irrespective of word order
w/s will find search terms in the same sentence - corporate w/s crime
w/p will find terms in the same paragraph - crime w/p prevention w/p methods
Note: w/s and w/n w/p connectors cannot be combined

Truncation (!) connector will search for plurals or alternative ending of words
crim! will find crime, criminal, criminology and so on

Citation Search
Enter the Case Citation in the Citation box - [1984] 3 All ER 565
Judge(s) Search
To search for judgements by a Particular Judge enter the name of the Judge in the Judge (s)
search box

To search for legislation click on Legislation at the top of the page
Title Search - Enter the Name and the Year and click in the Act or SI box then click on the red
Search button.
Search Terms - Enter the search terms in the Search Terms box
Use connectors shown earlier to specify your search. More connectors can to found by clicking on
the blue search tips link.
Searches can also be carried out using the boxes
Series Number/Provision/Part of Schedule

To search for journal articles click on Journals at the top of the page
Search Terms – Enter the search terms in the Search Terms box
Use the connectors to specify your search as shown earlier
Choose a Source by clicking on the down arrow key in the Sources box
To specify date click on one of the options in the Specify Date box

Article Title & Author Search
Enter the title of the article in the Article Title box and the Author’s name in the Author box.
Title and Author can be searched independently

Click on the required date from the Specify Date box

News Search
To search for Newspaper articles click on News at the top of the page
Enter your search terms in the Search terms box(s)
As required click in the relevant Industry, Subject and Country/Region boxes
Click on the Source you require from the Source box
Click on the required date from the Specify Date box

Printing, E-Mailing or Downloading
You can print, e-mail or download materials by clicking on the relevant icon at the top right of the

On screen Help is available at all stages when using LexisNexis Butterworth.
Click on Help at the top right of the page

If you have further queries regarding Lexis Library do ask Library and Learning Services staff for

July, 2009

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