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									                             Quick Guide to Online Short-listing
Getting Started
Once your vacancy has closed, all Shortlisters will receive an email from the Recruitment Support Team
(HealthJobsUK.com) with their login details and a link to the application management website. You are
now ready to begin your shortlisting!

Viewing Applications
After logging in, your vacancy will appear and you will immediately see the number of applications to be
shortlisted. On entering the “manage applications” screen, the list of applications will appear in the
“Shortlisting” stage, each with its own applicant ID number. Each form can be viewed on screen, with a
printable PDF version also available.

Scoring the Applications
The shortlisting criteria and scoring system which was supplied by the Recruiting Manager at the point of
advertisement, will be set up in the online system so that the applications can be scored against the
essential and desirable criteria. The criteria can be viewed on-screen or printed for use throughout the
process. Each Shortlister will carry out this task independently and will be unable to view the scores
given by the other Shortlisters. Shortlisters are able to add notes for each applicant to explain the
reasoning behind their scores. For each application, it is important that the shortlister ticks the “I’ve
finished scoring this application” box, and then clicks on the “Set score” button to confirm that the scoring
has been completed. However, the shortlister can review and amend their scores and comments at any
point during the shortlisting process.

Completion of Shortlisting
Once a Shortlister has finished evaluating all the application forms, and are happy with the scores that
they have allotted, they must confirm this by clicking on the “Confirm: Completed shortlisting” button.
After the final Shortlister has done this, all applicants will automatically be moved through to the
“Evaluate” stage where they will be listed according to the Shortlisters combined scores, in descending
order. All Shortlisters will now be able to view the scores given by the other Shortlisters, with a
breakdown of the marks as well as any comments made.

Selecting Candidates for Interview
Only the Lead Shortlister will have the ability to move shortlisted applicants into the “Interview” stage,
which indicates to the Recruitment Team which candidates need to be invited to interview. The decision
of who to invite should be based on the scores and comments of all the shortlisters. To make this
easier, the applicants are listed in order of the highest scores. Applicants can be easily moved into the
“Interview” stage by clicking into the box next to each selected applicant and then clicking on the “Move
to interview” button. By clicking on the “Interview” tab, it will show the applicants who have been moved
into the “Interview” stage. Now that the applicants have been moved into the interview stage, it is
important that the vacancy is also moved into the interview stage to enable the interviews to be set up.
The Lead Shortlister should do this by clicking on the “Move Vacancy to Interview” button.

Interview Details for Invitation Letters
After clicking on the “Move Vacancy to Interview” button, the Lead Shortlister will be presented with an
email template in which they should complete the interview details which will be used for the interview
invitation letters. It is important therefore that this is completed correctly, giving as much information as
is necessary for the applicant. Once completed, the Lead Shortlister must click on the “Confirm: Move
Vacancy to Interview” button, at which point the email will be sent to the Recruitment Team who will send
out the invitation letters via the online system. Once the interview invitations have been sent, all panel
members will receive a panel pack containing the application forms of those who have been invited. A
further interview pack containing the final interview schedule will then be sent to all panel members the
day before the interviews are scheduled to take place. The Chair of the panel can log into the system at
any point to view the interview schedule.

For more detailed guidance, please refer to the Guide to Online Shortlisting, prepared by

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