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									AAMI 2010 Annual Conference
Career Center
Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation 
1110 N. Glebe Rd.• Suite 220 • Arlington, VA  22201 • PH: 800‐332‐2264 • FAX: 703‐276‐0793

                                                        INSERTION ORDER
This insertion order is required for the purchase of a Job Fair booth package in the Career Center recruitment area at the AAMI 2010
Annual Conference from June 26-28 inTampa, Fl. Packages allow an opportunity for your company to network with conference
attendees during the Career Center hours. Tables are limited and reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

  hree packages available: 
___ $725 – Job Fair Package includes (1) A tabletop exhibit at the Job Fair. (2) Advanced notice sent to all conference 
attendees before the Conference publicizing your job vacancies and your presence at the Job Fair. 
___ $850 – Job Fair Plus Package includes (1) The Job Fair benefits described above, plus: three online job advertisements, 
which can be posted at any time in 2009. (2) Each posting will be listed for 30 days, providing you with access to 
thousands of professionals who visit the AAMI Web site. (3) By advertising online, you also gain access to more than 300 
resumes of qualified medical technology professionals. 
_ __ $1,250 – Sponsorship Package allows your company to receive the Job Fair benefits described above, 5 online job 
advertisements, plus: (1) Your company logo and sponsorship recognition on all AAMI promotional material (2) 
Recognition at the Job Fair that your company sponsored refreshments made available to attendees. (3) Visibility and 
recognition of appreciation in a follow‐up letter sent to those who attended the Job Fair.

Package selection:  _ ____________________________________ Total Cost: ______________ _______ 
Company:       ___________                                                            ________________     _______________   
Contact:     __________________                                                            ___________    _________________ 
Purchase Order #: _                   _ Credit Card Type/Number/Exp Date:  __________________________ 
AAMI Representative: __ ____________________ Date: __ ________________________________________ 
_ _____________________________________________________________________________________  
Person placing advertising                     Phone                                                                     Email 
Billing Address 
Signature                                                      Date 

Please note that this insertion order may not be changed or cancelled after the closing deadline, April 15, 2010. Please send insertion
order to: Barbara Saxton, AAMI, 1110 N. Glebe Rd., Suite 220 Arlington, VA 22201. Order form can be faxed to 703-276-0793.
Please call 800-332-2264, ext. 227 for additional information.

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