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									Apart 2
Workpackage 1
  Performance Property
  Specification Techniques
       Thomas Fahringer

       APART Plenary Meeting
       Baltimore, Nov. 2002
           Workpackage 1: Overview

 focus on implementation techniques for ASL
    process ASL specifications
    translate ASL specifications into internal representation
    analysis process specification
    examine data repository techniques for storing
    performance data
    examine knowledge processing techniques

 local projects develop local prototypes for specific
    architectures and programming models
 support information exchange among local projects
                Progress Report (1)
 Discussions and working meetings about WP1 topics in
   Vienna Dec. 2001
   Budapest, May 2002
   Barcelona, June 2002
   Cyprus, July 2002
   Dagstuhl, August 2002

 4 Apart EU member sites are developing automatic
performance analysis tools
   Expert (Research Centre Juelich ZAM)
   Kappa-Pi (University de Barcelona UAB)
   Peridot (TU Munich)
   Aksum (Univ. of Vienna)
   Paradyn (Univ. of Wisconsin)
                  Progress Report (2)
 programming paradigms
    MPI (all)
    OpenMP (TUM, UV, ZAM)
    HPF (UV)
    hybrid models (TUM, UV, ZAM)
 performance specification languages
    ASL (all)
     JavaPSL (UV)
     XML (UAB)
    EARL/Python (ZAM)
    MDL metric definition language (Paradyn)
    program structure and data dependence information (UAB)
 data repositories
    sql based database (PostgreSQL)
    Microsoft Access database
    distributed data repository
                    Progress Report (3)
 performance analysis
     post mortem/online
     single/multi-experiment analysis
     advise for code change (UAB)
     dynamic instrumentation (Paradyn)
 search process specification
     property hierarchies/timeouts/checkpoints
 visualization
      performance behavior/call-tree position/thread
     customizable filtering and visualization diagrams
 tool implementation
     Java (Aksum)
     C, C++ (Paradyn)
     Scripting Languages (Perl, Python)
                WP1-Meeting in Vienna
 WP1 meeting in Vienna in the second half of Jan. 2003
    meeting about ASL (derivatives)
       implementation techniques
    specification of the search process
       ASL extension
    data repositories
       techniques and experience
       central versus distributed repositories
    standardized representation of performance-related data
       interfacing with other tools and services
    standard interface for instrumentation engine

     possible meeting days: after Jan. 13

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