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   MRG June 13 2007
Joint industry currencies – today?

   ‘A single online planning currency is absolutely
   necessary…..online should be right at the heart of
   what’s happening in measurement going forward’

   Louise Ainsworth, MD EMEA Nielsen //NetRatings
A currency – making progress

   ‘There are so many things that we can do, we just
   need to really find ways of progressing as an
   industry towards these things.’

   Louise Ainsworth, MD EMEA Nielsen //NetRatings
Since Vienna…..

    JICIMS Ltd
    The JICIMS team
    JICIMS – the debate
    A joint industry structure
    Published JICIMS Population Survey data – July-December 2006
    Discussions as JICIMS with existing data suppliers
    ‘scoping’ via 4 shareholders
    Moving towards a specification
    Planning currency in place early-mid 2008?
Shareholders and stakeholders
Three impressions

    Industry systems retain salience

    A ‘stake in the ground’ in a research
     rich environment

    Currencies are about growing &
     refining ad revenue
Is there a gap in the market?
Data rich? Data confusion?
JICIMS Population Survey

    An establishment survey to create own universe projections

    Additional questions on NRS from 1/7/06

    Covers 15+ adults

    Data release via NRS mid March 2007

    Internet user establishment – no individual sites covered

    Aspirations to be definitive
JICIMS Population Survey : why NRS?

    Widely used, easily accessible

    Quality, continuous, nationally representative random sample

    Cost issues

    Better response rates

    Joint industry context
JICIMS/NRS – a hybrid questionnaire

 •   Accessed last 12 months
 •   Non-user with internet connection at home
 •   Frequency of access – 6/7 days per week…….1-3 times a month
 •   Location
     - Home – work – school/college/university – someone else’s home –
     other location, own equipment – other location, equipment provided
     – mobile/PDA
 •   Home access, not used last month
 •   Broadband at home
 •   Internet at home for work
 •   Work based at home
 •   Equipment used at home
 •   Number devices in home
 •   Own/shared computer at work
 •   Purchase products via internet
Internet usage by location


                  3m adults last month
                  used internet – but not at home


            10075                                                                                            9588

                                                             3691                                                         4210
                        3514                                            3137

  at home   at work   in education elsewhere   elsewhere     someone   mobile/PDA   any last   1 location   2 location   3+ location
                                     own PC     not own    else's home               month

      Source-JICIMS/NRS July-Dec 2006                             all adult internet users in the last month
JICIMS Population Survey : definitive?

     Detailed discussion with Nielsen NetRatings, ComScore, TGI

     Compatibility of ‘last month usage’

     Different questions, needs of existing customers

     Northern Ireland, JICPOPS

     Further clarification of ‘at work’ audience

     Look to greater compatibility into 2008
Access - now
Towards a planning currency

   JICIMS is aiming to provide a user centric
   planning currency and not a site centred
Planning currency format

     ‘holistic measure of how consumers use the internet’
     ‘how this relates to their other media usage’
     Full audience profiles of individual web site users
     Duplication of website usage
     ‘…thus allowing comprehensive coverage and frequency
      analysis of online campaigns’
     Considerable enhancement of existing suppliers because of
      inherent robustness and ability to integrate with other media
     UK based
Could JICIMS be the first currency built
with other media and other currencies in

     ‘A planning tool which puts online on the same sheet
      as established media channels’

     Online should benefit ‘from …Touchpoints initiative
      which enables calculation of campaign reach and
      frequency across combinations of media’ (ISBA)

     Data integration?
In a crowded market, the need for
added value

    An opportunity to improve on existing services – usage
     generated universes, plus familiar demographics

    Flexibility of reporting

    The need for future proofing

    A catalyst for a fully integrated data evaluation system -
     post campaign evaluation, booking systems, revenue estimates
Concluding thoughts

     The joint industry model is still salient and adaptable
     JICIMS has made progress towards an industry agreed planning
     JICIMS has produced 6 months of population data
     Those data are widely available
     A planning currency will be based on user centric panel data
     JICs need to co-operate/share resources
     JICs need to be aware of wider horizons
     Use the data, communicate with JICIMS and its shareholders

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