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                                   Instructions for the Preparation of the
                                     Employee Monthly Deposit Report

Required Data
You may use this form to submit retirement contributions. Or you may submit any other written record as long as the required data
(listed below) is provided and presented in the TCDRS-03 format. We strongly encourage the electronic transmittal of retirement
contributions; those requirements are also listed below.
Social Security number — List each employee’s Social Security number. Please list employees in Social Security number order.
Employee’s name — List each employee’s full name (last, first and middle names).
Salary — List each employee’s total gross compensation (before any deductions) received for the reporting month. Total monthly
compensation for which retirement contributions are based should include sick pay and vacation pay. Also, other compensation,
such as travel, car or uniform allowance, should be included to the extent that the allowance exceeds actual expenses. For more
information on determining TCDRS-covered compensation, please refer to the TCDRS Step-by-Step Handbook for Administrators.
Deposit — List each employee’s deposit amount for the reporting month. This amount must equal the “Gross Earnings” multiplied
by the “Employee Deposit Rate” (4%, 5%, 6% or 7%) currently in effect for your county or district.
Required totals — Deposits must be totaled for each page. Grand totals of this column must appear at the end of the last page of
the report.
(This report provides only employee deposits and totals. Employer contributions and Optional Group Term Life payments are also
required. These amounts are determined using the Employee Deposit Required totals. Please use the Retirement Contributions
Certification (TCDRS-03A) for more details in determining these amounts.)

Payments — We recommend that you submit payments to the TCDRS office by ACH debit. Please contact Employer
Administration for information regarding authorization of this type of payment.

Electronic Reporting
We recommend that you report retirement deposits to the TCDRS office electronically. We require electronic deposit information to
be provided in the text file format described below. The file should be generated in a fixed-length text format with each field filled
with data or padded with spaces (text fields) or zeros (numeric data). Tab and NULL characters, as well as negative numbers or
zero deposits, in either the Salary Amount or Deposit Amount fields cannot be accepted. Each line should be terminated with
carriage return and line feed. Your deposit information can be submitted to us through our secured Web site using FileSafe. Please
contact Employer Administration for more information.
       Position             Field Title         Length                              Description and Remarks
 1–9                    Social Security             9       Required. Enter 9-digit number with no formatting.
 10–49                  Member Name                 40      Required. Enter the name of the member in capital letters. Left justify
                                                            and fill the spaces.
 50–56                  Salary Amount               7       Required. Salary earned in the report month. Must contain 7 unsigned
                                                            numeric characters in dollars and cents. Do not enter dollar signs,
                                                            commas or decimal points. Deposit amount must be right justified and
                                                            unused portions must be zero-filled. Two decimal spaces will be
 57–62                  Deposit Amount              6       Required. Members’ deposits for the effective date of credit. Must
                                                            contain 6 unsigned numeric characters in dollars and cents. Do not enter
                                                            dollar signs, commas or decimal points. Deposit amount must be right
                                                            justified and unused portions must be zero-filled. Two decimal spaces
                                                            will be assumed.
 63–71                                              9       May be used by the county/district if needed for control or sorting
                                                            purposes or to fulfill any internal requirement. This field will not be used
                                                            by TCDRS.

Due Date
A completed report of contributions, TCDRS-03A (summary and certification) and funds must be received no later than the 15th of
the month following the calendar month for which contributions are being reported. Late penalties and administration fees will occur
for any forms not received in our office by the 15th of the month and the responsibility lies with the county/district for confirming
receipt by our office. Please contact our office in advance if your report will be late in any given month for good cause. Retain a copy
of the detailed contribution report and TCDRS-03A for your files.

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