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					                                 A Monthly Update on Employee Volunteerism
                                 from the Points of Light Foundation
                  September 2001

The 2001
National          Participate in Make a Difference Day
Council on        You can make a difference on MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY
Workplace         A National Day to Help Others
                  Make a Difference Day on Saturday, October 27th is an opportunity for
Council           Corporate Volunteer Centers (CVC) to organize an event and invite other
Chairperson,      companies and businesses to join. Leverage business partnerships by
Member Board
of Directors,
                  planning a service project together.
Points of Light   To register your project, visit http://www.makeadifferenceday.com.
Foundation        To order additional materials call 800-416-3824.
Polly O'Brien
Pitney Bowes
                  Corporate Spotlight
Immediate Past
                  Survey Helps Shape Direction of Universal Orlando Volunteer Program
Shirlene          Based on the results of a recent Employee Volunteer Program Survey, helping youth is the #1 focus
Anderson          area that Universal Orlando employees selected for their volunteer effort. In response to this,
BellSouth         Universal Orlando partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida for the first Universal
                  Orlando Volunteers for Kids Week. During the week of August 6th, a total of 125 Universal Orlando
Barb Alfrey       volunteers took part in six projects at five Boys and Girls Clubs throughout Central Florida.
The Pillsbury     Universal Orlando Volunteers hosted field day activities, read books to children, provided a special
Company           performance of the Toon Lagoon Beach Bash, participated in arts and crafts activities and taught the
                  kids how the dinosaurs and aliens found in the theme park are created. The weeklong event
Felsen            culminated on Friday, August 10th with 400 kids attending a Back to School Dance at the groove in
JPMorgan          Universal CityWalk.

Joyce Fung-
                  By responding to the survey results with a targeted weeklong initiative, Universal was able to
Yee               tangibly demonstrate the importance of employee involvement in shaping the direction of a company
Levi Strauss &    volunteer program. At the same time, the project prompted new interest in volunteering with over
Co.               50% of the participants being first time volunteers.
Kris Kewitsch
U.S. Bancorp      Universal Orlando has a history of involvement with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida. Over
                  the last two years, employees have contributed more than 300 hours of volunteer service ranging
Elise Klysa       from hosting birthday celebrations to assisting with homework. In partnership with the Governor’   s
                  Office, Universal recently spearheaded a $10,000 Power Up grant that will provide computers,
David Warshaw     Internet service and staffing to teach computer skills to the children at the Southwest Boys & Girls
GE Elfun          Club.
Linda Ware
IBM               Guidelines for Developing and Strengthening your Corporate Volunteer Council

Diane Young
                  The Points of Light Foundation supports the formation and strengthening of CVCs, because they
Universal         provide opportunities for businesses and corporations to support their employees in community
Orlando           service directed at solving serious social problems. Corporate Volunteer Councils are formed for
                  many reasons depending on the needs of the local community and the composition of its members.
Marcia                In order to further enhance CVCs in the local community the Points of Light Foundation, along with
Livingston            the CVC sub committee of the National Council on Workplace Volunteerism, established the
Washington            Principles of Excellence for CVCs in 1995. In continuing our efforts to strengthen and develop
                      Corporate Volunteer Councils, it is important to revisit these Principles as they serve as a
NCWV                  benchmark to improve and expand local CVCs.
                      The Principles of Excellence for CVCs are:
Joanie Johnson
Aid Association for   Acknowledge: CVCs mission is two fold: to more effectively address community needs through
Lutherans             collaborative volunteer efforts with the business community and to provide professional development
                      and networking opportunities for it’ members. CVCs exist for the needs of both the community and
Pat Kirk              the individual members.
CVC Advisor
Windsor Electric      Example: Does the CVC have a written purpose statement recognizing its commitment to the
Company, Inc.
                      community and individual member companies? Is this purpose expressed through mission
                      statements, credos or social policy statements?

                      Commit: to assisting businesses interested in developing employee volunteer programs based on
                      the Principles of Excellence for workplace volunteer programs.
                      Example: Has the CVC established policies, procedures and goals to achieve its mission? Is it
                      managed effectively/efficiently?

                      Target: CVC efforts to address serious social problems based on real community needs.
                      Example: Does the CVC evaluate its efforts and effectiveness, including the impact on the
                      community and the member companies?
                                                                                Daily Points of Light Award Winner
                      Corporate Training                                                 August 30, 2001
                      Developing Excellence in Employee                USinternetworking Corporation
                      Volunteer Programs
                      (Business Basics Seminar)                        Annapolis, MD
                      Learn the key success factors in developing      Since 1999, USinternetworking Corporation (USi)
                      and strengthening employee volunteer             and its employees have given generously their time,
                      programs based on the Principles of              talent and funds to help public housing youth in
                      Excellence action strategy. Learn to             Annapolis, Maryland, bridge the digital divide. They
                      measure and increase the program’ benefit
                                                           s           started two neighborhood computer centers; rewarded
                      for the company, the employees, and the          promising computer students with 60 home PCs; and
                      community. Get answers to questions about        established a server and website for public housing
                      resources, marketing and staffing from           residents as a learning tool for students at the
                      leaders in the field of employee volunteering.   computer lab. They enrich these contributions with a
                      Fee: $300 members, $375 non-members              mentoring program in which USi employees volunteer
                                                                       several after-work hours weekly helping children with
                             Oct. 2, 2001      Portland, ME                 May 1, 2002         computer WI
                                                                       reading, homework and Green Bay,skills; taking them
                             February 2002     New York, NY                                    Salt Lake City, UT
                                                                       new June 7, 2002 them and challenging them to
                                                                            places; loving
                      Managing Corporate Volunteer Programs
                      to Build Value for Business                      For more information about this winner and the Daily
                      (Advanced Business Seminar)                      Points of Light awards, go to
                      Analyze the purposes and strategies for your     http://www.pointsoflight.org/dpol/dpolhome.cfm.
                      company’ volunteer program. Learn proven
                      strategies to help manage corporate volunteering and philanthropy during organizational change.
                      Examine methods used to measure the program’ added value to key company departments. Gain
                      tools for conducting program assessment and evaluation. Fee: $350 members, $430 non-members

                             February 2002     New York, NY
                             June 8, 2002      Salt Lake City, UT
Building Partnerships That Work: Nonprofit Organizations and Corporate Volunteers
Gain practical information that can be immediately applied to your company’ employee volunteer
program. Learn to develop partnerships from your organization’ strengths, build on the four steps
of success for your partnerships, and use five persuasive marketing techniques to build your
partnership agreement. Fee: $150 members, $190 non-members
This seminar is intended for Volunteer Center staff, corporate and government EVP managers, and
nonprofit volunteer program managers. This seminar is targeted for people who have responsibility
for external relations with other organizations. Pre-requisites: none.
       June 8, 2002       Salt Lake City, UT
                  Space is limited. Call today for registration information.
                      For more information contact the Points of Light Foundation,
                                  Training and Consulting Department
                            (202) 729-8149 or Training@PointsofLight.org

Shooting for Excellence in Corporate Community Service
With the nomination process underway, The Points of Light Foundation would like to invite you to
submit a nomination for the 2001 Awards for Excellence in Corporate Community Service.
Companies of all sizes and industries that contribute to their community through a company-
supported employee volunteer program are eligible for nomination.
                                     Submit Your Corporate Award Nomination Form

                                               DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION:
                                               Postmarked by October 8, 2001

                                     Log onto http://www.pointsoflight.org/awards/awards.html to
                                                      download your form today!

Winners will be honored at an awards event in New York City in the spring of 2002. Honorees will also be
invited to participate in the Points of Light Foundation’ CEO Roundtable, an event in which CEOs and
corporate representatives engage in discussion focused on the benefits to business of employee volunteer
programs. Held in conjunction with the awards event, the Points of Light Foundation CEO Roundtable is
attended by media representatives, national nonprofit organization members, federal agency officials, and
representatives of local corporations and national business associations. Past roundtable topics have
included the alignment of employee volunteer programs with charitable contributions and the value of
employee volunteer programs to key company stakeholders.

For more information contact Toyja Somerville at tsomerville@pointsoflight.org.

Corporate Volunteer Development Announcements
Welcome to Jennifer Kim, our new Communications and Products Manager!
Jennifer Kim joined Corporate Volunteer Development on August 20th and comes from PwC
Consulting as a strategy consultant. She also acted as the co-chairperson for PwC’ DC metro
Contributions and Community Involvement employee volunteer program – heading up community
service events and managing grant requests. In her new role, she is responsible for corporate
publications, technical assistance, and general communications. If you have any questions or
comments about this newsletter, the Corporate Volunteer Development department, or would like to
submit an entry for this publication, please contact Jennifer for more information (see details below).

As Corporate Volunteer Development (CVD) continues to grow, we want to share with you our
mission, goals, and staff. The Corporate Volunteer Development’ (formerly Corporate Affairs)
mission is to engage more corporations and employees more effectively in volunteer service to help
solve serious social problems. We are your primary resource for workplace-based volunteering. As
such, we help build knowledge and skills of corporations to effectively develop and manage
programs; we provide networking with Corporate Volunteer Councils and Volunteer Centers; and we
promote to business leaders and managers the value that corporate volunteering brings to
companies, employees and communities. We are here as your resource. Please find our contact
information below.

   Name              Position                          E-mail address               Phone Number
   Mimi Galligan     Interim Vice President            mmathieu@pointsoflight.org   (202) 729-8011
   Sue Heiler        Director                          sheiler@pointsoflight.org    (202) 729-3229
   Jennifer Kim      Manager,                          jkim@pointsoflight.org       (202) 729-8008
                     Communications and
   Katie Davies      Program Associate, CVC            kdavies@pointsoflight.org    (202) 729-8144
   Sherri            Administrative Assistance         smanning@pointsoflight.org   (202) 729-8139

The Points of Light Foundation’ mission is to engage more people more effectively in volunteer service to
help solve serious social problems.

        For more information about the Corporate Volunteer Development department, please contact
                        Jennifer Kim at jkim@pointsoflight.org or at (202) 729-8008.

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