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					Life Science
Location Vienna

27. 5. 2008

Dr. Sabine Ecker,
 Life Science Location Vienna

         5 Universities focus on Life Sciences

       University of Vienna
       Medical University of Vienna
       University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences
       University of Veterinary Medicine
       Vienna University of Technology

Number of scientists ~ 3.800

Number of students ~ 25 000
     Life Science Location Vienna

                        Research Institutions

Austrian Academy of Sciences:
      Research Centre for Molecular Medicine (CeMM)
      Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA)
      Gregor Mendel Institute for Molecular Plant Biology (GMI)

Private Research Institution:
      Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP)
Life Science Location Vienna

      Baxter: BioScience, plasma products

      Boehringer Ingelheim Austria: R&D in oncology,
      development and production of biopharmaceuticals

      Otto Bock: World market leader in prosthetics
      Competence Centre for mechatronics
      Octapharma: R&D and production facility for blood
      plasma products

      Eli Lilly:
      Vienna School for Clinical Research (VSCR)

      Sanochemia: R&D, production
   Life Science Location Vienna

            Business Environment

Number of companies: ~ 140

Since 1998 more than 70 companies were founded,
mostly supported by federal and regional programmes

Focus: drug development, vaccines and antibiotics, cancer

Number of employees: ~ 9.700

Dynamic start up scene: average age of the companies 4,7 years
       Life Science Location Vienna

                     LISA Vienna Region

An initiative of the City of Vienna and the Republic of Austria

Central contact and coordination office
for researchers and companies

Financial support of companies by federal and regional programmes
(subsidies, guarantees, subsidized loans, financing networks)

International marketing
 for the life science location

Networking, PR, Education
Life Science
     Life Science Locations in Vienna

Due to historical reasons LS
institutions can be found at
various locations across the

Since the last years five prime
locations for life sciences
have developed
        Campus Vienna Biocenter

67.000m2 infrastructure are
available at the Campus
Vienna Biocenter
Campus Vienna Biocenter
       Campus Vienna Biocenter


Foundation in 2003 by
     Frank Mattner, scientist at Intercell
     Walter Schmidt and Max Birnstiel, both co-founders of Intercell

    Tailored-made vaccines against Alzheimer‘s Disease
    - Clinical Phase I started in summer 2007

Recent Success
    In April 2006 Affiris raised EUR 8.5 million by the MIG Fonds

      Product ranked as “one of the most promising drug entering
      Phase I trials” by Thomas Scientific
          LS Center Muthgasse

                            University of
                            University of
                            Natural Resources
                            Natural Resources

868,110 sq.ft. for offices and labs
Ready to move in 2009
           LS Center Muthgasse

                    f-star GmbH

Founded in 2006

Antibody engineering company:
  improved therapeutic antibodies and antibody fragments based on
  its Modular Antibody Technology which allows the introduction of
  additional binding sites into antibodies and antibody fragments by
  engineering the non-CDR loops of constant or variable domains

January 2007: 1,5 Mio. Euro - Seed financing

Autumn 2007: 9 Mio. Euro - Series A round financing

March 2008: Opening of a second research site in Cambridge, UK
              LS Center Muthgasse
  Cooperation Industry - University

Austrian Center of Biopharmaceutical Technology (ACBT)
 Industry-University Cooperation
   Boehringer Ingelheim Austria,Sandoz, Ionimed
   Institute for Applied Microbiology at the University of
   Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences and the
   Institute of Biochemistry at the University of Innsbruck

   optimization of the production process of recombinant
   biopharmaceutical proteins

  60% federal and regional funding, 40% industrial funding
           Vienna General Hospital

Vienna General Hospital –
Vienna’s primary medical research center
    Research & Education
      Medical University Vienna
      CeMM – Center for Molecular Medicine
      Institut für Krebsforschung
      Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer Research

      Avir Greenhills Biotechnology GmbH
      Biomay AG
      Bio Life Science Forschungs- u. Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH
      Emcools AG
      Labdia Labordiagnostik GmbH
      Trimed Biotech GmbH
         Vienna General Hospital

Austrian Breast & Colorectal Cancer Study Group

President: Michael Gnant, MUW

Founded to enhance diagnostics, treatment and aftercare-treatment
of breast and colorectal cancer in Austria

Interdisciplinary cooperation of surgeons, radiologists, oncologists
histopathologists, psychologists, etc.

More than 100 centres all over Austria participate and almost 15.000
patients participated in ABCSG studies
          Vienna General Hospital
Cooperation Industry - University

  Christian Doppler Lab for Immunmodulation

Partners: Institute for Pathophysiology, MUW
          Biomay AG

Scientific director: Barbara Bohle, MUW

 Type I allergy, an acquired disorder of the specific immune system,
 is characterized by the production of IgE antibodies directed against
 environmental antigens such as pollen. It is the aim to develop vac-
 cines to reduce the production of IgE.
   University of Veterinary Medicine

             University of Veterinary Medicine

Founded in 1765 by empress Maria Theresia

New buildings finished in 1996, 2800 students, 750 employees

   Veterinary medicine and related issues
   Biotechnology and biomedicine

Home of a number of companies:
   University of Veterinary Medicine

              Marinomed GmbH – Ocean of Ideas

Founded in 2006

Focus: marine drugs for immunological disorders and
infectious diseases

Basis: marine aquaculture and cell culture system
stony corals, soft corals, anemones, crust anemones and sponges
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