"Cats" Technical Review by Hschlosser62


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									                     Technical Elements Lead To Success
                                      By Hunter Schlosser

       “Phenomenal!” “The best play we have ever seen.” These are just a few of the reactions

of the people who viewed the show Cats. Cats is a very interesting play that features Jellicle cats.

The cats are played by normal humans but with extremely detailed and complex costumes. Cats

is a good play because of the technical elements such as the lighting, costumes, music, stage

directions, sounds, and acting; therefore without these this play would not be a play at all.

Because of this plays success, it is played frequently on Broadway and across the world.

       This play was originally composed by Andrew Lloyd Weber but was based on the tales

from T.S. Elliot’s Old Possums Book of Practical Cats. The taped version of this was produced

in Adelphi Theater. This is located in London, England, the heart of England. The DVD was

produced by Universal Theaters in 1998 but was originally produced in 1981. This play is now

famous for its life like actions and the exquisite detail in all of the costumes.

       The story starts out with the Jellicle cats all together singing and explaining the Jellicle

tribe. The cats then give details on what each cat is named and why they are named that way.

Later on McCavity ( The bad cat) kidnap
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