career overview by jcs82077


									                                                                                                                             Web Designer/Production Artist
                                                                                                                             DKY, Inc. - Minneapolis, MN - Summer 2002

                              career overview                                                                                summary
                                                                                                                               Summer internship focused primarily on producing new
                              experienced art director working in                                                              Winnebago Industries web site, along with stint as a print
                              print, identity and interactive fields                                                           production artist covering all client work.
                              looking for an opportunity to work                                                             Responsibilities
                                                                                                                               Took over production of new 750 page web site.
                              at an agency where i can expand
                              their clients’ brand value through                                                                Worked hand-in-hand with Creative Team to ensure design
                                                                                                                                was implemented across breadth of entire site.
                              integrated design and marketing.
                                                                                                                                Restructured internal web site production process, from
                                                                                                                                initial site map creation to concepting, designing, testing
                                                                                                                                and launching.
                                                                                                                                Used latest web standards to ensure site was not only
                                                                                                                                user friendly, but compatible with the broadest range of
                                                                                                                                computers and browsers for maximum market penetration.
             Personal summary                                                                       Mac OS 9 – 10.6
                                                                                                    Windows 95 – XP             Worked with Art Directors and Production Manager to
               + More than eight years agency experience                                            Adobe CS – CS3              meet project requirements in terms of file setup, quality
                                                                                                     ° Photoshop                and timeliness in order to get the files ready for print.
               + Highly talented across a broad spectrum of media                                    ° Illustrator
                                                                                                     ° InDesign
               + Strong verbal communication skills                                                  ° Dreamweaver           graphic Designer/Web Designer
                                                                                                     ° Acrobat               Academic Technology Center - Bemidji, MN - 2000 thru 2002
               + Excellent multitasker                                                              Apple Final Cut Studio
                                                                                                    Quark Xpress 4 – 5
               + Highly motivated self starter, individually and as part of a creative team                                    Head graphic designer and web designer for technology-
                                                                                                    Microsoft Office
                                                                                                                               based learning department at Bemidji State University.
                                                                                                    Working knowledge:
               + Ability to see projects from concept to reality in a fast, effective manner         ° HTML                  Responsibilities
                                                                                                     ° CSS                     Designed and implemented new identity and web site for
               + Strong working knowledge of latest print, web and interactive technologies          ° Flash                   department, along with various individual staff web sites
                                                                                                                               and graphics needs.

             exPerience                                                                                                      graphic Designer
             senior Art Director                                                                                             T. Gamble Video Productions - Lakeville, MN - Summer 2000
             DKY, Inc. - Minneapolis, MN - September 2006 thru present (Art Director - August 2002 thru August 2006)         summary
             summary                                                                                                           Summer internship at video production studio.
               Concepted, designed and oversaw production of print, web and interactive marketing materials                  Responsibilities
               for agency’s top clients.                                                                                       Designed and produced new identity and related materials
             Responsibilities                                                                                                  for video production company.
               Worked with internal Creative Directors, Copywriters, Account Executives and Interface Designers to              Created animation to use in opening credits of client’s video.
               see project through its entirety, from initial concept through production in a timely, efficient manner.
               Oversaw and directed client photo shoots.                                                                     education
               Mocked-up and presented concepts to clients.                                                                  Bemidji State University - Bemidji, MN - Graduated 2002
                Directed junior designers to ensure they met or exceeded client’s objectives.                                Major: b.S. Degree in Design Technology, Minor: Art
                                                                                                                                Specialization: Graphic Design/Print Production
               Proofed approved projects on press to oversee quality of produced pieces.
                                                                                                                                Specialization: Computer Imaging/Multimedia
               WinnebAgo: Oversaw identity and design implementation across twenty-five annual, multi-page
               product brochures, ensured web site design and continuity, concepted and designed POP displays,
               posters and ads for Winnebago. Itasca and ERA motor homes. Produced realistic product/scenic                  other interests

               composites for brochure covers. Designed and helped produce corporate web site.                                Photography, camping, carpentry, physical fitness, food,
               CARgill: Designed and produced identities in print and online campaigns for all of Cargill Ag                  movies, technology, cars
               including, CAMS, Certified SolutionPro, Cargill Crop Inputs, Cargill Crop Insurance,
               Elite Hedge, Harvest Health, Ocean Transportation, ProPricing and Signature Growers.                          references
               lAzy beAR loDge: Designed and produced new identity and second and third generation web sites                 ben Miller            Audrey Wilcox          lori sjoquist
               for Hudson Bay lodge and tours company.                                                                       Interface Designer    Account Manager        Production Manager
                                                                                                                             DKY, Inc.             DKY, Inc.              DKY, Inc.
               non-PRofit: Created new identity, brochure and direct mail campaign for Lake Vermilion                        612.798.4070          612.798.4070           612.798.4070
               Fire Brigade. Developed new brand guidelines and annual invitations for Search Ministries.          

                                                                                       16001 Hidden Valley Rd
                                                                                       Minnetonka, MN 55345

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