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									Career Development
   conventions                                                              exams, upgrades
   (division conventions, 5 credits)
                                                                            & certification review courses
                                                                            (4 credits for PTCA I segment)
   Feb. 11-14        Texas Division
                     Grapevine, Texas                                       Feb. 11-12       Flushing, N.Y.                          March 13          Oklahoma City
                                                                            Feb. 12          Greenwood, Colo.                        March 14          Bonita Springs, Fla.
   Feb. 12-14
   	                 Intermountain Division                                 Feb. 12          Phoenix                                 March 14          Jackson, Miss.
                     Denver                                                 Feb. 13          Gastonia, N.C.                          March 20-21       Boca Raton, Fla.
   Feb. 19-21        Missouri Valley Division                               Feb. 13-14       Atlanta                                 March 21          Birmingham, Ala.
                     Prairie Village, Kan.                                  Feb. 13-14       Seattle                                 March 22          Valencia, Calif.
                                                                            Feb. 14-15       Dallas                                  March 22-23       Houston*
   Feb. 27-          Midwest Division
                                                                            Feb. 15          Williamsburg, Va.                       March 28          Rome, Ga.
     March 1         Dublin and Columbus, Ohio
                                                                            Feb. 20          Memphis, Tenn.                          April 2           Minneapolis
   March 5-7         Mid-Atlantic Division                                  Feb. 20-21       Rockville, Md.                          April 4           Winter Springs, Fla.
                     Charlottesville, Va.                                   Feb. 21          Clearwater, Fla.                        April 5-6         San Francisco
                                                                            Feb. 22-23       Houston*                                April 10-11       Atlanta
   May 13-15         Southern Division
                                                                            Feb. 27-28       Columbus, Ohio                          April 11          Richmond, Va.
                     Destin, Fla.
                                                                            Feb. 27-28       Pelham, Ala.                            April 11-12       Los Angeles
   May 17-18         Eastern Division                                       March 13         Rochester, N.Y.
                     Flushing, N.Y.
   June 1-6          Florida Division                                       * This course is held at the USPTA World Headquarters.
                     Key Largo, Fla.                                        Exam reservations must be made at least 21 days prior to the dates listed. Each date includes
                                                                            an exam, upgrade and PTCA I unless noted. Exam cancellations must be received no later
   June 3-6          Pacific Northwest Division                             than 14 days before the exam, or a cancellation fee will be charged accordingly. Applicant: late
                     Richland, Wash.                                        cancellation fee – $75; failure to cancel – application fee is forfeited. Certified members: late
                                                                            cancellation fee – $25; failure to cancel – $25 plus the upgrade fee is forfeited. Registration
                                                                            for another exam will not be accepted until cancellation fees are paid.

specialist                                                                    specialty courses
degrees                                                                      Virtual drill design (with a ball machine), Feb. 4-5, Indianapolis,
                                                                               S. Oley
                            	 Little Tennis ®

                            	 Facility Management                           Right clicks: Making technology and the Web work for you, Feb. 11,
                            	 Computer Technology                             Grapevine, Texas, R. Mattingley
                            	 Sport Science

                            	 Competitive Player Development                Creative drill design, Feb. 14, Grapevine, Texas, J. Dinoffer
                            	 Pro Shop Operations
                                                                             TBD, Feb. 14, Denver
                            		   Wheelchair Tennis

                                                                             Motor learning/sport psychology, Feb. 21, Prairie Village, Kan.,
CPD (Competitive Player Development) – Gained through the USA Tennis
                                                                              R. Woods, Ph.D.
High Performance Coaching Program administered by the USA Tennis
Coaching Education Department.
                                                                             Biomechanics, Feb. 27, Dublin, Ohio, P. Lubbers, Ph. D.
For more information about USPTA’s specialist degrees, including applica-
tions, please visit our Web site at or contact the USPTA
Education Department at 800-USPTA-4U or                  The deadline to register and/or cancel a course is 15 working days before the event. Anyone
                                                                              canceling late or failing to cancel will forfeit one-half the course fee. Schedule is subject to change.
                                                                              Call the USPTA Education Department for more information or e-mail

  cardio tennis                                                                 Earn education credits from World
   March 12   Vancouver, British Columbia
   March 13   Seattle                                                           Conference DVDs
   April 11   Minneapolis
   (Seminar DVDs, ½ credit/specialty course DVDs, 2 credits)                    Receive your education credit
                                                                                report card via e-mail by visiting the
                                                                                members-only section of

   Please visit (workshops) to register online.

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