Playtime Activities – Success Story Sheet by dfhercbml


									    Playtime Fitbods Activities – Success Story Sheet

School name: Canewdon Primary
Date attended training: Nov ‘05

1. What was your class or school like when you started?
List your area of activity and whole school objectives.

 Got equipment but need outside storage.
 One teacher on duty at break and two playground areas
 Children get equipment out at break.
 Use play leaders at break time.
 Look into setting up a buddy system – to develop leadership skills.
 How we will use Fitbods
 Lunchtime sessions to begin - a different day for a different class.
 Each session to be 20 minutes.

2. What did you do?
 Please bullet point notes about what you did and how you went
   about it.
 Promotion of Fitbods:
     Launch assemblies organised.
     Staff meetings organised
     Flyers sent out.

     Made space for outside storage and stored all break and
      lunchtime activities in shed.
     2 members of staff on duty at break time.
     Play leaders used at break and lunchtime to support
     Fitbods lunchtime sessions set up.

3. What difference did you make?
 Please write down specific changes you saw in pupils as a result of
   what you did.
 Motivation levels increased
 Attainment increased

 Children very motivated after the initial assembly.
 Staff very motivated after the initial staff meeting.
 Children looking at noticeboard to see any updates.
 Better group work with the children in class during afternoon
4.  What difficulties did you encounter and how did you
    overcome them?
Please write down any difficulties that you had and the steps that you
took to overcome them.


5. Why did you succeed?
Please write notes on what why what you did worked. What
strategies were particularly successful? What principles do you think
underpinned the success of what you did?

 Whole school approach

 Children kept informed about what was happening.
 Making sure session times didn’t change.
 Ensured all children participated so it was a whole class activity (as
 we are a small school)
 Changed the activities weekly so children were introduced to a new

Thank you for completing this Success Story Sheet.
Please return all completed evaluation forms to CPD Evaluations (PE
Team), SAIS
                                  Fitbods Timetable

There will be 2 weeks of taster sessions beginning on 30th January and then after
half term the sessions will begin.
‘J’ will run classes 2 and 3 and ‘S’ will run classes 4, 5 and 6.
Sessions will be from 12-12.20 and will be on the infant playground.
Children do not need to get changed just have trainers on.
The children will have their lunch at 12.20 on the day of their session.

Monday                  Class 6
Tuesday                 Class 3
Wednesday               Class 4
Thursday                Class 5
Friday                  Class 2

Letter to Parents
At Canewdon School we are working towards Healthy School Status and for part of
this we are participating in a Fitbods programme.

The aims of this programme are to:
   Encompass a whole school approach to the promotion of physical activity
     amongst primary school children.
   To encourage ALL children to join in games/activities that are fun!

Each class will have a 20 minute Fitbods session a week on the following days:

Monday                  Class 6
Tuesday                 Class 3
Wednesday               Class 4
Thursday                Class 5
Friday                  Class 2

Children will need to put trainers on for the session. Please ensure children have
trainers in school for the day their session will take place. They will do the sessions
in their school uniform.

There will be two weeks of ‘taster’ sessions so the children can see what sorts of
activities they will be doing and these will begin on 30th January. After half term the
sessions will start and there is an award scheme to motivate the children to keep
attending the sessions.

As provided by the PE team, they will receive rewards for the number of sessions
they attend. Example of rewards is: highlighter pens, stress balls, sports bottles and

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