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                                    CURRICULUM VITAE – Sonal Jogi

  Name:                        SONAL J R JOGI
  Qualifications:              BEng PGDip Law
  Date of Birth:               16 June 1970
  Nationality:                 British
  Position:                    Consultant

Education:                     HOLBORN COLLEGE (Oct. 2001 - Jun. 2003)
                               Postgraduate Diploma in Law (part-time) – optional module on adjudication

                               UNIVERSITY OF SALFORD (Oct.1992 - Jul. 1994)
                               BEng (Hon.) Civil Engineering

                               LIVERPOOL JOHN MOORE’S UNIVERSITY (Oct.1989 - Jul. 1992)
                               HND Civil Engineering Studies – including industrial placement year with
                               Balfour Beatty

                               SCHOOL (Sep. 1981 – Jun. 1989)
                               9 GCE O’Level passes including Maths, English and Sciences and GCE A’Level
                               in Sciences

Memberships:                   Society of Construction Law (SCL) – assist with Junior SCL
                               Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

Experience - Employment:
Personal Profile

An enthusiastic Consultant with 19 years background in the construction industry encompassing site
engineering, project management, and construction advisory services (primarily claims).

Current position as a Claims Consultant / Forensic Planner has entailed gaining experience in all forms of
dispute resolution processes including litigation, arbitration and adjudication including Expert Witness
appointments and completing due diligence reports over a period of 10 years. The reports prepared have
been concerned with building, mechanical/electrical and civil engineering projects.

Experience of living and working abroad has been gained over 4 years in the Caribbean, SE Asia, Australia,
the Middle East and Europe.

Academic studies include that in Civil Engineering and Law. Past experience demonstrates ability to work
effectively independently or as part of a team and has included heading a planning department for an
overseas office.

      Company Registration No. 4433222 · Registered Office 22 Lothian Road · Tollerton · Nottinghamshire · NG12 4EH · England
                                      Construction Consultants· Quantity Surveyors · Delay Analysts
Continuation                     CURRICULUM VITAE – Sonal Jogi                                   30 Nov, 2008


Sep.2009 – To Date:       DAQS LIMITED: Consultant

                          Sep.2009 – To Date: Employer, Main Contractor. €1 Billion City Project Qatar –
                          Working as part of a team in relation to the preparation of Substructure and
                          superstructure claims for Quantum and delay.

Apr.2009 – Aug.2009:      GLEEDS UK LIMITED: Consultant (Freelance)

                          Apr.2009 – Aug.2009: Employer, Hospital Project, London – Preparation of
                          Expert Preliminary report as an assistant Expert for the trustees of a hospital to
                          determine whether to progress to Arbitration.

Dec. 2008 – Apr.2009: FENWICK ELLIOTT LLP: Consultant (Freelance)

                          Dec. 2008 – Apr.2009: Principle Contractor, Residential Refurbishment, London
                          (claimant) – Expert assessment of EOT (using the As-Built analysis technique) due
                          to the Principle Contractor responsible for undertaking the concrete works to
                          the Substructure for a 19th century luxury residential property.

Nov. 2008                 EC HARRIS: Consultant (Freelance)

                          Nov. 2008: Employer, Residential Refurbishment, London (respondent) – Expert
                          Report for the Employer assessing the Contractor’s application for an
                          acceleration agreement (using the As-Built analysis technique) on a refurbishment
                          project of a row 19th century terrace properties from commercial office
                          accommodation into luxury residential properties.

Jul. 2007 – Sep. 2008     DRIVER CONSULT LIMITED: Consultant (Freelance)

                          Sep. 2008: Main Contractor, Residential Refurbishment of an Estate, Cornwall –
                          Risk assessment report on the amendments made to the JCT Design and Build
                          2005 contract at tender stage highlighting the risk within the amendments and
                          proposing solutions.

                          Apr. 2008 – Oct. 2008: Main Contractor, Residential Refurbishments, London
                          (claimant) – preparation of EOT submissions for various 19th century luxury
                          residential refurbishment projects in London (using the As-Built analysis &
                          planned impacted technique).

                          Dec. 2007 – Mar. 2008: Main Contractor, Pier, Ireland (claimant) – EOT
                          submission incorporated within a claim document.

                          Jul. 2007 – Nov. 2007: Main Contractor, Railway Sub Stations (claimant) –
                          preparation of an EOT submission for sub stations at various locations which
                          were delayed due to various events.

Apr. 2007 – Jun. 2007     CYRIL SWEETT: Consultant (Freelance)

                          Apr. 2007 – Jun. 2007: Main Contractor, Pier, Jersey (claimant) – collating
                          contemporaneous information to support an arbitration report.

Nov. 2006 – Mar. 2007 QUANTEX CONSULTING: Consultant (Freelance)

                          Jan. 2007 – Mar. 2007: Main Contractor, Hotel/Residential Building, Birmingham
                          (respondent) – assisting preparing a report in response to an application of EOT
                          from the M&E Sub-Contractor.

                          Nov. 2006 – Dec. 2006: Developer, Airport, Ireland – preparation of a risk
                          analysis for a developer on a building project to a major Airport in relation to
                          each of the procurement packages and reviewing progress on site.

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Continuation                     CURRICULUM VITAE – Sonal Jogi                                     30 Nov, 2008

Jun. 2006 – Oct. 2006     BREWER CONSULTING: Consultant (Freelance)

                          Aug. 2006 – Oct. 2006: Developer, Retail Complex, Dubai (internal report) –
                          preparation of an assessment of EOT attributable to the substructure of a large
                          retail development in Dubai to allow negotiations with the Contractor.

                          Jun. 2006 – Aug. 2006: Main Contractor, Hospital, London (claimant) – worked as
                          part of a team to develop an EOT claim document for a Contractor in relation to
                          complex building and M&E heads of claim.

Nov. 2003 – May 2006 QUANTUM INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (NBA GROUP):Consultant (Freelance)

                          Previous experience extended internationally to assist a UK company to establish
                          the business in Australia and Asia.

                          Nov. 2005 – Apr. 2006: Main Contractor, Road Tunnel, Sydney, Australia
                          (respondent) – responsible for preparing an As Built programme and an internal
                          report in relation to time issues and the possible effects of an accident on the
                          remainder of the Works.

                          Oct. 2005 – Apr. 2006: business development in Australia/Asia including
                          marketing and recruitment.

                          Oct. 2005: Project Manager, Building Project - Town, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
                          (internal report) – responsible for the preparation of a programme for the
                          Project Managers to use for monitoring and controlling the Works on residential
                          high rise blocks which were part of a new town being built in Ho Chi Minh city.

                          Jul. 2005 – Sep. 2005: Main Contractors (Chinese/Japanese JV), High Speed
                          Railway Station, Chiayi, Taiwan (claimant) – responsible for developing ‘heads of
                          claim’ for the Contractor as part of a report for a claim for EOT on the High
                          Speed Railway Station at Chiayi, Taiwan.

                          Previous experience extended as well as gaining international and Expert Witness

                          Mar. 2005 – Jun. 2005: Main Contractor, Stadium, London (claimant) – involved in
                          the preparation of delaying event programmes and examining ‘time issues’ in
                          relation to the many and varied heads of claim for an initial internal Claim Report
                          for the Contractor.

                          Jan. 2005 – Feb. 2005: Developer, Refurbishment of a Hotel, London
                          (respondent) - Expert Witness appointment in relation to planning issues during
                          an Arbitration on a luxury hotel project in London which involved preparing a
                          response to the claimants Expert Witness report and Joint Expert Witness

                          Jul. 2004 – Dec. 2004: Main Contractor, Road Project, St Lucia (claimant) – was
                          working in St Lucia as part of a team. The role involved providing the planning
                          support to produce as-built programmes and detailed delay analysis required to
                          support the claim for EOT and mainly disruption based claim document.

                          Mar. 2004 – Jun.2004: Main Contractor, PFI Schools Project, Portsmouth
                          (claimant) – preparation of an EOT submission for the Contractor.

                          Nov. 2003 – Feb. 2004: Electrical Subcontractor, Waste to Energy Plant
                          (claimant) – preparing programmes with cause and effect analysis as evidence for

Dec. 1999 – Aug. 2003 TRETT CONSULTING: Senior Consultant

                          Nov. 1999 – Nov. 2003: gaining knowledge in dispute resolution procedures
                          (litigation / arbitration / adjudication) and assisting with the preparation of claims
                          for a firm of Claims Consultants.

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Continuation                     CURRICULUM VITAE – Sonal Jogi                                  30 Nov, 2008


Apr. 1999 – Nov. 1999 EC HARRIS: Senior Planner (Project Management Division)

                          Providing on-going project management services as well as due diligence reports
                          for Clients which included both Employers and Contractors. In-house planning
                          support was also given to the ‘Contractual Advisory Services’ department.

                          Producing due diligence reports for project managers

                          Project planning and support for a variety of clients

                          Assisting the Contractual Advisory Services team (CAS) with cause and effect

Experience - SITE PLANNING

Dec.1998 – Mar. 1999 BIRSE CONSTRUCTION London Underground Extended Arm Contract (£40m)
                     Planner (Freelance)

                          Working alongside the Head Planner to monitor and control the various projects
                          on the Jubilee/Piccadilly/Central lines of the London Underground for the

                          Creating programmes for 30 nos. projects, including Refurbishment, M&E
                          projects and Feasibility Studies

                          Closely monitoring progress to avoid delay and disruption

                          The planning team was a single point of contact between various Project

Mar. 1996 – Nov. 1998 BROWN & ROOT CIVIL A1M Alconbury to Peterborough (£198m)
                      Associate Planner / Scheduler

                          Solely responsible for creating the project programme on the project
                          management software, P3 and Suretrak

                          Collating data to generate progress histograms and reports for Construction

                          Assisting Senior Planner’s with planning duties

                          Risk analysis of Project Programmes using the Primavera Monte Carlo software

                          Cost Control

                          Reconciling materials and producing wastage reports for Construction Manager’s
                          / Site Agent’s

                          Investigate reasons for wastage and ensure it was reduced to a minimum


                          Creating spreadsheets to record progress of snagging activities

                          Communicating with Site Agent’s / Engineer’s to guarantee the Works are
                          completed by project deadlines

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Continuation                     CURRICULUM VITAE – Sonal Jogi                                   30 Nov, 2008


Sep. 1994 – Feb. 1996 WIMPEY ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION A428 Southern Bedford Bypass
                      (£38m): Graduate Civil Engineer

                          Structures Site Engineer

                          Setting-out a bridge structure from sub-structure from super-structure, finishing
                          works on a major interchange and a series of steel culverts

                          Management of site labour and machinery so construction occurs as programmed

                          Co-ordinate activities with other site personnel

                          Negotiate proposals with the Client

                          Compile contemporary records and write letters

                          Traffic Management & STATS

                          Design of Temporary Diversions

                          Producing drawings of proposed diversions according to specifications and dealing
                          with the Police and Client

                          Feasibility Studies for the tie-ins between the existing and proposed road

Jul. 1990 – Jul. 1991     BALFOUR BEATTY CONSTRUCTION LIMITED Docklands Light Railway

                          Student Civil Engineer (Industrial Placement)

                          Site Engineer – Setting-out duties on a pre-cast beam viaduct with an in-situ deck
                          and on a post-tensioned bridge

                          Planning Engineer – Section Planning involving preparing drawings, bills of
                          quantities and writing method statements

                          In charge of the quality assurance system

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