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									Job Description Template

Simulation Center Director
Other related job titles: Medical Director, Director of Operations, Administrative
Director, Education Specialist
Annual salary range: $50,000-$100,000+
Summary: The Director will be the key administrator and educator, overseeing all
instructional and operational aspects of the Simulation Center.

Instructional Responsibilities:
          Design, develop, implement and evaluate new courses, scenarios, and
           educational initiatives in collaboration with content experts.
          Validate existing courses, scenarios, and initiatives to ensure effectiveness of
           educational program.
          Ensure course content is aligned and consistent with curriculum and user
          Develop strategies to enhance programs and services, utilizing available
           resources and acquiring additional tools to create a realistic learning
          Solicit instructor and student feedback following simulation experiences to
           analyze the impact of simulation on the learning process.
          Identify opportunities for improvement, innovation, implementation and
           integration of patient simulation technology into existing healthcare curricula.
          Teach clinical skills and critical thinking using simulation technology.
          Communicate in a positive, professional manner.
          Promote excellence in teaching through demonstrate respectful behavior and
           role modeling.
          Serve as simulation mentor and educator to clinicians, staff and management
          Integrate goals and teaching points from basic science and multidisciplinary
           clinical departments to promote collaboration and team teaching.
          Maintain professional growth and development through seminars, workshops,
           and professional affiliations to keep abreast of latest trends in field of
          Maintain professional skills and refine expertise through appropriate
           educational/developmental activities and professional affiliations, staying
           current with national and international advances in simulation and clinical
           skills activities.
          Publish and present simulation activities at national and international

Administrative Responsibilities:
        Determine Simulation Center priorities and goals and ensure that the mission
         is achieved.
        Develop and implement policies, procedures and practice standards consistent
         with Simulation Center mission and educational objectives.

Compiled from examples on the SSH list serve. Rev. 2/07
Job Description Template

         Provide oversight in the design, development, and implementation of all
          training programs.
         Provide the leadership required to ensure that simulation programs meet
          standards of quality assurance for breadth and depth of education, and user
         Assure that required certifications, licensures and accreditations are
          maintained on an ongoing basis. Liaise with appropriate training agencies to
          ensure delivery of accredited educational courses.
         Perform periodic review and evaluation of program; assess areas for growth
          and improvement.
         Prepare annual budget, monitor revenue/expenditures throughout the year and
          manage funding sources, ensuring contracts are maintained and revenue
          sources maximized.
         Identify and submit extramural grants/partnership funding opportunities
          (governmental, professional foundations, industry) for simulation education
          and patient safety research.
         Oversee optimal utilization of simulation center including recruitment of
          faculty and users, scheduling and coordination of sessions.
         Recruit, hire and manage Simulation Center staff to assure effective
          maintenance and operation of programs. Provide training, performance
          appraisal, disciplinary counseling and actions, scheduling, and work
         Develop working relationships with administrators, faculty, staff and students
          within the institution as well as with other simulation centers and educational
         Foster and supervise research activities, facilitating publication with
          multidisciplinary collaborations.
         Conduct research to validate simulation-based training programs, and measure
          effectiveness of equipment, interventions, and medical devices.
         Collaborate with faculty to develop ideas for innovative research, design study
          protocol, identify funding sources, collect and analyze data and report results
          of research projects.
         Promote the interests of the Simulation Center through participation in public
          relations events, development of new markets for simulation use, community
          outreaches, and serving on professional/civic service organizations and
          committee meetings as the Simulation Center representative.
         Interface with institutional leadership regarding activities of the simulation
          center. Facilitate tours and orientations of Simulation Center as needed to
          promote programs.
         Collaborate with regional, national and international users to advance the use
          of simulation in healthcare education.

Operational Responsibilities:

Compiled from examples on the SSH list serve. Rev. 2/07
Job Description Template

         Provide comprehensive strategic and operational planning initiatives in
          support of the Simulation Center.
         Oversee organization, recruitment, training and management of the
          operational support staff.
         Assign work to Simulation Center staff to ensure smooth daily operations.
         Promote and coordinate the use of simulation technology for the training of
          health professionals and others.
         Collaborate with physicians and other department managers to resolve
          operational problems and promote positive communications.
         Maintain proficiency in existing and emerging technologies, including basic
          theory, design and implementation.
         Monitor clinical simulator exercises, adjust parameters and responses, and
          provide feedback and evaluation to learners and staff.
         Anticipate, plan and integrate work activities to accomplish operational
          strategic results.
         Develop accurate, timely and reliable data as the basis for operational
         Maintain data confidentiality and security; prepare secured area for data
          storage and retrieval.
         Determine operational training and development needs.
         Plan for program expansion through design and utilization of available space
          to support goals of the center.

          Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree in a health discipline: Medicine,
           Nursing, Health Education/Administration, or other related field.
          Faculty level candidate.
          Two years experience in planning, developing, implementing, evaluating, and
           customizing clinical, educational or simulation programs.
          Four to five years professional experience as a practitioner in a clinical
           environment, with significant exposure to direct patient care.
          Previous experience in the delivery of clinical education.
          Formal training in business development, marketing, and finance preferred.
          Experience in the provision of clinical education.
          Certifications in BLS, ACLS and ATLS preferred.
          Ongoing involvement in active clinical work.
Skills and Attributes:
          Knowledge of simulation services, technologies and applications.
          Knowledge of business planning, modeling, concepts and tools.
          Knowledge of project management theories, principles, practices, and
          Knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, medicine and the healthcare

Compiled from examples on the SSH list serve. Rev. 2/07
Job Description Template

         Knowledge of principles and methods of adult education.
         Knowledge of educational theory and instructional technology.
         Knowledge of computer hardware equipment and software application
          relevant to simulator functions.
         Computer literacy in PC and Mac-based software applications, including
          Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.
         Demonstrated leadership abilities.
         Exceptional analytical, interpretive and problem solving skills.
         Outstanding communication, organizational and interpersonal skills.
         Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all
          levels of organizational personnel, staff/faculty and students.
         Ability to interact with learners and healthcare community.
         Ability to effectively lead and empower teams.
         Ability to carry out responsibilities in a timely, meticulous and professional
          manner, demonstrating initiative and creativity.
         Ability to work well under pressure, set priorities and make critical decisions.
         Ability to maintain confidentiality regarding job assignments and sensitive
         Must be able to work a flexible schedule that may include evening and
          weekend assignments.

Compiled from examples on the SSH list serve. Rev. 2/07

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