Job Description for Site Manager – Scale 2 Job by jcs82077


									Job Description for Site Manager – Scale 2

Job Purpose
To be responsible, with the Headteacher, for the maintenance and improvement of
the school buildings and grounds, in accordance with Health and Safety regulations
and other legal requirements.

Main duties

Grounds and Security
• To ensure that the building and its contents are secure
• To open and close the building when required
• To undertake key holder and call out duties when required
• To report any incident regarding security of buildings to the Headteacher
• To ensure that the grounds are kept in good order and free from litter
• To ensure that all the paths are kept clear and safe at all times including gritting
   during inclement weather

Repairs and Maintenance
• To undertake minor repairs as directed by the Headteacher
• To assist the Headteacher in carrying out repairs and maintenance as directed
• To advise the Headteacher of any defects which need attention

Utility, Security and Fire Services
• Be familiar with the boilers, lighting, heating, and alarm systems and procedures
    for reporting faults
• To report any defect to the Headteacher or OMBC as appropriate
• To check the fire alarm weekly
• To monitor water temperature and carry out routine safety tasks re legionella as
• To record utility meter readings each month

Receipt, Despatch and Porter Duties
• To receive and care for equipment etc. delivered to the school and, as required,
  deliver the equipment to its final destination within the school
• To ensure that any delivery paperwork is given to the Headteacher or
  administrator for further action.

• To complete any overtime claims to the Headteacher in a timely manner
• To undertake work and other duties delegated by the Headteacher, which are
  associated with the smooth running of the school
• To assist the Headteacher and Premises Manager in receiving parents and
  visitors to the school
• To ensure that visitors/workmen etc sign in the visitor’s book
• To answer the phone and take messages when necessary
• To be responsible for, work with and delegate duties to the cleaner

• To clean and maintain the school building
• To replenish consumables eg. Soap, towels etc
• To order and maintain cleaning equipment.
Additional Duties to include:
• To check and set clocks
• To deal with contractors when required
• To replace light bulbs and batteries
• To liaise with the Headteacher and safety representative regarding risk
• To undertake overtime duties to cover after school activities if required
• To clear spills and accidents as and when necessary
• To work as part of a team with other teaching and non teaching staff
• To understand the implications of working alongside children
• To supervise ‘the annual clean’

Health & Safety
You must at all times work within the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work
Act 1974, current health and safety legislation and the schools and LEA’s policies
and procedures.

This job description may be reviewed at the end of each academic year or earlier if
necessary. In addition it may be amended at any time in consultation with you.
You will be expected to participate in appropriate training and development activities
if required.

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