Human Resource Assistant Job Description

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									This form offers a sample template for human resource departments within a company
to use to describe the job functions associated with a human resources assistant. This
document provides a job summary; essential functions and duties; additional
responsibilities, and education and qualifications. This document in its draft form
contains numerous of the standard clauses commonly used in these types of forms;
however, additional language may be added as necessary. This form is ideal for small
businesses or other entities that want to describe the job function of a human resource
                       HUMAN RESOURCES ASSISTANT
                                       Job Description


To provide assistance to HR management with the daily administration and development of
services, policies and procedures, while helping to maintain a positive, safe, employee-centered
workplace atmosphere. The human resources assistant adapts to the needs of an evolving
organization while stressing improvement, safety and performance.


   1.   Answer and screen incoming telephone calls and assist with routine inquiries.
   2.   Maintain prospective employee resumes and job applications.
   3.   Help recruit and hire new employees.
   4.   Administer new employee orientation.
   5.   Manage and administer confidential employee paperwork, payroll and benefits.
   6.   Manage employee performance, conduct and behavior.
   7.   Maintain employee safety awareness.
   8.   Assist in organizational planning, management and development.
   9.   Maintain HR database.


   1.   Fill in for HR management during absences or busy hiring periods.
   2.   Conduct exit interviews.
   3.   Review and update employee rules and regulations.
   4.   Participate in annual salary and performance reviews.
   5.   Handle employee complaints and disputes.


   1. Bachelor’s degree or higher in human resources, business administration or related
   2. 2+ years administrative or human resources experience.
   3. Knowledge of practices and procedures of HR management.
   4. Strong problem-solving, organizational and interpersonal skills.
   5. Integrity in maintaining confidential employee information.
   6. Knowledge of legislation and regulations affecting HR management.
   7. Knowledge and skills in relevant software such as Microsoft Office.
   8. Convey a positive, professional image.

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