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									                     Oxford Union Society Library Committee
         Minutes of Meeting HT2010 Week 2 (Monday 27th January) 2.30 p.m.

Present: Aditya Balachander, Andrew Boggs, Francis Cameron, Richard Hill, James
Kingston (Junior Librarian), Su Lockley (Librarian-in-charge), Oliver Linch, Francis
Murphy, Jessica Rolland, Anne Ross, Oliver Sheerin, David Thomas and John Whitehead.

1.   Apologies
     The Committee received apologies from Omar Asfar, Anshul Bakhda, Ronald
     Collinson, Adrienne Cooper (Minutes Secretary), the Rev. David Johnson, Radoslav
     Lolov, James Methven (Senior Librarian) and Ashish Thomas.

2.   Membership
     Lou Stoppard has resigned from the Committee, creating a vacancy for a junior
     member. Richard Hill attended this meeting with a view to joining the Committee.
     Henry Curr (Magdalen College) has also expressed interest in joining. The Librarian-
     in-Charge will invite him to the next meeting.

3.   Attendance
     Oliver Linch reported that the rules for recording absences from Union Committee
     meetings will be changing soon. He will prepare a document explaining the new
     procedures for next week’s meeting.

4.   Minutes and Matters Arising from Previous Meeting
        i. The Library fiction survey went out on the email to Members last week.
           Committee members were encouraged to take part in the survey.
       ii. Mujtaba Hameed has agreed to prepare the Archaeology and Anthropology
           book list.
      iii. The Librarian-in-charge had found the usage statistics on OLIS for: Children of
           light and dark: a vindication of democracy and a critique of its traditional
           defenders; Chrysanthemum and the sword: patterns of Japanese culture; Drama
           of atheist humanism; God, man and society: and introduction to Christian
           sociology; volumes 1 and 2 of Spirit of Russia: studies in history, literature and
           philosophy. It was decided to keep the first three and withdraw the rest.

5.   Complaints Book
     There were no new complaints.

6.   Closures HT2010
     The Librarian-in-charge reported that debates are scheduled for Saturdays 13 March
     and 15 May. The Library will close on these days.

7.   Goodman Library Computers
     Aditya Balachander reported that he had not had a chance to speak to the IT Officer yet.
     The Junior Librarian encouraged him to speak to the IT Officer and prepare a report to
     put to Library Committee.

8.   Wireless Network
     The Treasury Committee has not met since the last meeting of Library Commttee.
     David Thomas and the Junior Librarian will take to Treasury Committee the Library
      Committee’s strong support for extending the wireless network to cover all reading

9.    Book Lists for HT2010 Week 1 – Law (£265)
      Oliver Linch’s law list is still pending. He hopes to present it to the Committee at next
      week’s meeting.

10.   Book Lists for HT2010 Week 2 – Economics (£240), Geography and Geology
      (£202), Biochemistry (£285)
      i.       The economics list was not ready. David Thomas will present it next week.
      ii.      The geography and geology list was passed.
      iii.     The biochemistry list was passed.

11.   Book Lists for HT2010 Week 3 – Fiction and Recreation (£280), Archaeology and
      Anthropology (£225), Modern Languages and Literature (£210)
      i.      Anshul Bakhda will prepare the fiction and recreation list.
      ii.     Mujtaba Hameed will prepare the archaeology and anthropology list.
      iii.    Anna Horakova will prepare the modern languages list.

12.   Book Lists for HT2010 Week 4 – Travel (£300), Politics (£240), Biology (£157)
      i.      Aditya Balachander will prepare the Travel list.
      ii.     David Thomas will prepare the politics list.
      iii.    Jessica Rolland will prepare the biology list.

13.   DVD List HT2010 Week 2
      The list was passed.

14.   Members’ Suggestions
      The list was passed. The deferred suggestions were all passed except for “March of the
      patriots”, which was felt to be of limited interest to members.

15.   Withdrawals
      The list was passed, except for the following titles: “Land and the nation: rural report of
      the Liberal Land Committee 1923-25”, “Pure theory of capital”, Rise of economic
      individualism” and “Theory of unemployment”, which are all well-used in other
      libraries. “Imre Nagy on communism” and “Socialism and the individual” were also
      suggested for reprieve. The Librarian-in-charge will check their usage statistics on

16.   New Members
      Richard Hill was approved as a member of the Committee. The Junior Librarian will
      take his name to Standing Committee.

17.   Any Other Business
      There was no other business.

18.   Time and Date of Next Meeting
      The next meeting of the Library Committee is to take place on Monday 1st February at
      2.30 p.m. in the Morris Room.

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