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1. How many different species of living things exist today? ___________________
2. Rank the 5 groups of animals from most abundant to least.

3. Rank the 3 groups of plants and other organisms from most abundant to least.

4. What is biodiversity? (click on the purple links for definitions)

Life in the Sea Throughout Time
Describe the dominant species found in each time period.

       470 Million Years Ago –

       160 Million Years Ago –

       Present Day -

8. How old is the earth? _____________________________

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9. Fill in the blanks of the timeline of life on earth:

10. The best source of evidence for determining events in earth's history is ______________

11. What is a paleontologist? ____________________________________________
12. Identify three fossils from the image.

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13. What is the common ancestor of the dinosaurs, crane, and eagle shown?

14. What common physical features make us believe they are all related?

15. What physical differences make modern birds different than theropods?

16. Cladograms are drawn to show patterns of divergence. What is divergence?

17. What does each intersection on the cladogram represent?

18. What three other data (besides physical features) do scientists use to find relationships?

19. What group of animals did Charles Darwin study on the Galapagos Islands?

20. What determines the beak size and shape for each bird?

21. What would happen to the Geospiza fortis finches if the environment changed and only plants
with larger, harder seeds survived?

22. What is geographic isolation?

23. The quagga is a relative to the zebra. Why did it go extinct?

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