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Outdoor Education Unit Farm Visits




Educational Visits and Offsite Activities

                           Farm Visits – Additional Guidance

KCC’s Regulations and Guidance for the Safe Practice of Offsite Activities (CD)
provides clear guidance on the organisation of a farm visit in Section A10: Farm /
Industrial Visit.
Whilst this guidance is still current, it is important to recognise that further advice has
subsequently been produced by a number of organisations including the Department
for Education and Skills (DfES) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).
These documents which supplement KCC Regulations and Guidance are available to
download from the following websites.
1. DfES: A Handbook for Group Leaders (Part 3 of a 3-Part Supplement to Health
   and Safety of Pupils on Educational Visits).
2. HSE: Avoiding Ill Health at Open Farms – Advice to Farmers (with Teacher’s

In addition both the DfES and the HSE have produced a number of educational
resources applicable to farm visits. These are available from the following websites.
1. Growing Schools. The DfES Growing Schools website has been designed to
   support teachers in using the ‘outdoor classroom’ as a resource across the
   curriculum for pupils of all ages.
2. Stay Safe on the Farm. A HSE downloadable magazine / series of worksheets
   that can be used to educate pupils about farm safety in a fun way.
3. Farm Safe. The homepage of the HSE Farm Safe Campaign designed to keep
   children safe on farms. The site includes areas for activities and downloads.

January 2006 (Version 1)

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