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OTTERY ST             ACTION                   PLAN
Issue/Vision          Action                   Initiator      Partners        Timescale
More local            Explore the              Town            EDDC/DCC       On going 50p
employment            possibility of           Council/Chamber                successfully
                      free/reduced car         of Commerce                    reduced to 30p
                      parking fees
                      Encourage                                               Council offices
                      educational training                                    now being used
                      facilities                                              foreign

                      Improve support for      Town Council   DCC             On going
                      local business and       Chamber of
                      encourage new            Commerce
                      enterprises into the
Relocate County       Explore the potential    DCC            TC/EDDC         On going
Library               for other more                          Developer
                      suitable premises.
                      Larger more
                      wheelchair friendly
Cutler/Hammer         Factory owned by         Town Council   EDDC/DCC        2008/2009
Factory               Tesco Supermarket
                      chain. Planning
                      application awaited.
Town                  Enhance approach         Town Council   EDDC/DCC Land   On going
Approach/Exeter       into Ottery past the                    Owner
                      signing, wasteland,
                      Millennium Green
Footway Butts Road    Press for the            Town Council   EDDC/DCC        On going
to Otter Nurseries    construction of a
                      footway along this
                      busy road for safety
                      reasons. Pursue a                                       DCC Agreed
                      Bus Shelter request                                     now waiting
                      at Butts Road.                                          funding
More facilities for   Skateboard/BMX           Town Council   EDDC/DCC        On going
the young             Park, Drop In Centre                                    negotiations
Dedicated Parking     Residents parking in     Town Council   DCC             On going
(as in Exeter City)   specific locations
Flood Defence         Regular monitoring       Town Council   Environment     On going with
Scheme                of the Goyle and                        Agency          active input from
                      run-off from East                       DCC/EDDC        all agencies
                      Hill. Monitor the 10
                      point Action Plan
                      submitted by the EA
                      to remedy faults in
Relief road for the    Either to the west or   Town Council   EDDC/DCC        Future Plan
town centre           east of the town                        Developer
Traffic Management    To improve safety of
                      School Crossing at                                      On going
                      Tip Hill, Longdogs                                      negotiations for
                      Lane Junction            Town Council   DCC             Safety Mirror at
                                                                              this junction

Future Housing    Diversity of housing    Town Council   EDDC/DCC    2008/2009
Development       to compliment the
                  environment and
                  respect the historic
                  and natural diversity
                  of Ottery. Explore
                  and promote the
                  potential for
                  development on the
                  Thorne Farm site to
                  facilitate community
                  projects and make
                  the Kings School a
                  safer one campus
                  Monitor changes in      Town Council   EDDC/DCC    On going
                  Government policy
                  towards new
                  housing provisions
                  in rural town areas
Improved Public   Extend the present      Town Council   DCC Bus     On going
Transport         town bus service                       Companies
                  campaign for later
                  buses to and from
                  surrounding towns
                  and Exeter

Cycle Track       Campaign for the        Town Council   EDDC/DCC    On going
                  conversion of the old
                  railway track into a
                  cycle track and will
                  relieve some traffic
                  congestion and
                  encourage both
                  local people and
                  visitors to leave
                  their cars behind
                  and explore the

Otter River       Press for the           Town Council   EDDC/DCC    In hand with
Footbridge        construction of a                                  monies from
                  new footbridge over                                Sustrans Lottery
                  the River Otter from                               Bid soon to be in
                  Canaan Way to the                                  place 2009/2010
                  King’s School. This
                  is an essential
                  safety measure for
                  pupils at the school
                  as an alternative to
                  the busy Barrack
Town Centre   Renew street        Town Centre     DCC/EDDC/    On going. DCC
Enhancement   lighting to style                   Chamber of   lights now
              introduced in                       Commerce     installed at Tip
              Conservation area                                Hill
              by Parish Church

              Re-align pavement    Town Council   DCC/EDDC     Re siting of the
              area to east of                                  bus stop is
              Broad Street to                                  included in the
              improve traffic flow                             proposals in the
              and permit                                       Sainburys
              enhancement of                                   planning
              Street Scene with                                application
              seating and floral
              displays Re locate
              Bus Stop from Broad
              St to a site near
              Hind Street

Ottery        St                  Mary            Town         Council

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