Opportunity Profile
    This opportunity profile is designed to give you an idea of what your voluntary
     work will involve. It highlights the commitments, skills and benefits you can
                             expect from taking up that role.

Role Ordinary Committee Member              Department           ISA

Duties & Responsibilities:                  Time Commitment: Variable
                                            depending on workload and meetings –
    To represent members at
                                            minimum 2 hours a week
     committee meetings
                                            Venue: Various
    To assist all committee members
     in their roles where possible and
     appropriate                            Responsible to: ISA Committee
    To assist with promotion of all ISA

Opportunity:                                Benefits:
    Take on a key role in ISA                 Excellent for your CV
    Improve your meeting & admin              Respect of peers and academic
     skills                                     staff
    Be involved in running ISA

Experience/Skills required:                 Training and Support:
 Good spoken and written English            Committee training / teambuilding
  essential                                  Clubs & Socs support staff for
 Previous member of a voluntary              advice
  committee highly desirable

Skills Gained:              Participating in this opportunity will enable you to develop
                                            and practice the following skills (marked *)

*     Written Communication                 * Teamwork
*     Verbal Communication                  * Time Management
      Delegation                              Financial Management
*     Decision Making                       * I.T.
      People Management                     * Organisation / Planning
*     Negotiation                           * Marketing
Others (as specified below)

For further info, Contact:                  Website:
associations@lborosu.org.uk                 http://www.lufbra.net