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									Some Causes and Cures for Infertility – How to Naturally
Cure Your Infertility

For females, the chances of infertility relate directly to
several factors, including age, lifestyle, and disease. If you
are over 35 you can still become pregnant, but the probably
drops off dramatically. At least if you don’t know about
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Also if you have an extreme weight issue (either obese or
too thin), you smoke or use drugs, you have a poor diet,
have a STD, or you are over emotional and stressed, you
have factors working against your pregnancy. Likewise if
you experience irregular or no menstrual cycles or extreme
pain during periods you have further signs of potential
problems. In fact, ovulation issues are one of the main
factors identified with infertility.

Also any one of several diseases you may have heard of
may play a roll, including PID or pelvic inflammation
disease, PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome,
endometriosis, fallopian tube issues and others concerns,
such as hormonal issues. Sometimes you will be able to
identify these yourself by their obvious symptoms, but
more than likely these will be discovered during exams and

The probability of infertility in men is associated directly
with lifestyle, health and disease also. Again, contributing
factors include age, smoking, alcohol, drugs, diet and
exercise. Also any current disease or past medical therapies
such as radiation or chemo could have an influence. The
major problems usually are hormonal or sperm related,
such as count and shape.
So if either partner is honest concerning any of these
factors, they will each have at least meaningful indicators
of whether infertility should be of concern. What should
you do? Build your knowledge base on infertility, keep
trying using a good kit, and finally, if still no pregnancy,
get a medical check up. Of course, only medical diagnosis
will actually answer the question and must be undertaken
by both partners. Usually the male first, as it is easier, with
a physical and sperm analysis. The female testing typically
includes ovulation and temperature testing, fallopian tube
x-rays or ultrasound, and possibly laproscopy, followed by
more extensive diagnosis if necessary.

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