Secret Gold Guide – Tons of WoW Gold Making Tips and Tons of Bonus Items by rosphife


									Secret Gold Guide – Tons of WoW Gold Making Tips and Tons of
Bonus Items

I have been playing the world of warcraft game for quite a while
now. As you can imagine, I have been buying quite a few of gold
making guides to help me make gold in the game. Though some of
the guides I have been buying really had some secret gold making
techniques, the majority of them were not worth the money. That is
why you should be very careful when buying any WoW guide for
your gold making needs.

The last guide I bought and used is this one written by Hayden
Hawke called The Secret Gold Guide. This guide really blew me
away, not only with its great gold making tips, techniques and
secrets, but also with the number of bonus times offered by
Hayden Hawke after you buy her guide.

The bonus martial by themselves are worth more in value than the
main guide. And you are getting all that for free! Here is a list of
the bonus items you get after you purchase Hayden Hawke’s
Secret Gold Guide

The bonus package includes:
1. The Crafter's Compendium
2. The Fishing and Cooking Mastery Guide
3. The Miner's Companion
4. The Herbalist's Handbook
5. Bind on Account Item Reference Book
6. Class Talent Guides
7. The Dual Boxer's Guide
8. Hayden Hawke's Newsletter
9. 24/7 Ticket Support System

Another great thing about Hayden Hawke’s Secret gold guide,
besides its effective gold making tips and its bonus materials is the
fact that it is well structured and properly bookmarked. This Makes
it very easy to find whatever you want, in a very short amount of
time, incase after reading the whole guide, you come back to locate
or refer to some information. This guide is really one of its kinds!

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