Are You Really Infertile? – Some Signs of Infertility and Common Misconceptions

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					Are You Really Infertile? – Some Signs of Infertility and Common

Are you really infertile? How can you tell if you are infertile?
These are questions asked by many women who have been trying
but failing to conceive. Just because you have not become pregnant
after some few tries does not necessarily mean you are infertile.
There is a high probability that there is no problem, other than
timing relative to your ovulation cycle.

Do you know that your chances of becoming pregnant during any
given cycle are only about 1%. Not very good odds, but these
chance kinds of increase since you have 12 times or so a year
which pregnancy can happen. This means that you should keep on
trying. Most couples, in fact close to 90%, will conceive within the
first year of trying. Again it's all in the timing.

If after one year of consistently trying without birth control, you
still have not become pregnant, you may have infertility issues.
This is the normal definition of infertility: not conceiving after 12
months of working at it. That may answer the question -- what is
infertility? However, there is much more to it which maybe above
the scope of this article.

However, if you are infertile, the best thing you should be doing is
trying to solve the problem. Since there is a huge 12% of grown
ups who at some point in time suffer from infertility issues, there is
so much literature which has been written on this. There are so
many infertility cure methods which have been developed, to help
infertile men and women to cure their infertility.

However, the best infertility cure method which has proven to be
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