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                                                                                                                                Citation CJ1:
                                                                                                                                The Right
Business Aircraft:                                                                                                              Size for
Essential Transportation Tools
Negative characterizations of
business aircraft, along with the
                                              LaBov fi rst got involved in busi-
                                          ness aviation by chartering. Then
need to dramatically reduce corpo-        his company bought a turboprop.                                                       Ever since the original
rate costs as a result of the econom-     To extend his reach, LaBov acquired                                                   Citation flew 40 years
ic downturn, have convinced some          a six-seat Cessna Citation CJ1 four                                                   ago, Cessna Aircraft
companies to discontinue or re-           years ago.                                                                            has been the expert
duce their use of business aviation.          “I don’t fly a ‘private jet’ or a ‘lux-                                            at producing small,
However, as employee ranks have           ury jet.’ I fly a ‘business jet,’” declares                                            economical jets that
been thinned and airline schedules        LaBov. “We fly from our communi-                                                      meet the transportation
                                                                                       Barry LaBov, CEO of LaBov
                                                                                       & Beyond Marketing Communi-              needs of many smaller
pared, business aircraft have be-         ty airport almost daily to reach cli-
                                                                                       cations, which could not thrive          businesses. Today, the
come more essential to companies          ents all over the nation, and we aver-
                                                                                       without business aviation.               company has a complete
that need to maximize their trans-        age 4.5 passengers per flight. We do
                                                                                                                                line of small jets, in-
portation efficiency, enhance key-        not fly with just one person aboard,         cient; we utilize all the modern com-    cluding the Mustang very
employee productivity, and redouble       whether it’s me or anyone else.”             munication tools.                        light jet and four models
their sales and customer support ef-          “When a client in Washington,                “But there has to be a time when     of the CitationJet (CJ).
forts. In tough economic times, busi-     D.C. calls, we can be there in an hour       you meet a client in person,” contin-        The Citation CJ1,
ness aircraft remain crucial to cor-      and a half—and back in time for din-         ued LaBov, “when you have that ex-       which typically seats two
porate success.                           ner with our families. Our CJ1 is a          tended four-hour meeting to go over      pilots and five passengers,
                                          competitive edge, a statement to our         a product-launch strategy, or when       can fly at nearly 450 mph
A Business                                clients and employees that we are            you go to the client’s office and are    and travel almost 1,500
Opportunity Machine                       committed to growing our business.”          able to meet with a half-dozen peo-      miles nonstop.
Barry LaBov, president and CEO of             LaBov asserts that having a              ple in a day, which is far better than       Barry LaBov, CEO of
LaBov & Beyond Marketing Com-             business airplane is more impor-             having a 30-minute conference call.      LaBov & Beyond, said his
munications—a Fort Wayne, IN-             tant than ever. “In this economy, my                                                  company selected the CJ1
                                                                                       My mission is to be the best mar-
based marketing, communications,          company has been more in demand                                                       because “for us, it was
                                                                                       keting communications company
                                                                                                                                the right size, in terms of
                                                                                                                                the number of passengers
                                                                                                                                it can carry, and it has
                                                                                                                                the right range [for our
                                                                                                                                missions]. Also, since it’s
                                                                                                                                a jet, it can get up and
                                                                                                                                over the weather.”

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                                                                                                                                Robert A. Searles

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LaBov & Beyond’s Cessna Citation CJ1 business jet enables the Fort Wayne, IN-based marketing,
communications, advertising and training company to easily reach clients nationwide.                                            Designed by
                                                                                                                                Dale A. Serena
advertising and training compa-           because clients are saying, ‘We need         for our clients. For us to do that, we
ny—says he could not thrive without       some fresh ideas; we’d like to talk          have to be physically around our cli-
business aviation.                        to you.’ So we are using the jet even        ents to take care of them.”              Advertiser information:
    Fort Wayne has direct commer-         more for new business opportuni-                 For LaBov & Beyond and thou-
cial flights to only four other cities,   ties than we have in the past.               sands of other companies all across
but LaBov has clients nationwide.             “It is critical today to show your       the United States and the world,         For more information on
He figures it often would take three       customers that you are committed,            business aviation makes that possi-      BusinessWeek special
days for him to do a business trip by     that you are not compromising your           ble, which is why it continues to be     advertising sections visit
airline: one to fly out, one to have a    service or your focus,” concluded            a valuable and viable transportation
meeting and one to fly back.               LaBov. “I believe in being very effi-        resource.                                adsections
In an economic climate that causes the most hardened executive to second-
guess his every move, take comfort in the fact that 70% of companies
bold enough to invest in themselves will hold onto market gains when
the economy recovers. For the clear-minded, aircraft ownership is more
attractive today than ever. Interest rates are at historic lows. Tax advantages
abound. And Cessna offers a myriad of options, from full ownership to
partial ownership to lift-on-demand. But the most persuasive argument for
considering an aircraft today is based on a simple strategy that has always
separated winners from losers. Cessna will put you in your strongest
position precisely at the time when your competition is at its weakest.


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