GPA differences in Athletes vs. Non-Athletes

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					Ben Minkoff

Jared Andrzejewski


Yang Li

                              Business Stats Project


       When we first found out about this stats project the two of us knew exactly what

we wanted to do. Since both of us play sports here at Kalamazoo, we were interested in

seeing who has a better GPA; athletes or non-athletes. What we had to take into

consideration was how much time a person spends on his/her sport and when talking to a

non-athlete how many hours of extra curricular activities do they participate in. The

reason why we wanted to do this is because we are always caught up in both academics

and sports so we assume that athletes have to take advantage of all the free time they

have when not doing sports to study. Since we have both personally been attacked by non

athletes on why we have not gotten our work done for a project, this just gave us more
motivation to see if athletes get better grades. While we have no idea how much

extracurricular activities a non-athlete does or if he/she does any at that. Seeing as

athletes at this school are consistently getting criticized for everything we thought it

would be an interesting topic to explore, not only for the athletes but the non-athletes to

see. In our survey there are four main questions. What is your GPA? What are your

extracurricular activities? And how much time do you spend playing your sport? We

thought by asking these questions we could figure out the effect of playing a sport or

extracurricular activities have an effect on a person’s GPA.

                        Population and Sample Description:

       At first we brainstormed of how we wanted to collect our data. Our first thought

was to just hand out the surveys to athletes we know and random people we saw. But

then we decided that it would be better if we took our friends, who are mainly athletes

and slipped surveys underneath there door for them to fill out. We did the same for the

non-athletes, except to be completely anonymous we had one of our friends slip them

under the doors so we couldn’t see the names that we on the door. The population of

interest that we wanted to test was between athletes and non-athletes. Like I said in the
introduction, we wanted to do this because we were curious if there was a difference in

Grade Point Average (GPA) between these two groups. Also we wanted to see if there

was a correlation between GPA and time spent on sports and extra curricular activities.

We tried to make this survey completely random but knew it couldn’t because some of

the athletes that filled out our survey lived off campus, and because we knew them

because we are athletes. Nevertheless this sample should be a fairly good and accurate

representative of the population at our school. We think this because we have a wide

variety of sports covered and we think by having thirty-two non-athletes we can get a

good picture of how well they do in school.

                                  Statistical Sections:

       After we collected our data, we got together and started to analyze the results.

There was definitely a difference in GPA between athletes and non-athletes as well as a

difference in how many hours one spent on sports and on extracurricular activities. One

thing that really stood out to us was that the non-athletes actually didn’t do as many

extracurricular activities as we thought. But as we expected the athletes ended up having

a better average GPA as well as spending more time on their sport than the non-athletes
extracurricular activities. By doing the basic graph analysis you can noticeably see that

there is a difference in both GPA and time spent on sports or extracurricular activities.

       In figure 1 you can clearly see the difference in the average GPA between athletes

and non-athletes. Athletes have an average GPA of 3.07 compared to the non-athletes

who have an average GPA of 2.86. At first we were a little confused because we didn’t

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