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                  Sustainable Development Policy
Statement of Commitment
As a strategic community leader and place-shaper Newark and Sherwood District Council
is committed to making a valuable contribution towards the objectives of sustainable
development, through its activities and services and through working in partnership with

Purpose of the Policy

This Sustainable Development Policy for Newark and Sherwood has been established
following consideration of sustainable development policy and legislation at the national
and regional levels of government and having carried out a review of best practice at the
local level.

It is intended that the Sustainable Development Policy will help to further mainstream and
embed sustainable development within the work of the authority and encourage others
within the district to help in progressing towards a more sustainable Newark and Sherwood.

The creation of the policy will help to:

      Co-ordinate the work of the council in achieving the social, economic and
       environmental aspects of sustainable development.
      Improve awareness of national, regional and local sustainable development aims
       and objectives, and how they are inter-linked.
      Identify our strengths and weaknesses in addressing national, regional and local
       sustainable development targets and indicators through improved performance and
       progress monitoring.

The aims of the sustainable development policy are in line with the government’s
definition of sustainable development, which is:

      social progress which recognises the needs of everyone;
      effective protection of the environment;
      prudent use of natural resources; and
      maintenance of high and stable levels of economic growth and employment.

We will work towards these aims whilst ensuring we deliver excellent, appropriate
services and value for money which will contribute to achieving our vision of ensuring
that Newark and Sherwood’s urban and rural communities take pride in being vibrant,
sustainable and having a high quality of life.

Policy and Performance
Darren Farmer                                1                             02/03/2010
The objectives of our sustainable development policy

We will:


   1. Continually improve our own sustainability performance against quantified

   2. Promote understanding of sustainable development by Councillors, our employees,
      partner organisations and our communities and raise awareness of the need to work
      towards sustainable objectives.

   3. Provide appropriate sustainability training and development for Councillors and
      our employees, and will encourage them to apply sound sustainability practices at
      work, at home and within the wider community.

   4. Support sustainable development education in schools and colleges.

   5. Include sustainability considerations in our corporate decision-making processes so
      that it becomes part of everything we do.

   6. Ensure that all legislative provisions regarding sustainability performance are
      complied with and, exceed in locally prioritised areas of importance to sustainable

   7. Seek out good practice in other organisations, publicise and share our successes
      and good practise, and provide a positive role model for others.

   8. Work with, empower and provide opportunities for organisations, individuals and
      communities to contribute towards sustainable development objectives.

   9. Seek partners to develop the infrastructure necessary for the delivery of this policy.


   10. Minimise the use of unsustainable resources.

   11. Within the regulatory and budgetary frameworks and when available, procure
       goods and services from local sources that support our sustainable development

Policy and Performance
Darren Farmer                                2                             02/03/2010
   12. Work with our suppliers and potential suppliers to ensure that as a minimum their
       sustainable development objectives match ours.

   13. Support trade that is fair within the district and within the regulatory and budgetary
       frameworks and when available, procure fair trade products.


   14. Mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change and reduce emissions of carbon
       dioxide and other greenhouse gases resulting from our activities or from the
       services that we provide.

   15. Promote the development and implementation of local, renewable and low-carbon
       energy sources and purchase sustainable energy for council property use when

   16. Continue to improve energy efficiency and water conservation in council
       properties and promote these issues in the community.

   17. Seek to end the problem of fuel poverty within our communities.


   18. Protect and enhance the natural and built environment of the District through
       existing planning procedures and building regulations.

   19. Promote sustainable land use and construction practices within the development

   20. Promote, support and develop urban and rural communities in such a way that the
       intrinsic diversity and character of the District is maintained and enhanced.

   21. Manage flood risk through flood risk assessments for developments in the higher
       risk areas of the District.


   22. Minimise the production of waste; maximise re-use and recycling of the waste
       produced; and encourage and support others to do likewise.

Policy and Performance
Darren Farmer                                3                              02/03/2010

   23. Act and campaign against pollution of land, air and water in order to maintain and
       improve the quality of Newark and Sherwood’s environment and therefore reduce
       any detrimental impact on our resident’s health.

   24. Act and campaign against anti social levels of noise.


   25. Address issues of health, crime and social well-being by improving community
       safety and cohesion.


   26. Ensure that the conservation of biodiversity becomes a natural consideration in our
       policy, planning and decision-making.

   27. Encourage the involvement of local people in effectively managing and
       maintaining our green and open spaces.


   28. Ensure that appropriate leisure, recreation and cultural activities are provided to
       cater for the District’s residents, visitors and tourists.


   29. Promote, support and develop the District’s economy by supporting business;
       helping people to improve their skills; and developing the District’s infrastructure,
       whilst causing minimum depredation of the environment.


   30. Improve accessibility to jobs, services and other facilities within the District
       through promoting and supporting the use of and improvement to the sustainable
       public transport infrastructure and providing where possible improved green travel
       facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and disabled persons.

Policy and Performance
Darren Farmer                                 4                              02/03/2010
    31. Minimise our fleet’s impact on the environment through effective and efficient
        green fleet management.

Equality Impact Assessment

As a local authority, Newark and Sherwood District Council has an obligation¹ to carry
out equality impact assessments (EIA) on its services, policies, strategies and projects.
This is to ensure that our work does not discriminate and that, where possible, it promotes

In assessing the likely impact of this Sustainable Development Policy on equality strands
(including gender, race, disability, age, religion or faith and sexual orientation) within
Newark and Sherwood it is anticipated that there will be no negative or adverse impacts as
a result of this policy, and that there will be only positive impacts on the quality of life of
all equality strands.

¹Equality Impact Assessments originate from the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 as well as the Equality
Standard for Local Government (ESLG), both of which place obligations on local authorities and public sector
organisations to carry out impact assessments.

Applying our sustainable development policy

This policy statement applies to all our activities and services and to our work with others.

In acknowledging our local level accountability we will develop and implement effective
and meaningful auditing and monitoring procedures to measure progress towards our
sustainable development objectives. The results will be reported, as appropriate, to
Councillors, our employees, partner organisations and our communities. It is also intended
that the policy will be regularly reviewed every 3 years via a report to the Policy Overview
and Scrutiny Committee and/or the Sustainable Development Task and Finish Group in
order to maintain the prevalence of the policy in addressing the complex issue of
sustainable development.

Responsibility for implementing our sustainable development policy

All Councillors and employees of the Council are responsible for putting the policy into
practice and supporting it. An important part of making the sustainable development
policy an implicit part of strategic thinking and project planning within the Authority will
be the incorporation of the sustainability and social inclusion checklist within strategy
creation and project planning guidance. Therefore making the consideration of
sustainability issues, e.g. potential CO2 savings, a requirement in the development of
relevant strategies and projects. This will help mainstream sustainable development

Policy and Performance
Darren Farmer                                            5                                      02/03/2010
throughout the authority and ensure that the Council makes a significant contribution to a
sustainable future in Newark and Sherwood.

Policy and Performance
Darren Farmer                                6                             02/03/2010

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