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Meditation and Mindfulness by aau12608


									                                           Introduction to
                                           Meditation and
When you’re stressed, it feels like everything is out of control. Your body and mind can
be stuck in high gear. The adrenaline is pumping through your veins; so is the stress               Marcia F. Curtis has

hormone cortisol, which is a steroid.                                                               served as a chaplain
                                                                                                    in medical hospitals, a
The rational decision-making part of your brain shuts down and you can’t focus very                 psychiatric hospital, two
well on anything but worry and anxiety. It’s hard to make good decisions. Stress can                homeless shelters, and in
                                                                                                    the community with people
begin to affect your body physically. It might be high blood pressure, heart disease,
                                                                                                    living with AIDS. She
diabetes or putting on too much weight. You might find yourself chronically depressed
                                                                                                    has taught mindfulness
or without the energy to do what needs to be done. Maybe you’re always fatigued, yet                meditation in many settings,
still can’t fall asleep.                                                                            including a psychiatric
                                                                                                    hospital and a prison.
There is a way to take back control. It’s called mindfulness. Mindfulness can give you the
skills you need to calm your mind and break free of the knee-jerk reactions that make               Marcia completed the
things worse rather than better. Mindfulness helps you see both yourself and the world              practicum in teaching
                                                                                                    MBSR in June, 2005 at the
more clearly, so you can choose how you wish to respond to life’s challenges. You learn
                                                                                                    Center for Mindfulness in
to go deeper, below the constant chatter of the worrying mind, re- connecting to your
                                                                                                    Medicine, Health Care, and
own inherent wholeness and your own deep inner resources for healing and growing.                   Society at the University of
                                                                                                    Massachusetts Medical
These classes are an introduction to mindfulness and how to apply them to relieve
                                                                                                    School founded by Jon
stress, illness, and the demands of daily life.                                                     Kabat-Zinn. She then
                                                                                                    taught MBSR as a freelance
As you develop the skills of mindfulness, your life grows richer, your joys more joyful,
                                                                                                    teacher in Ithaca, NY, until
your pain and sorrows easier to bear, and your relationships more deeply connected
                                                                                                    moving to Chicago with her
and rewarding.                                                                                      husband in August, 2006.

                Saturday, October 4
                Saturday, November 8
                Saturday, December 6
                Saturday, January 12
                                                                                  Beverly Yoga Center
                3:00 – 4:30 pm
                                                                                             1917 West 103rd Street, 2nd floor
                $15, Pre-registration is required                                       

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