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					                             Midland Association of Riding Clubs
You have qualified for the 2009 Midland Championships, which are being held at Rodbaston College, situated on the A449 Stafford –
Wolverhampton Road, easily reached from Junctions 12 or 13 of the M6 - on the 29th - 30th – 31st August 2009

You need to download your schedule and the Entry Details and Entry Form follow.

The Entry Form should be returned by Thursday 20th August 2009 together with the relevant Entry Fees.

You will also be able to view your personal Rider Number and the Classes you have qualified for. If you think we have put you in the wrong
class, please enter yourself in the right one, but, if you do this, it would help us if you would just make a note on the back of the entry form
explaining what you have done and why.

If we need to clarify anything we will contact you by phone or preferably e-mail.


As in previous years, these will be available to be collected from the Secretary on the day. If you would like yours sooner, then please send a
large Stamped Addressed Envelope ( 220mm x 110mm minimum size) and this will be sent to you upon receipt of your entries.


Showjumping Classes
In the Showjumping Rings on all days, any competitor who has qualified for the main showjumping rings on Monday may enter the classes of
their choice on Saturday and Sunday

Sunday Night Puissance & Masters - any combination of Horse or Pony and Rider who have qualified for either the Small Open or Open
Horse or Pony Classes may enter the Evening Performance Classes, but beware, entry is limited to a maximum of 15 Horses and 15 Ponies for
the Puissance and 12 for the Masters, with awards made separately in the Puissance

Receipt of Entry’s & Entry Fees

As we all know the Royal Mail Service is not totally reliable, and as they have told us, putting a stamp on an envelope is no guarantee that they
will deliver it. So, please, do not assume that we have received your entry, we recommend that you let us have a large stampe d addressed
envelope. This way if you have not received your Championship Number back within 10 working days, you can safely assume that we have not
received it, and we would advise that you contact us as soon as possible on 01902 896607 (Mon – Fri 10.00am – 5.00pm). This Telephone
number will be switched off after the 26th August 2009

All entries received will also be acknowledged on the web site, please check your rider number to see if we have ticked the e ntries received

For 2009 we are again offering competitors the opportunity to pay by internet banking or Pay Pal, therefore saving you Cheque Charges and
you will also be safe in the knowledge that we will receive payment within three working days. Please see further details with the entry form

Car Parking

Don’t forget, you can pre-book a Car Parking Pass for your friends or relatives for just £3 per car, this is a saving of £2.00 from the gate price.
This should be paid for when making your entries.

Overnight Stabling – No Bookings taken before 1st July 2009

Is available locally on the showground – please ring Dawn Hoffman on 07951 958180, the charge is £45 any length of stay. Please note
Horses and / or Ponies will not be allowed to be corralled on the ground. Stables must be booked if you are staying over.
Saturday & Sunday Night Entertainment in the Bar and Indoor Arena – On the Showground - Everyone
welcome – starts at approx 6.30pm

if enough competitors are arriving on the Friday Evening, we will organise some evening entertainment, the bar
and café will be open for all evenings except Monday

Pre Purchase your Evening Tickets – Competitors families and parents will be allowed into the standing area
free of charge. Seating Tickets will be available at £7 each, but if you pre-order, you can get them at the
discounted price of £5. Midarc members will get an additional discount of £1
Clashes of Classes

Please remember that when entering, the responsibility for avoiding clashes of classes is that of the competitor.

Please read the schedule carefully, where we have indicated approximate times for the start of these classes, these have been based on
entries received in previous years. However, times may change either before or on the day and the organisers will not be held responsible for
any classes missed.

Judges and Ring Stewards will not allow any competitors to enter the ring or leave the ring once a Class has commenced being
judged, so please do not ask as we do not wish to offend.


There will be no refund for missed classes

Group Championships

All Group Championship Classes will, if necessary be delayed until all Classes within that group have been completed.


We strongly advise that you check out the Championship Rules and Guidelines before sending off your entries, these may be viewed on our
web site at

Please do read the rules regarding jewellery and what clothing should be worn.

Mobile Phones


If you require any further information or details of other clubs holding qualifiers, please do not hesitate to contact us
                                                Entering the Championships
                   The following sheet is your entry form and gives you the information you need to make your entry correctly.

                                          Entries should be posted, with the correct remittance enclosed
                                                      (cheques made payable to “Midarc”)

                                                       Midarc Limited
                             Greenfield House, Station Road, Wombourne, South Staffs WV5 9EL
                                                      PAYMENT BY INTERNET BANKING

                    alternatively you may e-mail your entries, and pay your entry fees by Internet Banking, details as follows;

                                                        Account Name : Midarc Limited

                                            Sort Code: 60-03-26               Account No : 77545958

                                       IMPORTANT : Please use your Rider Number as the reference.
                       Payment should be made the same day you e-mail your entries so that we can tally the two together

                                                             PAYMENT BY PAY PAL

             Very secure, just e-mail us and we will send you the details, you can use debit or Credit Cards securely with this method

                 E-Mail entries will not be accepted without payment, and will not be accepted after the postal entry closing date

                                         2009 MIDLAND CHAMPIONSHIPS
Entries Close Thursday 20th August 2009 - Please use one entry form per competitor please
Entry Fees

Saturday / Sunday / Monday
Main Showjumping Rings Saturday & Monday                     - £13.00 per Class
Main Showjumping Rings Sunday                                - £11.00 per Class
Team Showjumping Classes                                     - £40 per team
In Hand                                                      - £12.00 per Class
Dressage                                                     - £22.00 per Class
Ridden Showing                                               - £13.00 per Class
Working Hunter                                               - £13.00 per Class
Search for a Star                                            - £15.00 per entry
Showing Masters                                              - £15.00 per entry
Dressage Pairs                                               - £20.00 per pair
Dressage Warm Up                                             - £ 9.00 per Entry

Evening Performance -
Puissance £15 per entry (Prize Money will be split on a 50% to the winner, 25% to 2nd, 10% to 3rd and 5% to 4th & 5th places,
Masters £20 per entry with winners take all (all entries will be put into the prize fund)

Trophies to the Winners and Rosettes to 10th place

Championship Sashes to all Section Winners

All Competitors will be expected to make a £2.00 contribution for the provision of First Aid and a Farrier
                                       IMPORTANT - LATE ENTRIES
                                         We are no longer prepared to accept late entries

                                         There will be a Late Entry Show
                             Sunday 23 August at South Staffs, Prestwood, Nr Stourbridge

                       We will accept entries on the day from anyone who qualifies on the day

               WE WILL NOT ACCEPT entries from anyone who has forgotten to send in their
                                qualifying slips or even entries

                 If you have forgotten to send either of them in, you will have to come along, and
                       qualify again. Entries will close 30 minutes after the end of the show

                                        There will be absolutely no exceptions to this rule


                               Midland Championships 2009
              At Rodbaston College, Penkridge – 29th / 30th / 31st August 2009
Class No Rider No                              Rider / Owner                                      Horse / Pony                        Entry Fee

                                                                                                        Entries Sub Total
         Please use Christian Names on your Entry,
                                                                                                      Car Passes @ £3.00
      any Horse and Rider Details for the commentators
                                                                                                                 First Aid                 £ 2.00
              should be written on the reverse.
      Please in the box provided, enter the name of the                                                  Evening Tickets
          Riding Club or Show that you qualified at                                                        Saturday @ £5
                                                                                                         Evening Tickets
                                                                                                            Sunday @ £5
                                                                                                               Entry Total

Name: ……………………………… Telephone Number:……………………………….
Address: …………………………………………………………………………………….