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					                                         Technology Organisation
            Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation

  Progress in Radiation Protection
                Meeting of
   Coordination Group of RCA Project on
   Harmonization of Radiation Protection
   Kuala Lumpur. 21 - 25 February 2005

 David Woods, Manager, Radiation Protection Services
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
        Project Co-ordination
•Final Project Committee Meeting, Hanoi Feb 2003
    - RAS/9/018 Final Project Report 1997-2002
    - RAS/9/029 and RAS/9/018 Meeting Report

DRAFT Report on Consultants Meeting on Radiation
Protection in East Asia and the Pacific, Vienna Dec 2003

IAEA/OIOS Program Evaluation on the Model Projects for
Upgrading Radiation Protection, Vienna, May 2004

RAS/9/029 Mid-Term Review Meeting, Beijing June 2004

Lead Country Coordinator’s Meeting, Vienna, June 2004
    - extension of RAS9029, 2003-2006
    -consolidation of 2005, 2006 planned activities
                 Project Phases
•Phase 1 1987-92         (13 Member States)
•Phase II 1993-97        (16 Member States)
•Phase III 1997-2002     (17 Member States)
•Phase IV 2003 -2006     (17 Member States)
•Model Projects 1997       (5 Member States)
•Model Projects 2001 - 2004       (12 Member States)
•6 new Regional Projects 2005 - 2009 (East and West Asia?)

 Strengthening Radiation Protection Infrastructures (RCA)
       Harmonisation of Radiation Protection (RCA)
  Upgrading of Radiation Protection Infrastructures (MP)

           New Project Proposal 2007/8, 2009/10
           Sustainability of Radiation Protection
Project Milestones/Focal Areas

  Regulatory Infrastructure
Occupational Exposure Control
  Control Medical Exposures
   Public Exposure Control
   Emergency Planning and

    Based on the requirements of the
  International Basic Safety Standards
           Project Progress

•Linked with Model & New IAEA Projects
•Coordinated to avoid duplication
•Performance Indicators
•Radiation Safety Infrastructure Appraisal
•IAEA pro-active to reactive mode
•Continued National Commitment towards
  - Self sufficiency and sustainabilty
  - Regional networking and cooperation
          Activities held in 2003
                    Event                          Host       Dates
Final Project Committee Meeting on               Vietnam    17-21 Feb
Harmonisation of Radiation Protection RAS/9018
RTC on Assessment of Occupational Exposure to    India      20-21 Oct
Intake of Radionuclides
RTC/WS on Environmental Impact and               Malaysia 13-17 Oct
Assessment Modelling
RTC on Radiation Protection and Safety in        India      17-21 Nov
Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
RTC on Radiation Protection and Safety in        Korea      9-19 Dec
             Activities held in 2004

M id-term Review M eeting for National Focal       China      June 7-11
Persons and Regional M anager
RTC on Organisation and implementation of a        Bangladesh Jun
National Regulatory Programme for the control of              14-18
radiation sources
RTC on Radiation Protection in Industrial          Bangladesh Aug
Radiography                                                   16-20
RTC on M edical M anagement for Radiation          Japan      M ar
Accidents                                                     1-5
Final Project Regional M eeting on External        Japan      M ar
Dosimetry Intercomparison                                     15-19
             Activities planned for 2005

                     Event                          Host        Dates    Technical
                                                   Country                Officer
Expert Advisory Group M eeting (EAGM )              Japan        Feb    R. Cruz-
on Occupational Dosimetry                                       14-18   Suarez
M eeting of Coordination Group with Regional       M alaysia     Feb    P.
M anager                                                        21-23   O'Donnell
Trainer's M eeting on Radiation Protection for     Singapore    April   M . Rehani
Cardiologists                                                    4-5
RTC on Radiation Safety of Irradiator Plants,      M alaysia/    July   J. Wheatley
Updated Safety Code of Practice, Operator         Republic of   18-22
Training and Security of Sources                    Korea
RTC on the Control of Radioactive Discharges to    Pakistan      Oct    M . Balanov
the Environment                                                  3-7
RTC on Authorisation and inspection of M edical   Philippines    Aug    B.
Cyclotrons                                                      15-19   Djermouni
                Activities planned for 2006

                      Event                            Host      Dates   Technical
                                                      Country              Officer
Final project review meeting and review for future   Vietnam    Q4       P. O'Donnel
RTC on sampling method in environmental              Japan      Q2       T. Cabianca
RTC on Radiation protection and safety in            Singapore/ Q3       M . Rehani
diagnostic radiology – emphasis on guidance levels   Thailand
RTC on Assessment of Occupational Exposure           Malaysia Q2         R. Cruz-
from NORM                                                                Suarez
RTC on Radiation Protection for Doctors (non-        New        Q2       M . Rehani
radiologists) Using Fluoroscopy                      Zealand