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									Join us for a day of learning and renewal......                                             Open to everyone....

                                              Mindfulness in health and healing
                                                                         Kathryn Norsworthy, Ph.D.
                                                     Six (6) hours of Continuing Education (CE’s) offered to Florida 490
                                                          (psychologists) and 491 mental health professionals**

                                                                                Sponsored by

                                                           Rollins College Graduate Studies in Counseling
                                                    Saturday, September 29, 2007                      9 A.M. - 4 P.M.

                   Workshop Description                                         WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES
Mindfulness involves paying attention with                               Participants will:
awareness in the present moment (Jon Kabat-
Zinn). Those of us who are activists, advocates,                         • Increase understanding of foundational
and allies in the helping professions or in the vol-                       principles of mindfulness in health and
unteer community face daily challenges and                                 healing;
stressors that can deplete inner strength and
peace; thus, making us less effective in our work                        • Learn several mindfulness practices for
and personal lives. This workshop offers partici-                          personal use and for use in volunteer or
pants the opportunity to explore how to become                             professional settings;
more fully alive through practices of mindfulness.
                                                                         • Explore the relevance of mindfulness
While relaxation and well-being are not the goals
                                                                           for managing stress and as a beneficial
of mindfulness practices, they are by-products of
regular and committed efforts.                                             practice in our work and personal lives.

Through experience, brief didactic presentations,
mindfulness practices, and small and large group                         **Rollins College Graduate Studies in Counseling is
work, we will deepen our understanding of stress                         approved by the Florida Board of Clinical Social
theory, the foundational principles of mindfulness                       Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Mental
and how we can bring these practices into our                            Health Counseling (BAP 363) to grant CE’s and
daily lives. All proceeds from this workshop will                        takes responsibility for this 6 hour CE program.
support International Women’s Partnership for                            These CE’s can be used by Florida licensed psy-
                                                                         chologists, LCSW’s, LMFT’s, and LMHC’s for license
Peace and Justice (IWP) in Thailand.
All workshop proceeds will be donated to International Women’s
Partnership for Peace and Justice (IWP)**, a Thailand-based non-         For questions please call Rebecca Cordray
profit organization dedicated to supporting Southeast and South          at 407 646-2132.
Asian peace activists.
IWP is the sister organization to Orlando-based Ahimsa Interna-
tional: Projects for Peace, Justice, and Mindful Living, a not-for-
profit organization devoted to peace and justice projects. Through
partnerships between individuals and groups from the Global North        Thank you for supporting the work of International
and South, we have been working primarily in Southeast and South          Women’s Partnership for Peace and Justice (IWP),
Asia, bringing principles from counseling, psychology, and social               www.womenforpeaceandjustice.org
justice education into our work. We focus on issues such as ethno-
political conflict, trauma response, HIV-AIDS, and training for social
Join us for a day of learning and renewal......                                       Open to everyone....

Registration (print clearly)                                               WORKSHOP SCHEDULE
          Workshop Begins
         Mindful eating
          Afternoon session
Email __________________________________________
          Workshop Closing

Early Registration fee (paid by September 19): $135
(includes lunch)                                                           *******************************

After September 19: $150                                                              LOCATION

I will pay by:                                                               Rollins College Campus
_____Check (Enclosed, payable to Rollins College).                            Mills Memorial Building
_____On-line by Credit Card (Master Card, American                                  Galloway Room
Express, or Discover***)
                                                                         (1st door on left after entering main
                                                                              door of Mills Building)
***Instructions for paying by credit card online:
1. Return this registration form to Rebecca Cordray at                    *****************************************
the address below or by email to Rcordray@rollins.edu                    Kathryn L. Norsworthy, Ph.D., is a
2. Rebecca will contact you in order to assign you a                     Licensed Psychologist and Professor,
Rollins ID number, which you can use to pay online at:                   Rollins College Graduate Studies in
www.rollins.edu/finance/bursar/OnlineTuition.html Click on               Counseling. She is also Director of
"Guest Payer Login," enter ID number, and follow in-                     Ahimsa International: Projects for
structions.                                                              Peace, Justice and Mindful Living.
Mail this completed form to:
Rebecca Cordray, Rollins College Graduate Studies in         
           Questions? Please contact Rebecca

Counseling, Holt Box 2725, Winter Park, FL 32789                 
       Cordray at 407 646-1568 

           or by email: rcordray@rollins.edu

Questions? Please Call Rebecca Cordray at 407 646-

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