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Meir Archery Club


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									                          Trent Valley
                                   Code Of Practice


   1. This document and the Health & Safety Policy will be reviewed annually by the incoming committee
       after consideration of the latest risk assessments, club experience and GNAS guidelines.

   2. All members of the club will be made aware of their duty of care and responsibilities.

   3. Being fully committed to safety Trent Valley Archers will only operate within these guidelines.


   4. On completion of a beginners course or proof of GNAS membership plus payment of Club
       subscriptions membership will be registered with Trent Valley Archers.

   5. All members will receive a membership card allowing them to participate in club activities.

   6. Members will be affiliated to GNAS and be covered under GNAS insurance thus making members
       eligible to participate in club activities.

   7. Access to some club activities such as competitions may be restricted to experience, team selection,
       availability and financial arrangements.

   8. All members will receive information on club activities via the Club notice board and club meetings.

   9. All members will receive a copy of this Code of Practice.

   10. Members will abide by the club safety rules, a copy of which will be supplied on joining.

   11. The committee reserves the right to exclude club members who in the eyes of the committee are
       deemed unsafe.

   12. The AGM is open to all club members and will be held before the end of April.

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                         Trent Valley
                                  Code Of Practice
   13. Club members will abide by the Club Constitution, GNAS Rules and this Code of Practice.

Purpose of Club

   14. To train members in the good practice of archery.

   15. To provide facilities to shoot.

   16. To accommodate a target archery venue for recurve, compound and longbows.

   17. To provide a regular practice for both novice and experienced archers.

   18. To enter a team in competitions whenever possible for beginners and experienced archers.

   19. To promote team spirit and atmosphere within the club.


   20. Member‟s details will be collected at the time of joining by the committee, including name, address
       and telephone number.

   21. Information given may be retained on an electronic retrievable system.

   22. All Members have the right under the Data Protection Act to view information held on them at any

   23. Any member‟s medical condition may be relayed to a member of the committee in complete

   24. Visitors are welcome to shoot with the club as long as they have current GNAS membership if

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                          Trent Valley
                                   Code Of Practice
   25. Improving members will be given coaching by experienced club members or Archery Leaders to
       allow them to participate competently and safely as soon as possible.


   26. New club members not in possession of current GNAS membership will attend a Beginners Course
       costing decided by the coaches and committee prior to the course, this course consists of six one
       hour sessions run by trained Archery Coaches and/or trainee Coaches. Lapsed GNAS members
       joining the club will be assessed to establish their shooting ability and safety understanding before
       being allowed to shoot unsupervised. Only Lapsed GNAS members who can prove past membership
       may bring their own equipment for training purposes.

   27. The club Archery Leaders are always available for both new and experienced members.

   28. The basic necessary equipment for training will be provided by the club, consisting of: bow, arrows,
       arm guards, and finger tabs.


   29. New club equipment will be purchased as and when needed, to replace worn equipment or to provide
       extra facilities for beginners.

   30. Club equipment will be securely stored in the wooden shed adjacent to the indoor shooting facility
       and its security maintained by Trent Valley Archers.

   31. All club bows will be numbered and their integrity maintained by Trent Valley Archers.

   32. Equipment deemed unsafe, wether personal or club owned, will not be used. The definition of safe
       is at the committee‟s discretion.

   33. Any equipment damaged through misuse will be replaced by the offender.

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                             Trent Valley
                                  Code Of Practice

   34. Beginners are not required to provide their own equipment.

   35. For a nominal fee beginners may continue to use club equipment for 3 months after they have
       successfully completed their beginner‟s course.

   36. New members are given priority in the use of club equipment.

   37. Members are encouraged to obtain their own equipment after reaching basic competence.


   38. Indoor and outdoor target ranges will conform to GNAS regulations.

   39. Club members will be informed of any forthcoming Club activities, competitions etc via
       announcements and notices posted on the Club notice board.

   40. All Club members are entitled to take part in Club activities and competitions subject to clause 7.

Activity Participants

   41. All participants must be made aware that they are responsible for their own actions. This is
       particularly so if they act against this code of practice or the committees advice.


   42. Club members will be covered by GNAS members insurance whilst participating in Club organised
       archery activities.

   43. Club equipment, but not members own equipment, is covered by Trent Valley Archers insurance.

First Aid

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                          Trent Valley
                                   Code Of Practice

    44. A first aid kit is provided by the Club and will be available at all times during Club archery

    45. A list of trained First Aiders holding a current First Aid qualification will be posted on the notice

    46. All accidents will be entered into the Club accident Book within 24hrs.


    47. All members are encouraged to air their views on the safety of equipment and practice to the

    48. Members will receive a response from the committee within 14 days.

The following are the clubs shooting procedures, all members are obliged to abide by these rules. Any
member breaking any of the safety regulations may be asked to leave the shoot.

Safety Rules

1. When not shooting, stand behind the waiting line

2. Do not load a bow anywhere other than on the shooting line and facing the target

3. Do not proceed past the shooting line until all the shooting has finished and the signal, two blasts on a
    whistle or a verbal command, has been given by the Field Captain.

4. When collecting arrows do not run towards the target, take care when removing arrows not to hurt
    anyone behind you and steady the boss with the other hand when pulling arrows.

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                         Trent Valley
                                  Code Of Practice
5. Shooting will commence once everyone is back behind the waiting line, the signal to start shooting will
    be a single whistle blast or a verbal command given by Field Captain.

6. If at any time you hear a shout of „FAST‟ or „STOP‟ you should immediately stop shooting, remove the
    arrow from the string and lower the bow.

7. If at any time you see anything dangerous stop shooting and shout „FAST‟ or “STOP”, also ensure that
    the Field Captain has seen the danger.

8. The Field Captain will give the signal to resume shooting after “STOP” or “FAST” has been called.

9. The Field Captain will give the signal to collect arrows when all archers have shot. The signal will be
    two blasts on a whistle or a verbal command.

10. If you notice any damage to equipment, point it out as soon as possible to a member of the committee.

11. If you are unsure about any procedure or the safety of the equipment, please ask a member of the

12. There will be a minimum of two archers shooting. A lone archer will not be allowed to shoot
    unaccompanied either indoors or outdoors.

13. When members of the club‟s junior section are shooting there must be at least two adults supervising,
    one of whom must be an experienced archer.

14. When shooting outdoors any lost arrows must be found before leaving.

NOTE: When coaching, it is acceptable to stand on the shooting line or behind it, but there should only ever
be one person coaching any individual.

Club Practice

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                          Trent Valley
                                  Code Of Practice
1. All equipment and belongings will be left at the back of the hall, or when outside, a reasonable distance
    behind the waiting line

2. Bows and bowstands should be left at the back of the waiting area

3. When arriving and before setting up your own equipment, the net, bosses, and stands should be put up.

4. At the end of the shoot, members who have been shooting should wait and help put away all equipment
    before leaving.

5. There must always be at least two adults available for setting out and putting away archery range
    equipment. An individual must never attempt to erect/clear away range equipment and fittings on their

6. Beginners should shoot on the targets at the far right of the range away from the door.

7. If you damage any club equipment please inform the committee so that it can be repaired. No charge will
    be made for any damage occurring through proper use.

8. Do not pull anyone else‟s arrows from the target boss without gaining the owners permission.

9. All members of the club must be members of the GNAS.

10. Shooting better than the committee will only be allowed if club members acknowledge that it was due to
    the wisdom and guidance of the committee.

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                 Trent Valley
                          Code Of Practice

                                   Revision Schedule
Rev 0   1st March 2005     Original                                           D. W. Lock
Rev 1   22nd March 2005    To include alterations required by the committee   D. W. Lock
Rev 2   15th Nov. 2005     To reflect the club name and logo change           D. W. Lock

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