Medical Courier Services

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					Medical Courier Services

General Information

      Document Type:     R = Sources Sought Notice
      Solicitation       Reference-Number-BPA-
      Number:            48MDG-COURIER-SVS
      Posted Date:       Feb 14, 2008
      Response Date:     FEB 19, 2008
      Archive Date:      MAR 05, 2008
      Classification     V -- Transportation, travel, &      NAICS
      Code:              relocation services                 Code:
      Set Aside:         N/A

Contracting Office Address

      Department of the Air Force, United States Air Force Europe, 48 CONS/LGC -
      Lakenheath, RAF Lakenheath Unit 5070 Box 270, RAF Lakenheath, UK, 09461-
      0270, UNITED STATES


      The 48th Contracting Squadron is posting this Sources Sought Notice to assess
      the level of interested parties willing to provide on an as required basis, on-call 24
      hour service seven days a week deliveries to any NHS, Private Hospitals and
      other locations as required or instructed by Medical Logistics on-call personnel in
      performance of the Blanket Purchase Agreement(BPA). The contractor needs to
      have a detailed knowledge of the local area in order to adequately perform this
      requirement. Our office would like to know if you are able to provide this type of
      service, also if you are interested in receiving further information on this
      requirement. Your company will not be required to submit a proposal at this time;
      this notice is for informational purposes only. Employees will be subject to a Host
      Nation Agency check for base access. Performance shall be according to the
      requirements contained in the Performance Work Statement(PWS). A PWS will
      be available upon the issuance of the solicitation, which will be on or about
      February 20, 2008. This Sources Sought Notice shall not be construed as a formal
      solicitation or an obligation on the part of the government to acquire any product
      or services. It does not guarantee a subsequent solicitation will be issued.
      Submission of any information in response to this Sources Sought Notice is
      completely voluntary, and costs associated with any submission shall not be
      reimbursed by the Government. The information requested will be used by the Air
      Force contracting office at RAF Lakenheath to facilitate decision making.

Point of Contact

      Stewart Knotts, Contract Specialist, Phone 44 1638 525429, Fax 44 1638 522268,
      Maria Galloway, Contracting Officer, Phone 44 1638 522215, Fax 44 1638
      522260, Email

Place of Contract Performance

      Address:     RAF Lakenheath
      Postal Code: IP27 9PN
      Country:     UNITED KINGDOM