Letter to City Manager Re: CRA Director Harassment

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697 N. Miami Avenue, Loft #2
Miami, FL 33136
(T) 305 527 7332
(F) 305 402-0311

June 18, 2009

City of Miami
Attn: Pedro Hernandez
49 NW 5th Street
Miami, FL 33128


RE: Unprofessional and unethical behavior by City Employee

Dear Mr. Hernandez,

I am writing you you to inform you of the unprofessional and unethical behavior of Mr.
Jim Villacorta, Executive Director of the City of Miami. Specifically:

   1) During a meeting with yourself and Commissioner Sarnoff regarding the FEC
      Corridor project on 6/16/2009, Mr. Villacorta brought out photos of my building
      alleging code violations for newspaper in the windows because of an event that
      was held last weekend. Not only was this irrelevant to the discussion at hand but
      a shallow attempt to sow doubts about my credibility. Unfortunately this claim is
      patently false and misleading. As of 6/17/2009, no code violations were issued
      on 697 N. Miami Avenue (please see attached exhibit A)
   2) On XXX 2009, Mr Villacorta sent the entire City Commission an e-mail in which
      he claimed the Railroad had been complaining for two months about our dumping
      along the tracks. A follow up conversation with Mr. Fletcher of FEC Railways
      revealed that this is patently false – the debris in question was left by a private
      contractor engaged by the railway and had aboslutely nothing to do with the pilot
      project (please see attached exhibit B)
   3) Due to the level of support for our project, we were surprised at the numerous
      complaints made to code enforcement about the cleanup of the tracks. An FOI
      request made to your office revealed that the CRA was the complainant.

I am a Taxpayer, property owner and Given that our objective is to improve the
neighborhood in
Miami CRA will be named as an additional insured and indemnified for the project.
This completes all requested paperwork at this time. Thus we would request that the
Miami Urban Greenway be placed on the agenda as a resolution at the April 26th, 2009

I am available at any time at the above number should you wish to discuss the matter
further. Thank you for all of your assistance.

Brad Knoefler
NMA Inestments, Inc.

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