November 2009
                Community-Led Planning In Our Rural Towns - Progress Review By District

General: The Market Town Project is led by the Economic Development Office, and part-funded by
SEEDA. Its main aim is to draw down £1.19M from SEEDA’s Small Rural Towns fund, for projects
designed to maintain and increase facilities and services in our small rural towns, and therefore boost
economic activity. Its second is to maximize opportunities for small towns throughout the county, in
whatever way is possible. The officer managing the project is Anne Harrison.

This report is primarily for officers and councillors and describes past community planning activity and describes
what is known about current projects and activity in 32 small rural towns. Where there is a particular need for
funding partners or HCC assistance, this will be highlighted. Please feel free to call me and ask for more

                             BASINGSTOKE AND DEANE BOROUGH COUNCIL

June Balcombe is now the main contact. Jamie Freeth, Enterprise Development Officer, is supporting
Kingsclere in their successful bid to the SEEDA SRT fund, and Whitchurch in implementing the delivery of the
SEEDA-funded projects.

    Completed Market Town Healthcheck in 2007, used evidence for SEEDA bid
    Allocated £100K of SEEDA funding for a new community building housing the Busy Bees preschool and
       young people’s activities. A new company limited by guarantee (to have charitable objectives) has been
       set up to run the building

    VDS already carried out, and adopted 2002, strong and active community ethos
    Nov 07 Parish council sent out questionnaire and results form basis of a 4-Year Plan

    Awarded £5,000 by Vital Villages Countryside Agency (CA) programme, carried out VDS.
    2007 Town Council undertook a survey to uncover local aspirations and needs, results published and on
       website, intended to feed into the Community Strategy. Working with B&DBC to ensure this happens.

    2009 Town Centre Improvements completed, cycle routes leaflet planned, website redevelopment in
      concept stage, Business Centre survey under way
    Revised project plan prepared and request made for grant period extended to March 2010.

                               EAST HAMPSHIRE DISTRICT COUNCIL(EHDC)

Natalie Brahma-Pearl (EHDC-Head of Community) is the main contact for the project in the district, with Chris
Paterson and Linda Munday working with towns and villages.

       2006 – 2009 Alton 2020 Business Initiative, SEEDA funded project
       2008 Town Design Statement, facilitated by Planning Aid South, Phil Turner) published
       Work included enhancements in Mill Lane Industrial Estate, feasibility study into improvements at the
        station, business networking, website
       March 2009 SEEDA funding ended – evaluation report due

Bramshott and Liphook
    Village Appraisal planned, using software from Univ of Gloucester, then to produce an Action Plan.
    2008 Some interest in carrying out a business survey in addition.
    2009 Liphook Business Initiative formed, consisting of businesses from all sectors wanting a common

    Town Project Co-ordinator employed by EHDC to move project on and enable work on old Gales
      Brewery (Fullers) site
    Healthcheck completed, report in draft stages.

       2004 launch of Village Plan on Healthcheck framework
       Chris Paterson (EHDC) working with the group, VDS upgraded 2006/07
       2008/09 Anna Longley (HCC Villages Initiative) working on village centre improvements

    Healthcheck complete, Action Plan underway with limited involvement.
    Petersfield Tomorrow Partnership taking forward an action plan, key projects underway
    Town Design Statement almost finished, planning project with Hidden Britain, now found funding

Whitehill / Bordon
    2006 Breakthrough for Whitehill and Bordon Initiative project commenced, funded by SEEDA (match
       funding from HCC, EHDC and WTC),Town Initiative Manager started work in January 2007
    July 2009 physical works complete, with planting and landscaping due in October .
    Community website launched, events and business network development underway, first markets and
       events in new central space.
    One of the four Government appointed eco-towns

                                     EASTLEIGH BOROUGH COUNCIL

Teresa Smith is the main contact here.

       Action Plan complete, Hidden Britain partner on tourism projects, DEFRA funded
    Bid to SEEDA SRT fund June 2007 following open exhibition of concept plans for an Information Centre
       in September 2006, but shelved the bid in June 2009 due to insufficient match funding
    Tried out first farmers’ markets in 2009

                                         GOSPORT BOROUGH COUNCIL

Gosport BC contact Lynda Dine, Economic Development Manager, or Liza Smith

    Healthcheck Report completed 2008.
    Wish to contribute to building new youth facilities in Lee – dependent on HCC decisions about existing
       youth facilities. Possible use of Daedalus building as youth base.
    Has been working with Hidden Britain on developing a Tourism project incorporating signage, literature,
       branding and transport – would welcome partner organizations
                                         HART DISTRICT COUNCIL

Lesley Trusler and Martine Fulbrooke are contacts.

Fleet and Church Crookham
     2003 - Fleet Civic Society requested information on the MT Healthcheck in an unparished area, began
        work on surveying local community
     Town Management Group supporting Town Manager

Hartley Wintney
    Parish Plan published June 2006, Parish Council implementing identified action points
    Odiham Town Manager working with Parish Council on events, and business directory being compiled,
    but funding required to produce a community website to hold such information

      Parish Council have led a Parish Plan and a bio-diversity survey
      2008 opening of the new Elizabeth Hall, skate park and teen shelter, and outdoor gym
      2009 wildlife pond development continues, outdoor gym use promoted by GP

    Town Management Group (OTMG) has taken on Community Interest Company (CIC) status, controlled
      directly by its members, with Peter Fountain continuing in role of Town Manager.
    Weekly markets, annual calendar of events and food festival established

    2006 Steering Group leaders decided to use the MT H/C structure for Plan, using existing groups, open
        event on May 1 for presenting work done to date, Healthcheck almost completed.
    Need to enthuse and engage local community in working together to plan for the future. Feel they also
        need more support from their town council and Hart District Council.

                                       HAVANT BOROUGH COUNCIL

Havant BC contacts are Joy Okwuadigbo (Regeneration), David Harris (Funding) and Tony Lee, Business
Development Manager.

   2008 established Town Partnership, Healthcheck completed and report and action plan in print.
   SEEDA bid, to refurbish the South Street Centre and regenerate the car park area and toilets, being
     developed in partnership with HBC
   September 2008 – Expression of Interest presentation to HMTP successful –
   worked up proposals for bid to SEEDA SRT fund during 2009/10– draft report produced on how the
     Emsworth Centre should be used and run – possibility of finding LEADER funding

South Hayling
    2007 Healthcheck completed and Action Plan circulated.
    Partnership developing, constituted, working on Action Plan
    Have successfully applied for project funding, including funds for ‘Destination Hayling’ project
    Launching project to acquire new Youth facility in partnership with local school on 21 January –
       seeking capital, and revenue funding

                                     NEW FOREST DISTRICT COUNCIL

Contact is Penny Velander, Community Planning Officer. NFDC has a ‘bridging’ process set up for linking
Parish Plans and Market Town Healthchecks into the Community Strategy (Rural Pathfinder project) and into DC
service plans
    2003 visit – Parish Plan almost completed. 2004 enquiry ref how to access SEEDA funding
    2004 Action Plan findings communicated to the village, now working with the NPA to implement it.

    2005 Reactivated Healthcheck to begin with a new facilitator and Town Council support
    2008 Community Forum in place, Town Project Manager in place to help to revitalize Business Forum
       and facilitate projects with the community (funded by a number of partners) – needs funding
    Town Manager seeking additional funding

Hythe and Dibden
    November 2004 Snapshot complete, first meeting with main stakeholders, others in January 2005.
    2008 Report and action plan circulated, town project officer now permanent member of staff.
    Working on implementation of town plan

Lymington and Pennington
    Community Tourism Group undertook a Tourism Healthcheck, workshop 23 November 2005
    New Steering Group met in March, 2008 completed Healthcheck, compiling report and action plan,
      demonstrated findings and consulted at three events in March 2009.
    Town Council not happy with some of the suggested proposals and taking more active role in the action
      planning process, breakdown of relations between the two bodies. Councillor Forum proposed, date to
      be agreed.

    2007 Healthcheck started, research drawing to a close
    2009 plans for an Alice in Wonderland festival in the town (action from Healthcheck)

     PV2020 (Healthcheck team) group completed Healthcheck end of April 2006
     Working relationship with parish council established and documented, report published and new Milford
        Community Partnership set up to secure delivery of the action plan, projects underway
     Village Improvement Scheme (HCC Villages Initiative) complete
     2009 successful bid to SEEDA Small Rural Towns fund for £65K for new community centre

New Milton
    Town Partnership set up as a Charitable Trust, June 2004.
    New Milton Town Regeneration,SEEDA / HCC project funding. Work finished April 08.
    Forum made up of Town Partnership and Town Council working together on chosen projects
    Community Arts project in development - funding no longer available
    2009 TDO funded by HCC EDO and local business, Peverel. – now seeing additional funding
    Discussions under way about merging services into a new redeveloped Memorial Centre

    Town Council, with a brief to assist councillors in managing the Healthcheck and Town Plan process.
    2008 Healthcheck complete and plan circulated TPO finished role.
    Project groups still meeting re implementation, with a young person on each of the project groups
    New loyalty card scheme in the town

                                     TEST VALLEY BOROUGH COUNCIL

Main contact is David Gleave, EDO.

    2004 Healthcheck introductory event 27 October
    2007 Report and Action Plan compiled and in circulation
    2008 Youth Conference to consult local young people as part of the Romsey2020 Youth Project
       Looking at projects which will promote Romsey – would welcome partners

     2005-2007 carried out Healthcheck, successful bid to SEEDA SRT fund June 2007 (£130K). Won
        Veolia grant of £90K in July 2008
     New Town Project Manager (SEEDA funded) recruited September 2007, projects under way
     Town Hall Trust still seeking further capital funds to refurbish and rebuild Town Hall – first phase
        started 1 April 2009, due to complete this month.

                                         WINCHESTER CITY COUNCIL

WCC contacts are Steve Lincoln (Community) and Kate Crawford (Economic Development)

     2006/07 Town Design Statement completed
     2008 Healthcheck completed, SEEDA project bid for £111,000 successful, ‘Putting Pedestrians First’
       with joint funding from HCC, WCC and developer funding. Work now complete, car park and footpath
       officially opened
     Monitoring and usage surveys planned

Bishop’s Waltham
    Healthcheck launched autumn 2006.
    2008 Healthcheck under way, final report completed March 2009, Action planning September 09,
       working with Community Planning Officer to prepare an achievable plan.

    First open meeting 3 December 2004 to gain public commitment
    Feb 2007 Design Statement completed,
    2008 new parish clerk. Parish Council has identified some commitment to a community plan in 2009

    2002/3 Completed very thorough Parish Appraisal 2004.
    Healthcheck research Jan 2007 onwards.

Towns having completed the          New Milton; Whitchurch; Whitehill and Bordon; Alton; Kingsclere;    18
Healthcheck and Action Plan         Petersfield, Lee-on-the-Solent; Emsworth; Milford-on-Sea; Botley;
                                    Stockbridge; Fordingbridge; Emsworth; South Hayling Island;
                                    Romsey; Alresford; Ringwood; Hythe and Dibden
Towns completed with some           Horndean, Lymington and Pennington; Bishop’s Waltham                3
items still to do
Towns commenced / working on        Fleet; Liss; Wickham; Yateley; Lyndhurst                            4
the Healthcheck, Action Plan
Towns about to start / re-start a                                                                       0
Towns interested and                Denmead; Liphook?                                                   2
Towns not interested or carrying    Hook; Hartley Wintney; Brockenhurst; Odiham; Overton; Tadley
out other community planning                                                                            6
(eg Parish Plan, VDF)
Towns with live / almost live       Whitehill and Bordon, Whitchurch, Stockbridge, Alresford,           5
SEEDA projects                      Kingsclere, Milford

Report by Anne Harrison, Market Towns Manager, Economic Development Office, Hampshire County Council
(Tel: 01962 846558 / email

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