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									                Development                   Restrictive Covenant – Known Breach

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Law Firm

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Brief Details of Defect Insurable Risk(s)

Property Address

Current or previous use

Intended future use of property, change of use,

Name(s) of parties to be insured

Gross Developed Value

Limit of Indemnity required if different from above.
Please explain the calculation for this

Please attach a clear plan (This will be attached to any   Attached     Yes         No
policy issued)

Office Copy Entries required                               Attached     Yes         No

Copy of the Deed that imposes the Restriction if not       Attached      Yes         No
noted on the office copy entries

As development in planned, are there any similar                        Yes         No
developments in the immediate surrounding area

Has councils opinion been obtained? If so please           Obtained      Yes         No
        provide a copy (together with instruction)
                                                           Attached      Yes        No

Additional Information provided, ie attachments, adverse
          features, material facts

Do you require a quote prior to planning consent           Yes Pre – Planning Quote Required   Post Planning Quote Only

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