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									Blackboard Launches Custom Toolbar for Web Browsers
Users Get One-Click Course Access from Bing™, Internet Explorer®, Firefox®
Washington, DC – January 19, 2010 – Blackboard Inc. today announced the launch of a custom toolbar,
developed in partnership with Microsoft®, that gives students direct, one-click access to their courses
from Web browsers including Bing™, Internet Explorer®, and Mozilla’s Firefox®.

The toolbar, free to all Blackboard institutions that have enabled access through the Blackboard Sync™
Building Block™, makes it easier for millions of students who normally log in to their Blackboard accounts
several times a day to check for new information, assignments and grades.

With the toolbar, students can receive course updates and notifications that appear on their browser
while they surf the Web, keeping them more informed and aware of important information whether they
are logged into their Blackboard account or not. They can also easily click through to their courses,
creating a better workflow for students who often find themselves moving between course pages and
other Web sites to conduct research and communicate with their peers.

“With so many projects and research I need to do online, constantly monitoring for updates from my
professors takes away from the time that I could spend working on my assignments,” said Lauren
Nemiroff, a freshman at the University of Maryland, College Park. “Using the toolbar, my information is
more accessible and I can communicate with my professors more easily, while continuing with course
work and other online activities.”

In addition to the toolbar, Blackboard has also created applications that let students access course
information on the Facebook® platform and on mobile devices like the Apple® iPhone® and iPod Touch®
devices. The applications are part of the Company’s effort to make it easier for students to access their
academic information in multiple ways to help keep them more engaged. In each case, Blackboard has
worked to ensure the broader availability of updates on course information to keep users connected
while taking steps to protect student privacy.

“Students who are more engaged are more successful,” said Michael Chasen, President and CEO of
Blackboard. “We want to make it as easy as possible for them to get course updates so they can focus
on more important information and collaboration and less on trying to keep up with everything. If we
can help create stronger engagement by simplifying that process, we know they’ll be more successful.”

The toolbar is available as a free download to students and other users at institutions that have enabled
access through the Blackboard Sync Building Block, which is available at no cost at Behind the
Blackboard, the Company’s client support Web site. The toolbar is available to institutions using
Blackboard Learning SystemTM, Release 7.3 and higher, including Blackboard Learn, Release 9 clients.

For more information about the Blackboard Learn™ Toolbar for Internet Explorer® and Firefox®, please
visit For more information about Blackboard Learn, please visit

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