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					K2 Medical Systems
Fetal Monitoring training System Version 009

Installation Aid for IT Departments for upgrading from a stand
alone system

Prior to carrying out this installation liaison with the Labour ward staff will be required.
This is to establish whether a data download to K2 Medical Systems has been
carried out. Also a transfer of users from the old stand alone system. The Training
System Administrator will be able to do this.

To transfer these users to the new system you can use a utility on the Installation

On the installation CD (browse the CD to see the folder 'FMTS Utilities' and in there
is a utility called 'OldUserTransfer.exe') that can be used to transfer the master user
list onto a floppy from which it can be transferred to the database.

K2 Training System Installation
Insert the CD into The SQL Server and the following screen will be displayed

Clicking OK will present the following screen
Click on Install new if this is a new installation.

If using Windows Server and SQL Database leave the settings as default and click

Select Create Database and on the next screen:
Click the drop down box and your server name should appear. If not type in your
server name:

Clicking Ok presents the following screen:

Click run and this will install all files to create the database:
                      Lick OK to complete database creation.

  At this point remove the CD and place it into your designated Application Server:

Click Install Application and accept the License Agreement on the next screen and
then accept the default installation path
Once the files are installed a few checks will be carried out then…..

Clicking on next will present the following

Contact K2 with these letters for a license, enter the codes given then click OK. A
confirmation screen will be displayed and the database updated.

Once the installation is complete, exit the installation program, you will need to go to
the application folder c:\program files\k2 medical systems\fmts and share out the fmts
folder with read and execute rights only.

At each client computer you will need to map to the fmts share and then create two
desktop icons, one for the training administration tool (K2TPAdminNetwrk.exe) and
one for the training system itself (FMTSMaster.exe).