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									                       Joint Consultative Committee
         Notes of the meeting held on the 8 May 2006 at 2.00pm in
                           the Registrar’s Office

Attendees:            Professor Diane Birch (Chair)
                      Mike Byrne (AUT)
                      Patricia Hulme (AUT)
                      Sean Matthews (AUT)
                      Chris Middleton (AUT)
                      Keith Jones
                      Jaspal Kaur
                      David Beeby

In Attendance:        Alison Ingram (Secretary)

Minutes of the meeting held on 16 February 2006

Budget - David Beeby asked for it to be noted that in relation to the item on
‘Budget’ the University is at increased financial risk but does have sufficient
borrowings to deal with the deficit. The University continues to manage the risks.

Matters Arising

Hourly paid staff - a meeting to discuss this matter has been scheduled
between Mark Harrison and Mike Byrne for 9 June 2006.

Research and Teaching – Mike Byrne confirmed that the AUT received a copy
of the process that the University are intending to use in relation to non-signers.
Mike Byrne confirmed that the AUT are content that the process represents a
sensible way forward. Sean Matthews advised that he was concerned that the
process had not been discussed with the AUT prior to it being issued and he saw
this as a breakdown in communication which indicated that perhaps the
partnership approach was not at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Jaspal Kaur
responded by acknowledging that it was unfortunate that this breakdown in
communication had occurred and that she and HR were committed to working in
partnership with the Union. Professor Birch commented that now was perhaps
the time to consider formalising a protocol on communications between the
University and the AUT.

Patricia Hulme questioned whether compensation within school budgets for
increases in costs from the implementation of the R&T family would be made
available. Following the meeting David Beeby asked for it to be minuted that
having checked, Finance have adjusted the budgets of all Schools and Institutes
for all the costs arising from implementation of R&T review - whether or not we
subsequently recover these increased costs.

Equality and Diversity Survey – Jaspal Kaur reported that the survey yielded a
positive 21% return rate. The data is currently being analysed and will be shared
when available with the Advisory Groups, E&D Committee and the campus

Salary Sacrifice – Mike Byrne reported that the response from the national
office is not at all negative but that further clarification has been requested from
USS on a number of items. David Beeby advised that the Finance Committee
are keen to accelerate the introduction of a salary sacrifice scheme in relation to
the CPAS scheme. Mike Byrne committed to advise the University of the AUT’s
decision as soon as all of the facts are known.

Revised Model Statute – Keith Jones reported that the institution had identified
an opportunity to simplify governance arrangements. He confirmed that it is
planned to formalise this with Council.

Industrial Action – the committee agreed that they would meet outside of the
JCC on 9 May 2006 at 10am, in order to discuss and share intelligence with
regard to the industrial relations situation following the JNCHES pay negotiations
taking place on 8 May 2006.

Organisational Update

Keith Jones gave a brief overview of the institutions market position and advised
that the University had found that this year students were taking longer to make
up their minds as to which offer to take up. Market research for Nottingham has
indicated that the city of Nottingham’s image is an issue and the University is
considering how to counter that perception. Keith Jones advised that he is
confident that the institution will fulfil its target for this year however the
Engineering and the Sciences’ continue to prove to be a difficult area and further
discussions on the possible implications will take place later in the year.

The committee were advised that the University has reasonable confidence in its
international numbers and that it is planning for RAE2008 although longer term it
is likely that this process will change with a consultation document from the DFES
expected later this month.

Keith Jones reported that the Core Systems Review is still in progress and whilst
Management Board have had initial discussions it is expected that David
Greenaway will present outcomes towards the end of June.

Keith Jones advised that Bird Flu and Pandemic Flu provisions have been put in
place with information available on the University web. Sutton Bonington have
procedures in place should an incident of Bird Flu occur.

The Committee were pleased to hear that the University had received the Queens
Award for Enterprise for International Trade.

David Beeby advised that the proposed budget had been through the first round
of Finance Committee and that it was the intention to reduce the underlying
deficit short of £10M down to £6M. David Beeby informed the Committee that
there was a potential for some one of sums of money coming through this year
from the sale of houses the University owns in Dunkirk and various other off-
campus assets. The proposal to divest of these assets will be taken to Council on
9 May 2006. The budget will be confirmed at the June Council.

Keith Jones advised that with Rick Lee leaving the University Jaspal Kaur had
taken up the position of Acting Director of Human Resources. Keith Jones
reported that the institution was taking the opportunity to consult with a number
of different stakeholders in order to develop a new HR Strategy.

The Committee asked that it record its thanks to Rick Lee for his contribution to
the University and the Joint Consultative Committee over the last three years.

Keith Jones reported that with his retirement impending there were likely to be
some changes in relation to the Registrar Department’s responsibilities, in
particular in relation to Human Resources. Keith Jones reported that more on this
would be announced in due course.

Fixed Term Contracts

Mike Byrne advised that an initial way forward has been agreed by the Joint
Union Working Group and that a meeting with the three campus unions is to be
held shortly. The AUT continue to have concerns regarding how much needs to
moved forward by the July deadline. Jaspal Kaur responded by advising that the
University is keen to make progress and is currently awaiting confirmation from
Amicus as to who will be their representative before being able to agree a
meeting date.

Activity Review

The AUT reported that although there have been a number of issues in relation to
Activity Review since the previous meeting they are pleased to note that the
University and the AUT have been able to agree a way forward. The AUT advised
that the feedback they had received and their own personal experiences of
Activity Review had thus far been entirely positive.

Patricia Hulme raised an issue regarding the financial incentivisation of staff.
Patricia Hulme commented that she had been advised by an AUT member that for
some individuals receiving an exceptional contribution bonus may have personal
financial implications for them i.e. it may impact on tax credit awards. The AUT
advised that they would like to consider the broader issues around the reward
strategy as part of the review of Activity/Performance Review.

Professor Birch thanked Mike Byrne for his responsiveness on the form A issue.
Following clarification to Heads of School the issue had been considerably quelled.

Continued use of Other Related Contracts

Mike Byrne advised that this item is still pending and that the AUT still wished to
have discussions with the University regarding progress. The AUT advised that
they had assumed that once the R&T family was in place there would have been
no reason for these contracts to be issued. Chris Middleton expressed concern
that this item was first raised in January and now in May staff are still being
appointed on teaching only contracts. Jaspal Kaur stated that this is an issue the
University has not yet had the opportunity to fully consider in respect of ensuring
that existing staff do not receive less favourable overall conditions than new
members of staff. It was agreed that a meeting date should be put in the diary
and that Mike Byrne and Chris Middleton will attend from the AUT.
                                                                 Action: Jaspal Kaur


Mike Byrne advised that Richard Lee had stated that he would give a response
prior to this JCC, however other issues had obviously overtaken this and so this
had not occurred. Jaspal Kaur informed the Committee that the relevant clause
has been in individuals’ contracts since December 2003. Prior to December 2003
there was reference to IPR under the Patents Clause and therefore it is the
University’s view that there was an implied term in contracts issued prior to
December 2003. Jaspal Kaur stated that further work to make the links clearer
between the contract and contractual policies is required. Mike Byrne requested
that Jaspal Kaur provide a concise statement of the University’s position.
                                                               Action: Jaspal Kaur

Procedure for appointment of Heads of School

The committee discussed the paper relating to the pilot in the School of Nursing.
Chris Middleton requested clarification as to why the appointment had been
restricted to Professorial staff/Readers. Chris Middleton also provided feedback
that he did not believe the pilot to be a fair and transparent process. Keith Jones
took an action to discuss the committee’s comments with Don Grierson. Keith
Jones confirmed that the length of office for Heads of School is still ongoing as
part of the core systems review.


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