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Expert Explorers Project


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									                                  Expert Explorers Project

Name: ____________________________________                                    Period: _____

In the early fifteenth century the sea-faring countries of Europe were ready (and willing!) to expand
their influence in the rest of the world through exploration. In some cased the motives for exploration
was profit. European explorers were eager to find easier trade routes to Asia as trade interests grew
and more people looked to buy products and goods. In other cases, exploration was fueled by the
quest for knowledge about the world or simply to lay claim to new lands. Whatever the reason, these
expeditions – and the explorers who navigated them – had a tremendous impact on the history of
Europe and on our world.

Assignment: In this assignment, you will help explain the causes of European exploration and
colonization, as well as help trace the empires of Portugal, Spain, England, and France in Asia,
Africa, and the Americas (New World). You will focus on the life and contributions of one of the
important explorers below.

    Amerigo Vespucci                  Sir Francis Drake                Ferdinand Magellan
    Giovanni De Verrazzano            Jacque Cartier                   Juan Ponce de Leon
    Henry Hudson                      Christopher Columbus             Hernando de Soto
    John Cabot                        Francisco Pizarro                Marco Polo
    Samuel de Champlain               Hernando Cortez                   Vaso de Gama
    Francisco Vasquez de              Sir Walter Raleigh               Jacques Marquette &
          Cornado                                                             Louis Joliet

You will be choosing the explorer you will be responsible for researching from a random draw. In the
interest of variety, no more than three students will research the same explorer.

Once you have selected your explorer, you will then complete several tasks to help organize
information for your final projects. Final projects will be chose by you from a list provided. All of the
information needed for the project will be the same no matter which final product you choose to
1. Complete the Explorer Record Sheet on your individual explorer
2. Create a map of your explorers exploration/voyage
      a. Your map could be hand drawn and labeled or you could include two or more computer
          pictures of your explorers exploration/voyage on your final product
3. You will pick one project on the project sheet provided to present your work. Please only pick
   one of the projects to complete. Your final product, no matter which presentation you choose
   must include:
      a. All of the information from your Explorer Record Sheet
      b. A minimum of three visuals (example: a portrait of the explorer, a picture of the
          explorer’s ship, a picture representing the explorer’s legacy, etc.)
      c. A map of the exploration/voyage your explorer took (created or found in task
      d. An “Impact Summary” (6-8 sentences)
              i. The impact summary is where you analyze the impact the explorer had on his
                   country, the lands he explored, and on the development of land in the United
                   States. Some questions to consider when thinking about the important contributions
                   of your explorer are:
                      1. What were the results of his expedition?
                      2. Whose empire expanded?
                      3. Who did economic power change?
                      4. How did military power change?
                      5. Who benefited from the expedition?
                      6. Who was negatively affected?
      e. A Resource Log
              i. You must complete a resource log for all resources used on this project
                   (Use the “Resource Log” provided)

Due Dates
         Explorer Record Sheet                   Due (completed) Thursday, September 10th
         Final Project                           Due (completed) Tuesday, September 15th
How will you share your work? - Choose one project below to demonstrate your knowledge.

   Research paper (3-4 pages)      Scrapbook (6-7 pages)                  Power Point (7-10 slides)
   Timeline (words & pictures)     Original song or rap                   Brochure
   Poster                          Storybook with illustrations (5-6) Journal or diary (6-8 entries)
   Newspaper article               Diagram or chart                       Interview

How will I be graded?
    Criteria                4                      3                      2                      1

                   All content            Most of the content    The content is         Content is typically
   Content-        throughout the         is accurate but        generally accurate,    confusing or
                   project is accurate.   there is one piece     but some of the        contains more than
                   There are no           of information that    information is         a few factual
                   factual errors.        might be               clearly flawed or      errors.
                                          inaccurate.            inaccurate.

                   All required           Most of the            Some of the            Very little of the
   Required        information is         information is         information is         required
                   present in the final   present, but one or    present, but more      information is
                   product.               two things are         than a few things      presented in the
 Information                              missing.               are missing.           final product.

                   The final product      The final product is   The final product is   The final product
                   displays all           missing one of the     missing two of the     has only one visual
                   required visuals       visuals and/or the     visuals and/or the     and does not
                   and a map of the       map.                   required map.          include a map of
                   voyage.                                                              the voyage.

                   The final product is   Most of the            Some of the            Most of the project
Organization/      organized in a         material is            organization is        is confusing and is
                   clear, logical way     organized in a         confusing but is       very difficult to
                   and is easy for        clear, logical way     still an effective     follow, which
                   others to follow.      and is, for the        way to present the     makes it difficult to
                                          most part, easy to     information.           understand the
                                          follow.                                       content.

                   The final product      The final product      The final product      The final product
 Spelling and      has no misspellings    has misspellings       has misspellings       has many spelling
                   or grammatical         but no grammatical     and grammatical        and grammatical
                   errors.                errors.                errors.                errors.

Final Grade Breakdown
               20-19 points – A            18-16 points – B               15-13 points – C
                       ** A score 12 or lower will result in redoing the project

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