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									2010 BMW M3 GTW - BMW's
Motorsports Baby
BMW enthusiasts can now say "Mmmmmm," with a capital "M." The "M" in M3 stands for
motorsports, and BMW's new GTW model takes motorsports to the next level. Right in line
with the M3 CSL, this auto has minor exterior changes, but major changes where it counts.

The Specs
-Top Speed: 174 MPH
-Engine Size: 4.4 liter, V-8
-Power: 444 hp
-Price at time of writing: €115,000

The Scoop
Talk about getting with the fast and the furious! BMW is getting back to the core of what the
M division is supposed to be about - lightweight, fast and powerful. If your remember the M3
CSL, you'll find that the new GTW is very similar. In terms of exterior changes, the
adjustable rear wing and front splitter are the most notable. Less than obvious exterior
changes include the replacement of bright chrome trim with special dark eloxy-plated chrome.

BMW made the more important changes where they really matter. The rear subframe is
secured more tightly to the frame, and the dampers wear threaded bodies for adjustment of
stroke length. Heavy-duty brake rotors are clamped by 6-piston fixed front calipers with 4-
piston fixed rears. Of course, the 19-inch racing rims are of super light alloy, and the stability
control has been optimized to make the best use of the competition system.

As a result of the changes made to the M3, output is decidedly higher. The regular M3's V-8
engine has been inflated from 4.0 liters to 4.4. The horsepower has gone up from 414 in the
base M3 to 444 in the new GTS. As far as the transmission goes, there's only one option
available in this model: BMW's seven-speed dual-clutch M DCT unit.

So, how did BMW manage to improve performance with such minor fundamental changes?
It's all in the weight. The new BMW M3 GTW weighs an impressive 3285 pounds. The key
to BMW's return to a lightweight and thus powerful racing machine is the removal of 265
pounds (compared to the base-model M3). BMW achieved this "weight loss" by installing
titanium mufflers, a lightweight center console and door linings, as well as a carbon-fiber
roof. Even more effective in reducing the weight of this vehicle the rear seats, stereo, climate
control and majority of sound insulation have been removed. In their place is a roll bar,
Recaro seats, fire bottle and 6-point Schroth HANS-ready safety belts.

The 2010 BMW M3 GTW will become available to the German market in spring of 2010.
Other markets will follow shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, this performance powerhouse
won't be available in the United States. Maybe the $100,000 plus price tag isn't recession-
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