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Exploring the Barataria-Terrebonne Watershed by hcj


									              Exploring the Barataria-
              Terrebonne Watershed
Learning Objectives
The learner will…
    become familiar with the geography of their community in relation to the watershed.
    examine topographical maps of their community in relation to the watershed.
    locate and mark their homes, school, waterways, sewage treatment plant and any
        industrial plant on the topographic map.
    make observations about the watershed patterns and the locations of the various

Louisiana Grade Level Expectation (Social Studies)
 8: GLE-2          Locate major landforms and geographic features,
                   places, and bodies of water/waterways on a map of
                   Louisiana (G-1A-M2)
 8: GLE-3          Construct a chart or diagram to display geographical
                   information in an organized way (G-1A-M2)
 8: GLE-14         Analyze, evaluate, and predict consequences of
                   environmental modifications on Louisiana
                   landforms, natural resources, and plant or animal
                   life (G-1D-M1)
 8: GLE-17         Identify a contemporary Louisiana geographic issue,
                   and research the possible solutions (G-1D-M4)

Louisiana Grade Level Expectations (ELA)
 8: GLE-4          Draw conclusions and make inferences in print and
                   nonprint responses about ideas and information in grade-
                   appropriate texts (ELA-1-M3)
 8: GLE-5          Interpret ideas and information in a variety of texts and
                   make connections to real-life situations and other texts
 8: GLE-46         Locate information found in graphic organizers such as
                   timelines, charts, graphs, schedules, tables, diagrams,
                   and maps (ELA-5-M6)

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