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					Office Team Building Exercises

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By utilizing office team building exercises, you'll improve your
company's internal communications, morale, trust and cohesiveness. Some
examples include use of arts, sports, games or any structured form of
interacting that requires teamwork.

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There are many different kinds of office team building exercises that can
be used to help improve your company’s internal communications, morale,
trust, and cohesiveness. Team building exercises are undertaken in a
spirit of fun, but also play an important role in strengthening your
ability to function as a unit.

Team building exercises can be used occasionally, such as to augment your
annual general meeting, or on a more regular basis to help maintain
productivity. They can also be used as a form of crisis management, such
as to help address fears during a period of change, or as a response to a
need for radical restructuring in order to meet the challenge of a new
competitor, for example. Team building is useful for introducing new
employees, strengthening ties between existing staff, or as a fun way to
bring together individuals who don’t often interact.

Having your team members work together in any endeavor that takes them
out of the ordinary office realm can be an interesting exercise in
communication and cooperation. To facilitate this, consultants often
organize activities that use arts, sports, games, or any structured form
of interacting that requires teamwork. In some cases this creates a
visible, or otherwise tangible example of what you can accomplish
together – such as each person playing a percussion instrument that all
together creates a piece of music; linking arms to create a chain that
demonstrates the importance of each individual link, and so on. In other
cases, the activity requires brainstorming and the combined effort of all
to solve a problem.

The dual purpose of having fun and learning together makes for a day that
is relaxing and enjoyable in itself, as well as providing lasting results
as you develop your skills as a team. A large amount of research has gone
into the development of specialized programs, books and services that can
help your company achieve its productivity goals and improve employee
relations. The wide variety of creative solutions offered includes
everything from cooking together, to outdoor adventures, scavenger hunts
to simulations of extreme sports… Take some time to explore the
possibilities and find new ways to enhance your office environment.
Browsing the websites of consultants is a good place to start to find
some fun ideas you can implement yourself, or with the help of a
professional. Most programs are designed for maximum flexibility and can
be tailored to meet the needs of almost any group, large or small.
Incorporate some creative team building into your next boardroom meeting,
or be extra adventurous and arrange for some outdoor activity. The return
on investment is not something to take lightly. The benefits of
maintaining an enjoyable work atmosphere includes improved mental and
physical health, higher productivity, and more. Find out what the right
team building exercises can do for you.